One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


4. Zayne Malik short imagines

1.   You go to a meet and greet with your boyfriend Zayn and his band mates(Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis) and you now that Zayn don't let people play with his hair but you can understand because it could get messed up but it was worth a try so you say to Zayn "Zayn please can I touch your hair" Zayn nodded with a smile as you ran your fingers through his hair. Then Niall protested "why do you let (Y/N) play with your hair but you don't let me or the lads play with your hair" Zayn just replied with a simple "well Niall this is because (Y/N) is special.


2.   You and Zayn was really good friend but secretly Zayn had always wanted more than a friendship with you but you was dating someone else but you split up with is about 2 weeks before one of there local concerts. So Zayn give you a ticket so that you could go to the concert and when that day came 2 weeks later Zayn was preforming and then he asked for (Y/N) to come on stage so you made your way the stage and stood with Zayn he held your hand and sang 'Mario's let me love you'. when he finished you and Zayn walked of stage together.


3.   You are at home with your friends and family and you are watching One Direction on MTV and they was answering question that fans had tweeted on twitter. One of the questions said 'well boy's who has the biggest crush on (Y/N)' Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry all looked Zayn as he went red in the cheeks


4.   You and Zayn have been together for about 2 1/2 years now and Zayn say to you "(Y/N) there is a problem with your last name (Y/L/N)" you look at Zayn strangely and say "(Y/L/N) why what is wrong with it" Zayn then say well it should really be Malik well that's if you want it to be". You replied "have you just asked me to marry you Zayn". He look sat the ground nervously and says "yes babe I have".



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