One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


7. Liam Payne long imagines

You are sleeping one night when you suddenly wake up you turn over and look at your alarm clock which says that is it only 5:03am. Your roll back over trying to get back to sleep but that's no good so you decide to get dressed and take a walk in the park. You think that the park is a good place to walk and clear your mind because you keep waking up in the morning really early and cannot get back to sleep but you really don't know why this keeps and happening. At this time of the morning it is very quiet in the park there is no one around just a few older people walking there dogs. So there is no distraction's around you there is only the fresh morning breeze and the sun slowly rising. When you arrive at the park you push the gate open and head towards the swings. As you are looking up at the sky your previous years flash back in to your head. As you was growing up you loved to be around this one boy. This one boy was called Liam Liam Payne. He must have been the most sweetest boy out of a full school of boys. You was the most perfect couple until he became famous and had to leave you behind. Sometimes you will see him around but you don't dear go talk to him because he might hurt you again but it feels like forever since you both last spoke. You was just sitting on the swing singing in a world of your own just think and singing a song that you had wrote by your self. Little did you now that Liam was standing wright behind you. Liam said "mind if I join you" you looked at him and just replied with "umm no not at all" as Liam sat on the swing beside you he looked at you and said "(Y/N) I want to apologize because we have not spoken in ages" he said after about 3 minuets of sitting next to you. "But you should know that I never forgot about you(Y/N) and I never forgot about us" he says smiling at  you. You just look at him with a blank expression and just smile at him and replied "Liam I never forgot about you and I will never forget about us". looking at Liam. You are still looking" at him and he says in a shy voice " I have missed you beautiful smile". You just look at him and say "why did you not try and stay in contact with me" you asked him. Liam just looks at you unhappy as says "well I though you would be angry and hate me, I am really sorry I just want something to change" he says as he is looking at the ground. nervously he say "urmm.. you.. do . now that I still umm love you?" Liam says to you. At that moment Liam stood up and walk over to you and cupped your face in his hand stroking you cheek you let out a small giggle and are staring in to each others eyes then Liam closes the small gap between your and his face and you feel his warm lips against yours. When his lips was against yours it brought back so many good memory's that you two had together. As he pulls away your find your self looking in to his beautiful dark brown eyes.. Liam Whispers in to your ear "I love you and I want us to be forever babe" as his head is still resting against yours. You whisper in to his ear "I love you too" you replies sheading a tear. Liam moves his head away from yours and looks down at you and says "(Y/N) I have to go now but I want to see you again I promise" before slowly walking away. He turns to you and says "oh one more thing.. you are still the one" and continues walking before he turns back runs up to you and hugs you and says "and you always will be the one babe" before you could replied he had ran off and you couldn't see him anywhere. But you was glad that you had had Liam back in you your life and you never want to let him leave you again.

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