When you want nothing to do with him,but he wants more to do with you.
The harder you try to push him out of your life,he gets more determined.
You eventually give up.
But you start falling...

A JB Fanfiction.


1. Chapter One~


Welcome to Falling.

This story is a little bit different ;)

Hope you like it! :D xx



I watched as the sun danced off her eyes. Those beautiful hazel brown orbs. She looked down at the flower she held in her hand and smiled.

There must be some story behind that smile.

I watched her for a couple more minutes. The leaves were silently falling from the trees.

This had been the closest I had ever gotten to her. She was pure perfection.

Suddenly the look in her eyes changed.It looked worried and scared. As if sensing someone was watching her.

Oh shit,that's me.


"Hello?" she called out in her soft sweet voice. It made me melt but I couldn't let her see me.

"Hello? Is there somebody out there?" she questioned fear overtaking her. I sighed. She trembled as if I was going to hurt her.

Well here goes nothing.

I tried to silently set up of the tree but that wasn't to my avail. I came tumbling down,leaves and branches engulfing me. I faintly heard a crack,maybe it was a branch or a bone.

I heard her gasp and her hurried footsteps coming in my direction.

"Are you alright?" she asked in a worried tone. The thought of her worrying about me sent chills throughout my body.

"I'm fine," I said bluntly,trying my hardest to walk over to the bench she was sitting on moments before. I stumbled and fell into her. Now we both were in the mess of leaves. I smiled. I could hear her heart beating a mile a minute and so was mine.

I examined her face. Her round petite nose. Her soft plump lips and her hazel brown eyes that would never leave my thoughts. 

"You can't really walk right now,can you?" she asked. "Not really," I replied sheepishly grinning at her. She got up and put her arm around me pulling me up.She brought me over to the bench.

"Will you be okay or would you like me to call the-" she started. "Sssh," I whispered,watching as a snowflake fell down. The first snowflake of the year. More began falling down ever so gently on the ground,melting away mysteriously. 

"Who are you?" she whispered as she shivered. The cold air now surrounded us. I took off my hoodie and put it around her.

"Justin,Justin Bieber," I breathed out taking in her beauty.

"Justin Bieber," she whispered wide eyed.

"Why were you in that tree?" she asked taking a step back.

"Because..I-I wanted to see you," I gently whispered. 

"Why? Why would you want anything to do with me?" she trembled. I took a step forwards going closer to her.

I silently watched as the snowflaked got entangled in her chestnut brown hair.  Her breath came out in big airy chuffs. Her skin had gotten pale and her soft pink lips had gone a cherry red.

"You're cold. You should be getting home," I said taking a step back.

"But why would you want to see me?" she asked. 

"Because you intrigued me," I whispered searching her eyes for any warmth but all I got was an icy cold slightly confused stare. 

"Is there any way to undo that" she questioned furrowing her eye-brows.

"I'm afraid not," I whispered.

"You won't get in," she whispered,taking in short gasps of air. 

"I'll take down your walls,brick by brick," I said searching her eyes once more.

"You won't be able to,You can't,"she whispered shakily,tears welling up in her eyes.

"I can and I will".

"Why?" she choked out.

"Because I'm falling,".






How was itttt?? 

My heart is beating so fast,this fanfic will be the death of me. My feels. Just oh my.

Areej xx




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