Don't close your eyes

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 8 Sep 2013
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Everyone around him is dead. And soon he'll be joining them. His weary eyelids finally give in, and when he opens them again, he knows they are red.
Don't close your eyes. That's all you have to know outside the security of the Dome. That's all you need to do. Because the moment you close your eyes, they come for you. They are vampires, but you can't see them, you can't hear them. They live inside you. They want control over your body. And they come out the moment you close your eyes...
(for the vampire comp)


7. Chapter Six-the boy

"No!" the word escaped the boys mouth, shocking both him and the vampire. His hand let go of the girl, and she crumpled to the floor. A scream of rage escaped his mouth, but it wasn't his own. The vampire attempted to grab the girl once again, but this time the boy was ready. Using every ounce of the strength in his mind he managed to stop him. The two of them flew through the air, crashing into a brick wall. The bricks tumbled down, battering the boys body. But the boy didn't feel its pain. 

 There was a war going on, and the battlefield was his mind. The vampires howls filled the boys mind, driving him to the brink of insanity. But the boy fought back, and this time he refused to lose. Suddenly a word came into his head. Ryan. The word that saved his life. His name. The word that finally put the demon to rest. Ryan closed his eyes. This time, when he reopened them, they were green.

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