One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


15. Louis Tomlinson sad imagies

You and your best friend are in town one day because you are going to see One Direction in concert. While you where in town you both decide to go to Nandos, you both sit down and order your meal's your best friend orders Niall favourite meal from Nandos because she a Nialler and you just order anything because don't really care what you eat. When you have order your friend looks at you and say "did you hear that" you look at your friend and say "hear what" then she looks at you like confused and say "I just heard Niall talking in his amazing Irish accents". Your friend looks at you and say "don't be silly". So you both turn around and see that One Direction are sitting on the table right behind you. You look at your friend and say "OMFG that's One Direction sitting right behind us". You are staring at them and you catch Louis looking at you he smiled and winked at you. You turned around and look at your friend and say "did you see that Louis f***ing Tomlinson just winked at me" you say to your friend be right back im just going to the bathroom. You get up and walk to the bathroom you look behind you and noticed Louis had got up to to got to the bathrooms. As you was walking down the steps Louis taped you on the back and said "excuse me do you mind if I get your name?" you look at him and say "umm nope its (Y/N)". When you are coming back from the bathroom you notice that Louis had waited for you outside the girls bathroom. When you go out he scares you and you jump a little he say "sorry I did not mean to scare you beautiful" you just laugh "Its ok" you say and then you and Louis walk back to the tables when you get back Louis and the boys push there table so that it connected with yours and Louis wanted to sit next to you. Your friend was sat with Nialler and the other just sat around the table. You all start talking and your friend needs a drinks so she goes and gets one with Niall. When they get back Niall is laughing and holding hands with your best friend. You ask what is so funny and Niall says "meet my new Girlfriend isn't she amazing" everyone just laughs and Louis looks at me and secretly he puts his hand on your thigh under the table. You look at him and smile and he looks at you and kisses you. The boys start screaming and say "ohh Louis has a girlfriend" you go all shy and Louis whispers in to your ear "so do you want to be my girlfriend" you look at him and say "umm.. yea sure ok" and Louis jumps up on the table and says "look at my beautiful girlfriend" as Louis was getting back down of the table he falls and bangs his head on the corner of the bar. He gets up rubbing his head and say hurry up boys we have a concert to do in 10. Niall and Louis ask you and your best friend if you wanted to come back stage at the concert and you both looked at each other and said yes. At the start of the concert Louis tells all his fans about you and Niall tells all his fans about your best friend and him. When Louis was singing his solo in Little Things he collapsed on stage you thought he was messing about at first but then the boys run up to him and crowd around him. You run up to him and say "baby what's wrong" he dose not answer you Paul phones for an ambulance and when they arrives at the hospital Paul went in the ambulance with Louis. You and your best friend and the lad all meet them both at the hospital and you went in to the room where Louis was just lying there. You asked the doctor what was wrong with him and she replies with "well we are not sure when but he has banged his head and has some swelling to the brain" you look at Louis and say "I love you Louis" then look at the nurse and you ask "but will he survive" The nurse looks at you "we are not sure yet there is a 50-50 chance because we are not sure how badly the swelling is yet he is going for a CT scan soon". When Louis goes for his CT scan you talk to the boys about Louis and tell them what is happening. That's when you remember Louis fell of the table and banged his on the bar you run to find the nurse to tell her when you find her you explain what happened at the Nandos and she says well that could be when it happen. Louis was in the hospital for 4weeks on a life support machine and the doctors where going to take him of because they thought he was ready when he came of he was talking to you about what happened and every morning you came in the hospital to see him and every morning he told you that he loves you and you told him that you love him to you was such a cute couple. But one morning you went in to the hospital and a nurse told you the worse news ever "I am very sorry for you loss" you look at her confused "what do you mean sorry for my lose" you run to the room where Louis is lying and he was not breathing you broke down in tears and phoned the lads to tell them when they got to the hospital we all said are good byes to Louis because he has sadly passes away in his sleep the night before.

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