One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


5. Louis Tomlinson short imagines

1.  Louis decides that you and him are going to go sky diving so for your birthday so that he could help you get over your acrophobia (fear of heights). As you and Louis are putting on your equipment you are trembling Louis notices and don't say anything but once he has finished getting his equipment he walk up behind you and helps you to get your equipment on when you have finish getting ready he wraps his arms around your waist and whispers in you your ear "(Y/N) I will never let you go baby...."


2.   You are doing the laundry and Louis is suppose to be cleaning the bedroom which you both shared together but you have known Louis for a long time and knowing what he is like he would not do it because he is a lazy bum. So you decide to go and help him when you get to the door you stopped to see that Louis is in front of the mirror practicing the words "(Y/N) I hate all this cute s*** and that so I am just going to come straight out with it (Y/N) please will you do me the honours of becoming Mrs Tomlinson and marry me. You silently walk up behind him and say "of course I will boo bear".


3.   You are at a One Direction concert with your friends when Louis is talking he tells the crowed to "shhhhh" and the room went silent he then he shouts over to you "Hey love, please could I get your number" and points directly at you.


4.   You are late for Work so while you are wrestling your way through the busy streets of London you are knocked down by a Louis When he helps you up you can not help but smile at him he askes you where you are going so you say "oh I m just on my way to work" Louis says oh right I will walk you there f you want" so you and Louis walk to your work place and when you get there he kisses you on the cheek and gives you his number and says "phone me tonight babe" you walk in to work red in the face.


5.  Your at Starbucks and when it come to your time to order you look up and your eyes meet these sparkling blue eyes and the name tag read "Louis" you act as thought you was cool and carried on ordering. Two minuets later your order is called out a cappuccino you happily take your drink and one the side of the cup was a message "lets set up a date ~ Louis  under that was his phone number. when you go to leave the shop you turn around he and winks at you and you just smile back.

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