One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


12. Liam Payne sad imagies

It was a rainy morning the morning of your wedding day. You was about 2 hours away from marrying the man of your dreams the man from the biggest boy band in the world it was the Liam Payne. But there was a problem you get lots of hate from all his fans. That morning it all came to you all that hate all the threats everything. You was think if you could even go through with the wedding. Then you was thinking you cant the fans hate was all to much you couldn't live with it for the rest of your life. You phone Liam he picks up sounding surprised he say "hey baby what's up?" when you hear his handsome voice you start to cry harder and just say "hey I love you but I can not marry you Liam I am sorry" Liam "(Y/N) what do you mean you can not marry me I thought you loved me?" he says as he starts to cry from the other end of the phone. You crying even harder "Liam I do love you and I always will love you but I just can not marry you please forgive me". Liam with tears in his eyes "why can you not marry me (Y/N) is it something that I have done please tell me". You "No Liam don't blame your self it is nothing that you have done it just all the hate I am getting its is getting to me and I can not live with all the hate from your fans for the rest of my life with you" Liam says "babe I love you and I want you to marry me please will you just for me". You wipe your tears away and think about it for a second "Liam sorry I can not you can do so much better than me". you don't let Liam talk you just put the phone down on him and run home in the rain in your wedding dress with tears streaming down your face. When you get home you keep your wedding dress on because it reminds you of Liam and the special day you was meant to be having today. You go up to your room you shared with Liam and went in to the bath room and looked in to the mirror and said "look at your self (Y/N) you are a mess and ugly all them fans are right he does deserve better than me". You look in to the draw and se that there is a knife you pick it up and look your self in the mirror and start to cut deep in to your wrist. That when you hear Liam banging on the door screaming "let me in (Y/N) now we need to talk about this please" you could tell that he was crying. You drop to the floor and Liam burst in through the front door and looks around the house for you. When he reaches your room he sees you lying on the blood stained floor. He says "(Y/N) please don't leave me I will not be able to live without you I need you by my side baby" You struggle keeping your eyes open "Liam I love you but you deserve better" Liam grabs his phone and calls 999 asking for an ambulance. You look at him "Liam it is to late for that" He looks you in they eyes "(Y/N) I love you so  much please don't leave me I need you" you Look him in the eyes "I love you to baby but it now time for me to go" Liam kisses you on the forehead and screams "Nooooo please don't go" he looks down at you and to see you was not breathing no more. He lies down next to your lifeless body wraps his arms around your waist and whispers in to your ear "I love you why did you do this" then the ambulance gets hear and takes you away Liam goes in to the ambulance with you to the hospital and you are meted there by Liam a mum and your parents. You are rushed in to a room where they try and revive you but it was too late you was gone.

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