When you want nothing to do with him,but he wants more to do with you.
The harder you try to push him out of your life,he gets more determined.
You eventually give up.
But you start falling...

A JB Fanfiction.


5. Chapter Five~


"Justin where are you going?" Mum asked once again. 

"Somewhere," I mumbled. She sighed and I took my hand off the doorknob,turning around to face her. 

"You've been going 'places and somewhere' for weeks now" she said quoting me. 

I fiddled with the bottom of me hoodie. 

"Justin honey,you know I do realise it's a girl".

Immediately a blush crept up on my face. Mum laughed at me.

"Invite her over for dinner. I want to know who this girl is and what's she done with my Justin".

"But Mum," I whined playfully. Mum took it seriously looking at me sternly. "Okay fine," I mumbled,playing a small smile. 

"What time?" I questioned Mum. Mum caught my small smile and laughed.

"Around half seven but tell her to come at seven. I wanna get to know who she is".

I smiled. "Mum you really don't". 

"I really do," Mum replied smirking. "What if she ends up being my daughter-in-law".

A rosy red blush filled my face and I covered my burning cheeks with my hands.

"MUM!" I yelled,running up the stairs to the safety of my room. 

"It could happen!" she squealed,teasing me further. 

I slammed my bedroom door shut,sliding down to the ground trying to catch my breath. Maybe bolting up the stairs wasn't a good idea.

Mum's voice rang around in my head.

"What if she ends up being my daughter-in-law".

"It really could".

"It really could".

 An idiotic grin spread across my face. 

It was totally possible.

Imagine her being my bride,I can actually picture her in a wedding dress.

My life was incomplete without her,like a jigsaw puzzle missing the middle piece.Without it you can't see the whole picture.

Falling out of that tree has to be one of the best things I've ever done yet.

I've already fallen,literally,but has she even begun?

Everything seems to be about falling now.

I laughed,searching for my phone.

Life would be the perfect picture with her.

Now to start painting.



Sorry it's short but YAYAY I updated! 

Comments please? Remember it's your story as much as mine,you want something I'll see if I can include it! c:


IT'S BEAUTIFUL! IT'LL MAKE YOU CRY! and it kinda tells you  bit about the story,join the dots ;).


Areej xx


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