One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


6. Niall Horan long imagines

One morning your mum wakes you up and tells you that you could come to work with her if you wanted to so you think about it for a few minuets and then decide to go because it would be better than staying at home all day with 2 boys even though your mum worked in hair and make up. When you arrive at your mum works it is exactly 10:30am. you was tired so you decide to take a nap on the floor it feels like you been sleeping for hour but it's only 10minunets you was woken up because you could hear people coming towards the room you then hear a Irish accent that shouted "potatoes" you turn and look at your mum she just say oh Niall what are you like as he walks in to the room with his band mates(Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis). You just stare at your mum like OMG it One Direction you just say "mum why did you not tell me that you work with one direction you now I find them slightly annoying. You mum just looks at you and say "just give them a chance please (Y/N). Louis walks in and says "Morning Mrs(Y/L/N)" your mum replies with "hi boys". Niall keeps looking at you over his shoulder and smiles at you so you just look at the floor. Liam replies with "oh who's this" your mum looks at you and says "oh this is my daughter (Y/N)" 4 of the boys say "hi (Y/N)" you just shyly say umm hi.... ermm do you need a towel you are drooling Niall" oh right I am sorry I have not slept my name is Niall and this are my band mates Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam. After that day I become closer with the lad but I was more close to Niall and then you became best friends. one day you was all sat in Niall apartment and you was watching films with Liam and Zayn while Louis and Harry was cooking tea no on new where Niall was. Zayn shouted "(Y/N) we need to tell you something that cant be kept a secret that you need to know I replied "oh right well what is it" and Liam says " well Niall has not said anything for almost 4 years" Harry was about to say something when he was cut off by Niall opening the door he come in and say "I brought pizza and I am not sharing oh hi (Y/N) I did not see you there want to share pizza with me" Louis shouts "OMG SOME ONE PHONE AN AMBULANCE NIALL JAMES HORAN IS SHREING FOOD ITS A MIRICAL". We only had one piece left and Niall got that in less than a second he was almost about to take a bit when snap you took it. you say "the last piece is mine" from behind the couch as Niall jumps up to get you you start to run and Niall chases you round his apartment until I tripped and he landed on top of me I looked in to his eyes and he looked in to yours and he said "(Y/N) you are beautiful" Louis says "well this is awkward". Niall climbs of you and help you up you replies with "umm thanks I guess on the way back home Niall drives you home and you don't talk the whole car journey as you reach your house you say "good night Niall" and Niall replies with "good night" you walk to your door and watch as Niall drives of in to the night you go in your house and see that it is 12:21 you go to bed as you closed your eyes but then you heard a knocking sound on your window so you jumped up scared and grabbed your cup of ice cold water and walked over to our window so fast you dint have time to see who it was and poured you water over them until I heard a familiar voice. You "Liam is that you?" Liam "yes it is me what s wrong with you? you "sorry Liam I don't have night vision" Liam just replies with "well I need to talk to you about Nialler" you replied with "why what is he ok?" Liam just said "yes he is fine" you "soooo" Liam said "ill just say it" you "Liam tell me now" Liam "NIALL LIKES YOU!". You say "no stop lying and tell the truth Niall is my best friend?" Liam "I am telling the truth Niall likes you" you "oh.... ok I will talk to him later thanks for telling me your a good friend" and you hug his as he leaves Liam blushes. You "good night ohh and by the way you could have just text me that?" Liam replies "well what would be the fun in that" you just say "whatever bye" Liam "oh by the way he want to ask you out tomorrow" Liam say running away. You "Liam wait come back urhh" he had gone. You get in bed and go back to sleep. In the morning when you wake up you get dressed and Louis is waiting for you in the car to take you back to there place when we get there Niall, Harry, and Zayn are all sitting down on the couch (you don't now where Liam is) you say "Hey guys who wants to go and see a movie "three of the guys say "YEA" you look at Niall and say "Niall how about you and the Niall say "ermm (Y/N) please could I ask you something in private" you look at Niall for a moment and say "Niall the answer is yes" Niall jumps up and says "what" you say to Niall "ok I will put it easier for you yes I will be your girlfriend" Niall "who told you that! oh I let me guess is it that blabbermouth Harry" Harry the speaks up and say "why do you always blame stuff on me and no one else Niall". You walk to Niall and give him a hug and say "no actually it was one of my best friends. Louis shouts "FIANLLY" you say to him "Louis do you want to keep your tongue?" Louis "yes why?" you the replied with "if you keep on talking s*** with me you are going to lose it" Louis screams and locks him self in a closet. Zayn says to the boys "come on lets give them some privacy Harry you get Louis out of the closet and lets go. Harry walks over to the closet and say "Louis get out of there now" Louis screamed "NOOOO" Harry "hi Kevin" Louis "where" Harry, Zayn, Louis and all leave the room and close the door behind them but they all had there ears to the door so that they could hear what was being said. When they left the room you put both of your hands on Niall neck and he gently placed his hand on to your waist and you both kissed passionately you pull away and say "Niall I love you" he looks in to your eyes and replies "I love you too (Y/N)<3" you jump on to his wrapping your legs around his waist and carried on kissing him.


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