One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


2. Liam Payne short imagines

1.   You and Liam are lying down in the park one a blanket watching the sun set. You are cuddles in to Liam's arms when he jumps up and say I have something to ask you (Y/N). He says "this is going to sound really cheesy but can I be the straw to your berry or the cheese to your cake (Y/N) and will you do the honours of becoming Mrs Payne". You replied with "Liam I have been waiting for this day my hole life of course I will". Then you and Liam lie down cuddling each other and watch the rest of the sun set.


2.   You are at the beach cuddling in to your boyfriend Liam Payne when a sleazy man begins to flirt with you and this make Liam Jealous and angry. Liam jealously takes over he jumps up and say to the man who has been flirting with you "you had better back of from my girlfriend or IIAM  will introduce my fist to your f***ing face"


3.   You and Liam are hugging each other  before he leaves to go on a six month tour with his band mates(Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn). Liam has his head hiding in your arms when a car pulls up and say hurry Liam we are going to miss our plane. So he looks are you and says (Y/N) I am going to miss you but I have to go and I will come back you babe"


4.   Liam is on his phone while he is scrolling down on his Twitter feed he come across some hate about yours and Liam's relationship. He the angrily starts to type "you don't now anything about mine and (Y/N) relationship you wouldn't understand it because it is our relationship and not yours so keep out of it please Its not our fault we are in love"


5.   You and Liam are getting married in one week so you both decide to go and pick out the flowers that you want for the big day you take Liam's best man Niall with you to help pick when you get the you can not choose between the bells of Ireland or the hydrangea then Liam come to the rescue and says we should have the bells of Ireland because I personally like them they match your eyes

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