One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


11. Niall Horan sad imagines

You and Niall are both sat in the meadow under the tree where you first meet each other. You was  hugging each other Niall say "I am going to miss this when I am gone" you look at him and say "miss what Niall" he smiles at you and says "I am going to miss us cuddling under this very tree I am going to miss you (Y/N)"Niall I love you too and I am going to miss you too" as tears roll down your face on to Niall T-Shirt soaking in all your tears. Niall strokes the to of your head and whispers "I love you too" in to your ears softly. You rest your head on his chest and look up in to the sky. Then Niall pulls you on to his lap wrapping his arms around your waist. as you look up at him you say "Niall I don't want you to go I want you to stay hear with me". He looks down frowning at you. You look and smile "I will though Niall I will miss you so much" you say as even more tears fall from your eyes. "the time will go bye in no time babe I promise you" he says as he was holding your face in his hands almost in tears. You look down hiding your face in to his chest making his T-Shirt even more wet with your tears. Niall looked you in the eyes and said "please beautiful don't cry it makes me upset seeing you like this" begging you to stop. Niall hugged you tightly and then stood up pulling you up with him you hugged each other standing under the tree and you pulled away and Niall was looking in to your tearful eyes Niall look at you "I really am going to miss all this (Y/N)". He started to tear up again but you wiped his tears away for him and said "stay strong baby for me please." Niall suggested that you both went back home. Niall entwined his fingers with yours you both new that this was going to be your last day together and you were going to be away from each other for 6 whole months. You got home and ran straight to bed "Night Niall I love you so much" you said as you was closing your eyes. Niall wrapped his arms around you pulled you close to him "I love you too babe". It was 4:00am and Niall wakes you up "Good-morning beautiful" as he was stood over you poking you in the face. Niall looked at you and said "I am going now (Y/N)" you frowned at Niall "well I am coming with you" as you jumped out of bed you was shoving on some leggings and a hoodie. When you and Niall arrived at the air port you look Niall in the eyes and say "I wish you did not have to go, I love you so much Niall" as tears where falling down your face. Niall looks at you "I love you to babe, I will not forget you and I will be back soon for you" he said as tears where falling down his face as well. "Come on Niall we have to go now or we will miss out flight" Paul says pulling Niall away from you. Niall reaches his arm out as he was being pulled away he was blowing kisses to you and shouted "I love you (Y/N)" you shouted back "I love you to Nialler" as tears where falling down your face as you walked back to your car. After a 2 hour long drive home you turn the T.V on and a story catches your eyes a plane had crashed it said One Directions jet has crashed falling from the sky at some speed 2 of the 5 boys have died at the seen and the others are critically ill in the near by hospital. Sadly Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have died and Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson  are critically ill we are very sorry to all of the Directioner and there friends and family's out there. Three days later you was able to get a plane to the USA where they had crashed you got the hospital where the boys where and you asked if you could see your baby Niall Horan the nurse look at you and say and said I am very sorry for your loss Niall died this morning at 9:23am when he was found he had this picture in his hands" the nurse passed you the photo and it was a picture of you and Niall at the fun fair you break down in tears and ask if you could go see Niall they take you to the room where Niall lifeless body was and you hugged him and say "I will always love you Niall" and walk out the room in tears". 2 days later you went home with Niall lifeless body. 5 days later there was a funeral held for Niall you went up to his coffin and hugged him one last time and said I will be with you soon my prince and kissed him on his forehead. You then say "why did you leave me you promised that you wouldn't leave me baby" as you was about to walk away you say "sleep tight my angel, it is better where you are, I will be with you soon enough just wait for me baby and don't forget me I love you and I always will bye for now". You walk home crying when you reach your door you run up to your bath room grab a razor and cut your wrist you then go in the bedroom that you and Niall shared and see so many this that bring back so many memories so you find some rope. About half an hour later your mum and dad come to your house and cannot find you so they look in your room and see your lifeless body hanging there with a sheet of paper in your hands that said all I wanted to do is be with my Niall and the picture that the nurse had gave you when you went to see Niall body.  Few days later you was buried next to Niall.

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