is it true love

taylin is a huge fan of 1D when she runs into harry styles they fall in love but is it real love


1. the beginning

                                    Kaylin's pov: 
          "so where's the party" I asked Sasha "outside the stadium of performance"

        " the s.o.p" "yeah" Sasha gave me blue contacts because she knows I've always hated my eye color I started to apply the brown dye in my hair until I heard a knock on the door "ill get it" Sasha demanded I chuckled at her excitement I washed the dye out of my hair it was now completely brown I smiled at my makeover leaving my wavy hair to air dry to complete my look I pulled on my mom studded golden dress I pulled on her golden heels. and started walking to my car. when I arrived I heard music blasting and girls screaming I heard a very similar voice calling my name " Kaylin"

"sasha  hey whats wrong"  "1D is performing and I've got backstage tickets!!!!" "awesome" lets go" I had to walk up 37 flights of stairs my legs felt like they were sliced off a soon as the show stopped we sat in a dark cold room and sat down for a while the lights flickered on and Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn. Harry eyes were on me for a while and we talked to them  for hours and hours Louis and sasha went down to the bar to get some shots and the rest of the boys did to except for harry he wrote his number on my forehead he said "put your bang down so nobody see's it fans are crazy" "where's Liam?" I asked " out with his girlfriend "oh" when it was time for the boys to leave harry made the call me sign I was so nervous

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