Don't close your eyes

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 8 Sep 2013
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Everyone around him is dead. And soon he'll be joining them. His weary eyelids finally give in, and when he opens them again, he knows they are red.
Don't close your eyes. That's all you have to know outside the security of the Dome. That's all you need to do. Because the moment you close your eyes, they come for you. They are vampires, but you can't see them, you can't hear them. They live inside you. They want control over your body. And they come out the moment you close your eyes...
(for the vampire comp)


2. Chapter One-Lena

  Lena finds herself once again, at a thanksgiving assembly in school. They will be getting a long boring lecture about how grateful they should be that they were chosen to live in the Dome. Lena is grateful of course, but there are times such as this where she half wishes she was outside the Dome, so she wouldn't have to listen to Principle O'Connor lecturing. She shuddered, remembering his last lecture. Seven hours straight. Everyone was practically asleep by then. Well, she thought to herself; she'd better fasten her seat-belt, and brace herself.

  She glances at her watch. Ugh, she's already been here for over half an hour, and Principle O'Connor hasn't even arrived. How much longer will she have to sit here. Lena was always the active type, refusing to sit still, but ever since she came to the Dome, she has spent quite a bit more time sitting down than she would have liked. The Dome itself is transparent so that the real sun will shine through, and provide natural heating. But it was a bad idea. Lena remembers the numerous outsiders, all filthy with tattered clothing, running up to the Dome, begging to be let inside. Of course all their pleas were denied, and the doors never opened for them. She remembers a girl, maybe fifteen years of age, who walked past the Dome with a boy she couldn't get a good look at, but unlike the others they were not begging to be let inside. They didn't hang around long, but she remembers seeing the girl again. Her eyes red as blood, a flash of anger burning through them. And crimson blood dripping from her lips. This time she was without the boy, and Lena guessed the girl wasn't very present either.

  Finally, Principle O'Connor arrived an hour late, better late than never he says. Lena wishes it was never. He certainly looked like he meant business, with a white suit, and black tie. His matching shoes so polished, they mirrored the world around him. He ran a hand through his hair, and adjusted his tie before speaking.

  "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I welcome you here today for a thanksgiving assembly. Everyone here has a lot to be thankful for, and I hope you all know it. We are some of the luckiest beings alive. We are blessed my friends, blessed. And tonight we are going to honour that blessing."

Lena wondered how long this would go on for. She was already bored out of her mind.

  "We are all so very lucky that we are among the chosen ones. The ones safely inside the Dome, unlike the outsiders. We have food, water, shelter and any other resource we could possibly need. We are safe and secure, and always will be. Ever since you were given the ticket for the train, that was guaranteed."

Lena thinks about her time on the train. It was a midsummer's eve, and as the sun set, the sky lit up with the most beautiful colors you could possibly imagine. Purple light had stained the sky, followed by pink and red. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. And sitting there in the first class carriage, staring out the window, was one of the greatest moments of her life. When the steward had spoken on the loudspeaker to pull down all blinds, she had refused.

   "The moment the wheels started moving we were welcome to be here. Everyone on that train was special. Handpicked to be the greatest generation there ever was. Remember the others on the train?"

Lena hadn't been able to close the blinds, as she was mesmerized by the sight outside. Then a boy, in one of the open carriages with no walls, roof or seats, had caught her eye.

  "Remember how happy everyone looked?"

This boy hadn't been like the rest. He didn't look happy. He was shouting a name, a girl's name.

  "Remember the noise?"

The boy's sobs were all she could concentrate on. He had been pressed up against the railing, as though he wanted to jump out.

  "Well that was a day to remember. Don't you remember how the train simply went through the Dome? Want to know why that is? It's because, if you were offered a ticket, you can simply walk straight into the Dome, but obviously you can't walk out. That is the reason the outsiders have never been able to enter, and we are still safe, because those not offered a ticket simply bounce off the Dome. And obviously, no one offered a ticket is left outside."

And then the boy jumped.







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