One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


14. Zayn Malik sad imagies

You walk in the house that you and you beautiful husband Zayn Malik shared you had just heard that Zayn was cheating on you so you decide to go home and ask him if it was true. when you reach the house you go inside to talk to Zayn but as you walk to your bed room he is lying in your bed with another girl. You just look at Zayn and then the girl who was next to him and say "Get out of my house now both of you" you was grabbing bags and putting some of Zayn's clothes in them the girl leave immediately and Zayn stays in the bed a little longer after a minuet he then jumps up grabbing my wrists "babe please will you forgive me I don't know what came over me" you scream in his face "let go of me get out the house" throwing bags of his clothes at him. Zayn try's to put up an argument put you just would not forgive him so Zayn collected all his clothes and put them in the back of his car and got in and drove of down the road not knowing where he was going to go. He opened his sun visor when a picture fell on to his lap he looked at it and it was a picture from your wedding day. Zayn placed it on the seat next to him and tears were rolling down his checks "aww my best  picture of me and my girlfriends.... well ex". Wiping the tears away from his eyes as he was driving down the road. When you finally had enough strength to pull your self up to your room you sat down and looked in the mirror and noticed you still had you necklace on Zayn had bought you that said Z for Zayn. Looking in to the mirror it felt like your heart had shattered in to hundreds of different pieces as tears came to your eyes and started to think about yours and Zayn argument you had just had. I looked in to the mirror again and took the necklace of and placed it in to my hoodies pocket. I then stood up and threw my self on the bed cuddling in to the teddy that Zayn had won for me on our first date. Zayn had been driving for 3 hours now and he was completely lost he was looking for someone to ask for direction but there was nobody around so he only had one choice and that was to phone you. He rings you and says to him self please pick up babe. You answered your phone with out any hesitations and you said "Hello"  "I am sorry please can we start over again I miss you I was an idiot to you and I don't want to lose you" as tears where building up in your eyes as you was listening to Zayn's apologies. You say "Zayn please come back I miss you I love you so much please come back babe" as you was crying. You put the phone down and sighed as you looked at the necklace Zayn gave you as tears were rolling down you cheeks and splashing on to the chain that Zayn had bought you. Zayn turned his car around and headed back to the house. Hours past and you head a knock at the door you ran to the door to answer it you was expecting to see Zayn but no it was  police officer who had came to tell you that your husband had been in a serious accident. He had been pulled out of his car and attacked and left for dead on the side of the road and is now in hospital suffering from several stab wounds to his body". You rush to the hospital to see Zayn just lying there a doctor come over to you and says look your husband has suffered deep stab wound to his body he might not make it. you go in the room and tell Zayn how much you love and hope he can pull through it but it was getting late and visiting time was nearly over and you had to go home. The next morning you wake up early than usual and make your way down to the hospital to see Zayn but when you get there the doctor tells you that Zayn dint make it through the night I am sorry. When you go see Zayn he was just lying there he looked so peace full you take his hand and place it on your face I love Zayn I will be with you soon baby.

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