One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


9. Zayn Malik long imagines

You are just a normal teenaged girl working a coffee shop, where quiet a few famous people will go. You had not been working the for that long so you don't even know who the regular customers are. One day you was working and you noticed that Zayn Malik had walked through the door. He was by his self. You had to keep your self calm and took his order. You "hello what would you like to order sir" Zayn "your new hear huh" You "yes I started 4days ago" Zayn "oh please then just call me Zayn". You "ok then Zayn what would you like to order?" Zayn is just staring at you "oh right yes ummm a Frapachino with cinnamon on top pleas" you "ok that will be $2.42" Zayn "ok hear" he hands you the change and tells you to keep the change. About 2minuets later you tell Zayn  that his Frapachino with cinnamon on top is ready for him. When you had Zayn the cup both of your hand touch gently  and Zayn looks in to your eyes and smiles and walks away out of the shop. After that day Zayn kept and coming back to the coffee shop 3/4 times a day. One day he came to the shop with Louis. When they had order you could over hear Zayn talking about you to Louis about how much he liked you. That day your shift had came to the end so you go to collect all you belongings and start to head home. When you was about to leave you hear a voice shout "Hey love" you look and it was Louis shouting you. He the shouted at you when you was looking at him "yea you love come hear". You see this Frapachino guy yea well he fancies you. You look at Zayn and say "is that true" Zayn looks at you embarrassed "umm.... yes it is would you like to go out with me tonight". You look at him and smile back "umm yes sure" and you give him your number and agree to meet him tonight at 9:00pm. When it gets to 9:00pm Zayn is at your house and you answer the door and Zayn is stood there with a big bundle of flowers in his hands just for you. You take them of his and put them in a vase of water and thank him for them. After spending 5minuets at your house Zayn takes you to the park where he has set up a little late night picnic in the park so that no one could bother you two. You and Zayn had been dating for a while now about 3months and he askes you if you wanted to go on tour with him and the boys(Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis). You look him in the eyes and say I would love to but I have work and lots of school work I have to get done Zayn looks at you in a sad way and says "well if I help you to get all your school work in will you come on tour with us". You look at him and smile "yes but would you really do that just for me". He looks at you and smiles "I would do anything for you". You and Zayn go back to yours and get all your school work done. The next day you go in to work with Zayn and Zayn askes your manager if you can have some time of so that you could go on tour with him and the lads. Your manger looks at you then looks at Zayn "oh ok if you want to". You and Zayn run back to your house and you both pack your suitcase. You both then go to the front door with your suit case and the boys are all outside waiting in the car outside. Niall shouts "hurry up you to I went to get to Nandos before I get on the plane" you and Zayn look at Niall and laugh. When you get in the car Zayn puts him arm round you and you cuddle up to him and all the boys are looking at you. When you arrive at the airport Niall run of and goes to Nandos and Harry Louis and Liam go sort out the plane tickets. You and Zayn just sit down and you ask Zayn if he really want you to be his girlfriend he looks at you and say "well if you was not my girlfriend there would be no point in living" he says looking at you. You just smile and say "well its all the hate I ma getting from being your girlfriend" he pulls you close to him and leans your head on his chest and plays with your hair and kisses you on the top of your head "you are the only girl for me (Y/N)" you smile an the boys all come running back. Niall had a mouth full of food so boys when we boarding the plane. Liam looks at Niall "soon Niall soon" When you are all on the plane and you are in the air Zayn shouts for the air hostess to come over Zayn looks at you and says (Y/N) we have been together for almost a year now I was wondering if you would do the honours of become Mrs Malik. Speechlessly you look around the plane and notice that all the boys are looking at you and Zayn. You say "yes Zayn I will marry you". Then all the lad cheers for you and Zayn and then Zayn kisses you passionately and you cuddle up to him and both fall asleep on the plane together.

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