One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


1. Niall Horan short imagines

 1.   Niall is at and the boy's(Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis) are at an interview when the interviewer ask Niall "so Niall what do you and your girlfriend do in your spare time" Niall blushing and replies "stuff, very kinky and dirty stuff"...


2.   It is yours and Nialls one year anniversary so you two decide to go to a restraint when Niall decides Nandos. When you both arrive at Nandos Niall see the restraint logo and  see that is it a rooster so Niall decides to be a pervert and shouts "LOOK AT THAT COCK".


3.   Niall is doing Twitcam for all his fans while he is on a 6 month tour. Niall decides to show of his hat collection to his fans and explains to his fans why he loves each one of them. When he gets to the last cap he say "well this one is my favourite because this is the one (Y/N) picked out for me".


4.   Niall is teaching you how to play the guitar and when ever you make a mistake he will say "it's ok princess everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect but you are perfect to me".


5.   Niall is one a 12 month tour with the boy's(Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis) and he decides to do a live Twitcam to all his fans answering some questions when one fan askes a question about you his long time girlfriend. Niall avoids to look at the camera as his eyes fill with tears that he is holding back and replies "lets not mention (Y/N), i miss her too much....


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