One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


10. Louis Tomlinson long imagines

You had been invited to be in the One direction Live while were young music video. You obviously say yes because you are a big Directioner you like all the lads but you liked Louis most. When he was acting he was stood right in front of you and you could smell his scent he smelled like a fresh autumns day. You tried our very best to get his attention through out the music video and even after the filming but there was always to many screaming fans pushing you about. You finally give up and just let you dream fade away as One Direction entered on to the tour bus and drove off with fans following. You was sat there feeling depressed knowing that you will never get the chance to meet One Direction ever again  so you decide to called your mum to come and pick you up from the movie set. When your mum arrives she lets you in the car an you ask her to just take you back to the hotel that you where staying at. A tear runs down your face as you think about your day and you feel pathetic and alone. Your mum askes you if you wanted to come out with he you just shout "maybe in a bit". "well if you want me I will be at Nita's 8th floor and room 219 love". Your mum leaves you in the hotel room alone and you decide that you wanted to go out but you locked your key in the hotel room so you had to go up to Nita's room to get your mums key for the door. As you go up in the elevator you are hopeing that no one comes in the lift because you looked a mess because you had been crying and all your make up had run down your face.  As you are in the elevator you get to 1st floor no one 2nd no one 3 no one 4 no one 5 ding the elevator stops a tall man with white toms walked in to the elevator with familiar scent fresh autumn day. You look up to see Louis Tomlinson standing there. Louis looked at you and said "Hi there I am" you cut him of and said "Louis Tomlinson from One Direction I was shooting in your Music Video today" Louis looks at you and smiles "awkward elevator moments you have got to love them" you both laugh and smile at each other. He looks and say so what is your name you answer "(Y/N)" Louis answers "well it was nice meeting you (Y/N) if you want to tonight me and the lads are having a party do you want to come" you look at him like really shocked and thing oh my god have I just been invited to a party by Louis Tomlinson you just smile and nod your head. He smiles at you "ok it is the 11th floor and room 432 see you there" as he goes to walk out the elevator he says oh and the password is "carrot" smiles and walks away. It got to 6:30pm and you are getting ready to go the One Direction party that Louis Tomlinson had invited you to. When you are ready you head out the hotel room and make you way there. When you get there you see a big security guard standing at the door he sees you and say "oh sorry you not allowed to be hear" you whisper to him "Carrot" he looks at you confused and says "oh yes go ahead and go in love the boys are in there". When you walk in you see about 10-15 people and music is playing One Direction Little Things. You see Louis and smile at him and go to the bath room to check that your make up and hair is alright. Suddenly the door is pushed open and Louis walks in he looks at you and says "(Y/N) I am so sorry I did not now anyone was in hear" You look at him in shock "it ok Louis". Louis walks up to you and places his gently and your waist and leans in to kiss you so you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him in closer and kiss him back so your bodies are closer together. Niall walks in to the room and say "Louis" Louis looks at Niall and says "Oh Niall this is (Y/N) the girl I was tell you about before" Niall say "oh right ok hi (Y/N)" and he walks out of the room. You and Louis walk in to the room where everyone is together and go and sit with the boys. Harry looks at Louis who is this Louis replies "this is my new girlfriend (Y/N)" You look shocked at what Louis has just said to all the boys and you go red in the cheek's and Louis Looks at you and say "aww my baby is all shy" and you both kiss and leave the room together with Louis arm wrapped around you neck and your arm around his waist.

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