When you want nothing to do with him,but he wants more to do with you.
The harder you try to push him out of your life,he gets more determined.
You eventually give up.
But you start falling...

A JB Fanfiction.


3. Chapter Three~



"Hey," I whispered. 

"Hi," she waved.

Moments of silence passed.This was the way it had been for the past couple of weeks,quiet silence not awkward but quiet. Really quiet.  I rolled my eyes and blew air through my parted lips.

"You know,I-I don't really know a lot about  you ," I stammered.She smiled. 

"Okay,well what would you like to know?" she asked. She was more comfortable around me now,as if she enjoyed my presence. 

"Not when the screaming fans come along with it," a sneering voice reminded me in my head. 

I shook my head,clearing those thoughts or at least trying to. 

"Everything," I whispered. 

"Well I can't possibly tell you ev-" she started before her phone beeped. She looked down alarmed, taking her phone out of her pocket. Her eyes quickly scanned the screen before she looked up,an apologetic look came over her. 

"Ooops,"she mumbled,biting her lower lip looking as cute as ever. This girl. 


"Well here we are," she mumbled leading me through a posh looking estate. 

All the houses looked so dark and dreary,so monotonous. The same thing repeated over and over again. The same house,colour,car,garden,fountain..everything.  

She rolled her eyes at the boy waving at her and muttered something under her breath.

She must really not like this place,but she's so happy in that little clearing. 

"You okay?" I whispered bringing her closer to me. She looked alarmed as if only realising I was there now.  "Yeah," she mumbled. "He's just a jerk". 

She took my hand in hers and began to walk faster towards the back of the estate.

When our hands touched a bolt of electricity ran through me. Woah.

We neared another batch of houses. These were still the same as the others but there was one house that stood out. It had a vibrant touch to it. There were flowers of different shapes and colours surrounding it,a small bench at the front and hedges all around the border giving it privacy. 

A small wooden swing was placed in the backyard with a picnic bench,a couple bird feeders placed here and there. These people must spend a lot of time in their gardens. 

We walked closer towards it,her smile grew bigger. You could see most of the windows were open,letting fresh air and light in. Unlike the other houses which had their shutters tightly closed. She smiled at me before bringing me up the doorstep of the house. 

"Welcome to my crib," she smiled cheekily.




Hope you liked it! ~

Areej xx



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