One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


13. Harry Styles sad imagies

In your home town there was this bakery and there was this boy who worked there you found him the most attractive boy you had ever seen. You would go to the bakery every morning so that you could see this boy his name was Harry. Harry styles each day you would spend about half an hour sat out side the bakery trying to get Harrys attention but it never worked. One morning when you went to the bakery you was determined that you was going to get the courage to talk to him. So you made your way down to the bakery you was so nervous but when you reached the bakery you walked in and started to talk to Harry after that day you and Harry became really close friends but 3 months later Harry asked you to be his girlfriend. You looked at him and smiled "yes of cores I will be Harry". you had waited for this moment your whole life and that day was the day your dream came true. You and Harry was the most cutest couple ever and you was both so happy with each other that nothing could go wrong with this relationship you both had together. Until it was yours and Harrys 1 year anniversary and Harry wanted to take you out for a meal. He was on his way to pick you up in his car when he was distracted by something it was a text from you saying "Make sure your not late Harry". Harry decide to text you back as he was texting you back he was not concentration on the road and suddenly CRASH. Harry had misses a red light and drove in to moving traffic and because Harry was not wearing a seat belt he went through the front of the car window and was throw on to the road. Ambulances arrived at the scene of the collision and rushed Harry to the hospital where he was examined by the doctor. You was sat at home waiting for Harry it got to 10:30pm and you was thinking why is Harry so late you try to call Harry and someone answers it was a woman talking. At first you thought Harry was cheating on you but before you made any accusations you asked the woman who she was and she explained to me that Harry had been in a serious car crash and is in the local hospital getting treated and that she was the nurse who is looking after Harry. At first you thought it was all a joke but then it got serious she told you he might not make it through the night. So you rush down to the hospital and when you get there you ask for Harry Styles and the nurse takes you straight through and say he is in the 1st room on the left when you walk in the room you see Harry lay on the bed covered in blood he had lots of tubes coming out of him. You walk over and sit in the chair beside his bed and hold his hand and say "Harry I love you please will you make it through this you are strong enough" Harry don't replied and you starts crying the room goes silent and all you can hear is the machine bleeping about 1 minuet later all you hear is beeeeeepppp you shout for a doctor and about 5 different doctors come running in and one askes you to leave the room. You stand up and walk out crying. After about 10minuets a doctor walks out the room and say come on lets go to my office where it is quiet. you look behind you and notice they was putting a sheet over Harry that made you cry even more. The doctor sits you down and says "I am so sorry love we tried everything we could to keep him with us but he was taken away from us and even if he would have revived him he would have suffered from serious head injures and been in a  wheel chair for the rest of his life" You cry even more and the doctor hands you the phone which had a half written text on it "baby I love I am on my way get" you walk out of the office and go to Harrys room and pull back the sheet and you say "Harry I love you too I whish that you could be hear with me now having that meal you promised me but this is all my fault that you are hear in this passion if I wouldn't have text you while you was driving I wish it could have been me I love you so much Harry". The next day you find out that you ae having Harry baby.

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