Amy Mcgill has never experienced love for anyone but her family and she thinks that maybe she is the only one in her year 9 class who doesn't wear make-up. Should she be worried? Should she change in order to fit in? Should she ignore her differences and stay true to her self? This is a story that follows Amy as she tries for the first time in her life to fit in with the crowd.


3. The Letter



     4:00-Back home

 Okay I am now seriously depressed. The rest of school was okay with the occasional stab from the  PPP'S ( I gave them that nickname it stands for pretty pink populars ) but when I got home I found a letter on my doorstep. By this time I was nearly at the end of patience with people calling me ugly and fat. I even considered taking mum up her offer! Anyway I picked up the letter and took it inside. The weirdest thing was it had my name on the front and I had never got a letter from anyone but mum before ( she pretended to be my favorite celeb Katy Perry and sent me it saying it was from THE ACTUAL Katy I wasn't fooled though because the return address was the hairdresser where she works) . I tried to work out who it was by looking at the writing on the front but I had never seen this handwriting before. 

So then i figured " What the hell" and I ripped the envelope open and began to read it. This is what it said :

      Dear Darling Amy,

I know this is sudden after so many years but I want to see you again. I want to see how you are and I want you to give me another chance. I left just after you turned 5  and it was because I was scared. Scared of what my life was becoming. Scared that I may be getting older. I wanted to live a bit more and feel what freedom felt like because when you where born I thought my freedom would be taken away. But now I realize that my freedom wasn't being taken it was simply being invested in something much more important. You.


I wish I hadn't left you to fend for yourselves and I know now that it was a selfish cowardly thing to do. I know that you cant take back anything that is already done but I do know you can earn forgiveness by changing the future and that is what I intend to do. Please consider giving me another chance to make things right for me you and Shelley *Shelley's my mums name*                

                                                                 Lots of love 

                                                   from your new and improved 

                                                                        DAD xxxxxx

            P.S If you want to get in contact just phone this number and we will talk

             02143 784569 xxxxxxxx    


 I backed away from the letter that was left discarded on the sideboard. I felt my back press against the wall and I couldn't go any further. I was trapped cold and dizzy in a world of questions and dark memories. I remembered the pain mum went through before we were able to put our lives back together. We had no money no food no communication with any help. Mum was depressed for weeks and when I was old enough to help that's all I ever did. I was 7 years old when I realized that he wasn't coming back but I had no time to cry. All mum ever did was lope around the house and I had to force her to eat and drink or she would become ill. The  there was the drinking stage where she spent nearly all our saving on her nights at the pub. But when I was 10 she finally pulled herself together. She got her job at the hairdressers and stopped drinking. Then she got some new friends and they began to ask her if she would go out with them to the pub for ladies nights but she always said no. Now she stays home with me and hasn't drunk any alcohol for 6 years. 

As I calm down I walk back towards the letter and take it in my hands. I'm not sure whether to rip it up into tiny pieces and forget all about it, or should read it again or even phone the number. I grabbed a biscuit ( one of mums special weight watchers ones ) and a glass of orange ( organic of course ) and went to sit at the dining table. Next I put the television on and put it down low and also the same with the radio. This way dad hopefully wouldn't know I was home alone  ( Mums job doesn't finish until 5 ) and come to the house to get me?! I think I was just imagining a worst case scenario.

Right, calm down I said to myself as I picked up the phone and dialed the number. It rang once. Twice. Three times. I was pleading for someone to answer. But no one did. So what did I do? I left a 4 word message. 

" um hi call me!" I said warbled! 

I was so embarrassed that I hung up and threw the phone against the wall. Then I heard Mums lock in the door and I ran upstairs. 

" Hello? Amy are in here?" Mum called up the stairs.

" Yeah I'm here" I shouted from my bedroom. 

There were tears streaming down my cheeks when she walked into my bedroom and sat on my bed next to me.

" Whats up chick?" said Mum as she stroked my back lovingly. I took a big breath.

" Only that I came in from a horrible day at school where I got teased ,and told to put a paper bag on my head for others safety, to find a letter from a dad that I haven't seen for 9 years asking if I wanted to meet up and leaving a number. So then I only go and phone the number where he doesn't even pick up so I leave a message. A MESSAGE FOR A FATHER I HAVEN'T SEEN IN 9 YEARS!" I scream furious about how I let him get to me.

Then I saw another person come in to the room behind Mum. It was probably Sue or Jenny from work so I just cried into Mums lap a bit more. Then I heard a male voice.

" Um hey Amy... I wasn't at home to pick up your call, because I was meeting with your Mum. 

And then I stare at the tall blonde handsome man in-front of me and realize. Its my Dad.

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