When you want nothing to do with him,but he wants more to do with you.
The harder you try to push him out of your life,he gets more determined.
You eventually give up.
But you start falling...

A JB Fanfiction.


4. Chapter Four~



I looked around at the room before.

"So this is your sitting room?" I asked her. 

There were maroon and gold covered sofas. A flat screen Tv in one corner,mounted to the wall and in another a desktop.Everything  in this brought out something in another. Like the way the chandelier's light reflected off the table and the way the intricate ornaments made up for the bold choice of colour scheme.

Everything....Picture perfect. 

"Yeah," she nodded. "You want anything to drink?" she asked,twirling a piece of her hair around her finger. Cute!

"Sure,I have a lot of questions to ask you," I smiled cheekily. She rolled her eyes playfully. 

"I'm making hot chocolate,would you like some?" she asked me. 

"Yes please," I grinned. She chuckled lightly. 

She went into the kitchen and I followed her,acting like a lost puppy. She smiled at me.

I sat down at one of the stools at the island. 

She took out mugs and all the necessary ingredients. She began to make to make the hot chocolate. Her eyebrows creased in concentration,as if she was blurring everything else in the world. 

All of a sudden she called out "Daad?". She waited for a while before mumbling nothingness to herself. All I could make out was "probably at work..as usual".

What did she mean by that? 

She took a deep breath before bringing me over a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

"Fire away!" she smiled,pushing a strand of her hair behind her ear. 


Here we sat in front of the blazing fireplace,still holding steaming mugs in our hands,laughing as if we've known each other forever,it felt like that.

"Wait,wait," she said in between giggles. "So they're all like 'Yo Justin! Pose for my pic!" she started to laugh uncontrollably again. I laughed along with her,wondering what she was laughing at; her joke or her failed attempt of a gangster accent. 

She kept laughing once I stopped. 

I took the time to memorise her features while she laughs. 

She gets a twinkle in her eye,her nose slightly crinkles up and wow,she looks even more beautiful if that was possible. 

She stopped laughing but that twinkle remained in her eyes,it lit up the whole room.

She looked over towards the fireplace. "Wow it's late", she mumbled.

It was 10:42pm. 

"Yeah", I smiled at her. Time flies when I'm with her.

"The time passed really quickly", she sighed. It sounded like she was almost regretting the fact,I had to go home.


"Yeah", I replied,trying to keep that idiotic,goofy smile off my face but it came through. {Awk cx}

Suddenly a smirk was plastered on her face. "You know Justin,are any of the photographers like.....cute?" she asked. 

A look of disbelief came onto my face and she began to laugh uncontrollably. 

"You evil child!" I exclaimed while playfully gently smacking her. "And no they're all really ugly", I replied. 

"Just like you!" she teased. I gaped. I tried to look at her sternly but it didn't work,I just erupted into laughter. 

We were trying to compose ourselves when the door opened,causing us to stop abruptly. 

"Dad?" she choked out,unblinkingly. 

"Hey sweetheart", he said smiling at her. 

"When did you get back?" she asked. 

"Just right now", he beamed. "Sweetheart can you make me a cup of tea?" he asked. 

"Yeah sure Dad!" she exclaimed,leaving the room sending me an apologetic glance. I just smiled back at her.

"You are?" he asked me, raising his eyebrows slightly. 

"Justin,my name is Justin s-sir", I replied nervously. 

"Thank you," he whispered looking down. 

"For what?" I asked completely lost. 

"For bringing my daughter back," he smiled. "She's been gone for a while".

I was still confused. "Sorry?" I stated. 

"Exactly that", he whispered. 






How are you all~

Thanks you for the amount of support on this story,it really does brighten my days!


I'm sorry if this chapter is a disappointment. I don't know,I felt like this story had so much potential but now I'm just ruining it. What do you guys think? 


Areej xx

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