When you want nothing to do with him,but he wants more to do with you.
The harder you try to push him out of your life,he gets more determined.
You eventually give up.
But you start falling...

A JB Fanfiction.


2. Chapter Two~


She rolled her eyes at me. It had been two weeks and I hadn't left her be. Coming back to the place where she'd always sit. 

"Could you just please leave me alone?" she asked,her voice as soft as silk. 

"No can do," I exclaimed smiling brightly  at her. 

"Pleaseee," she moaned. "Nope nope nopity nope!" I replied. 

She rolled her eyes once again. "And why is that?" she asked. 

"Because you intrigued me," I stated staring intently at her. 

Her nose crinkled up as she sighed. "There's nothing intriguing about me," she stated matter-of-factually. 

"Hell yeah there is!" I exclaimed. "And what is that?" she asked solemnly.

"You're so quiet,every single move you make is so gentle,you look so pure and fragile as if something is eating you away on the inside. No one in school knows anything about you. You just come and go without a peep. You're not in any extra-curricular activities,you never go out,you're always jotting something down and wow. You're remarkably beautiful," I stated looking down,trying to fit the puzzle pieces together. I looked back up at her. 

There was a a faint blush on her cheeks.

"I know,I know," she mumbled. "But that's the way it's always been".

A moment of silence passed and the wind rustled the last remaining leaves on the trees.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"You know Justin,you seem like a really nice guy and all but I just- I just can't,". A tear streamed down her face and she closed her eyes again. This time they stayed shut.

"I'd really like to tell you but I can't-I just," she sighed.

I gently took her hand in mine. She froze at my touch. 

"I know you're hurting.I know there's a reason behind the way you act and how you've become you," I gently whispered.  "I wanna help. But you just keep pushing me away. I want to get to know the real you,not just the cover story. I want to help,".

She opened her eyes,blinking away stray tears. 

"I'm past help," she choked out. "No you're not," I murmured. 

She shook her head. "It took me years to build my wall up this high,it's not going to be easy trying to take them down". "I'm not saying to take your ways all the way down.Having walls is a good thing  but just not too high. We'll just take a little bit of length off them". I said,pretending to take imaginary bricks off a wall. She chuckled and then shook her head letting her hair cover her face. 

"Why?" she whispered. 

"Because you don't deserve this," I muttered. 

"How do you know what I deserve?" she asked. 

"You're a beautiful girl with an amazing personality.You deserve to be you". She sighed. 

"Take it this way. Someone is stuck in a dark tunnel,they have a light but it's not strong enough.If they find a strong enough light they're going to use it right?" I stated. She nodded.

"Yeah," she whispered. "So just think of me as the strong light. Once you get out of the tunnel it's your choice to keep the light or discard it". 

It pained me to say this but it had to be said. 

"What if the light is the only light?" she asked looking up at me,directly in the eyes.I searched hers.

"Well then,that light is honoured".

"And can't be discarded" she whispered. 






Thank you all for all the support.

It really means a lot to me. 

All those comments they just make my heart swell and want to keep writing.

Thank you all.

You are perffff.

Areej xx

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