One Direction Imagines

This is one direction imagines that me and my little sister think of when we are bored hope you enjoy


8. Harry Styles long imagines

You and you best friend at a One Direction signing in your home town. Finally after the long wait you had queuing you look at your best friend and say "oh my god I am going to die ahhh" you friend looks at you and says "yea me to girl". When you get there you say "Hi Niall" he says "Hello" with a moth full of food. Then you move on to Liam and say "Hey" he says "Hi" and give you a high five. Then you move on to Zayn and say "Vas happening Zayn" he looks at you and similes and replies "Vas happening". Then you go on to Louis and say "Hey Louis" he smiles at you too and say "hey babe". Then you look at Harry and say "Hey Harry" Harry looked in to your eyes and got attracted to you and said "hey there beautiful" with a big smile on his face. Paul says to you and your best friend "ok girl's you have to go now there lots of people to get through" you both just smile at Paul and say "ok thank you". When you and your friend starts to walk away you look at each other and you friend says "oh my god that was the best seconds of my life". You just smile and look down at your CD and notice that there is a small bit of paper sticking out of if. Your thinking huh what is this so you open your cd to see a piece of paper which say "please call me hears my number:............... I really hope i get the chance to meet you again beautiful".-Harry Styles. You stop your friend from walking and say OMG look at this and you show her the small piece of paper that Harry had put in your CD. Your friend looks at you and says "omfg you got Harry's number" You just look back at your friend and say "i don't now what just happened it just happened". Your friend looks at you and say "ohh maybe he fancies you". You just smile and say "hmm maybe because when he was signing my CD he was looking straight in to my eyes and I don't just mean for like a second". You friend looks at her phone and is like "oh I have to go because my mum needs me home for when my gran comes". You just smile and say "I understand cyaa later bff" and you best friend runs off shouting "bye bff don't forget to phone Harry". You just laugh and walk home. When you get home you take the piece of paper and are thinking if you should phone Harry now. You go to your room and phone Harry the phone starts to ring and he picks up Harry "Hello??" you "Hi Harry" Harry "umm do I know you" sounding confused "I am the girl that you gave your number to at the signing today" Harry "oh yes so what is your name beautiful" you "my name is (Y/N)" Harry "oh what a beautiful name are you doing anything tonight?" you "umm nope why" Harry "oh I was just wondering if you would like to hang out tonight". You ask Harry where you should meet him and Niall shouts "NANDOS" Harry just laughs and say "umm Nandos" you smile and say "ok great meet you there and is Niall there I thought I heard him scream. Harry laughs and says "Yes that was Niall" Niall then shouts "Nandos" again. you just laugh and say "ok I will meet you there for 8:00pm" Harry says "ok see you there beautiful" and you put the phone down Niall askes Harry "who was that". "oh that was just (Y/N)" he replied with a big smile. So you are going to Nandos with out me?? is it a date??" Niall replied. Harry looks at Niall confused and says "umm no it is just a friendly dinner together". Niall "oh ok NANDO S". You and Harry are both getting ready to see each other. When it reaches 8:00pm you both meet at Nandos and out side you notice Harry and say "Hi Harry" he smiles and says "Hi (Y/N)". Harry takes your hand a leads you in to Nandos and books a table for 2 when you are seated he askes you "so (Y/N) what do you want to order". You look at him and say "umm I dunoo it is up to you?". You and Harry are about to start eating when Zayn comes in and says "Vas happening" Harry looking surprised "Zayn". Then Niall walks in and shouts "Nandos" and harry looking even more surprised "Niall". Then Liam walks in and shouts "turtles" Harry shakes his head "Liam"" then Louis walks in "I LOVE BARNEY" Harry say "Louis" you look shocked and say "what are you all doing hear?" Louis looks at you and says "oh Hazza who is this" Harry looks at you and say "this is (Y/N)" Louis gives you and evil look and say well (Y/N) Hazza is mine so back off" you look at him in a confused way. Louis laughs and says "haha I was only joking with you (Y/N), so Hazza is this a date. you say "no" Harry says "yes at the same time as you. You look at Harry and say "WHAT?" confused. Harry replies "umm.. no I meant no". Liam looks at Harry and smiles "so you don't mine if we interrupt you little bonding session then?" Harry gives Liam a evil look and you say "no all of you get a chair and take a seat we don't mind do we Harry" Harry looks at you and say "but (Y/N)". you just look at him "its ok Harry I am a Directioner I want to know more about the boys too". Niall looks at you and say "so (Y/N) how old are you" you look at him and say "I am turning 18 this (Your B-day)" Niall smiles at you and say "Harry is 18 too". Zayn looks at you both and says "oh that means that you to are perfect for each other then?" Harry looks a Zayn and say "Zayn!!!" Zayn looks at Harry "what". Harry "me and (Y/N) are just friends and any way how did you now that we was hear" Zayn just looks at Niall and Niall say "umm sorry I couldn't stand it between you two I was curious between you and (Y/N)". After you had spent so much time chatting with the lads Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, you look at you phone and say "sorry boys I have got to go it is getting late and my mum will be worried about me". Louis smiles and says "its all right we could see you some other time when we are not on schedule". You look at them as your about to leave and say "ok it was nice meeting you all especially you Harry". Harry looks at you and smiles and says "(Y/N) if you need me you have my number just call me". you "ok bye boys" boys "bye (Y/N)". When all the boys get back to the apartment where they all shared the same room Harry looks at the boys and say "isn't she amazing" the boys look at Harry with blank expressions "who" Harry shaking his head "(Y/N)". Liam "oh yea right her I think that she is nice and cute too" Niall smiles "I don't now but there is something about (Y/N) that makes her special" Louis "I agree with you Niall" Zayn looks at Harry "I think you should hang out with (Y/N) more often I think she might be the one Harry" Harry smiles at Zayn "me to ever time I see her think about her it feels magical. Then all the boys start to tease Harry. Louis says "who's got a girlfriend" and Niall, Zayn and Liam will all shout "Hazza has". Harry getting annoyed "stop it she is not my girlfriend" Liam looks at Harry "not yet but I am sure she will be in the future though". Louis yaws he says "come on boys let go to bed we have a long day tomorrow". When the all the boys was asleep Harry phones you. you  "hey" Harry "hey" you "why you not asleep Harry it is already past midnight". Harry "I love you (Y/N)" and put the phone down you just look at your phone confused and leave it till morning because you are tired. In the morning you are thinking of Harrys call from last night and it seemed like something was strange going on. So you decide that you are going to go down to the boys apartment. When you arrive you knock on the door and Zayn shouts "I'll get it" when he answers the door he goes "oh (Y/N) what are you doing hear" you just say "sorry Zayn but please could I talk to  Harry for a second" Zayn "sure I will go get him for you, HARRY (Y/N) IS HER TO SEE YOU" he shouts to Harry. Harry come to the door "what are you doing hear" he says looking confused "umm Harry can I  talk to you please?" Harry "sure what about" you "about last night your call" Harry "oh right that umm" you "I think that there is something strange going on Harry" Harry looks you in the eyes and says "can we take a walk out side and I will explain what is going on". You "umm sure.. ok". Harry buts some shoes on and you both go outside and You say to Harry "please can you just tell me what is going on" Harry looks at you and is still speechless you look him in the eyes and say "Harry please tell me what is going on" Harry kisses you on the lips surprising you and says "that's is what is wrong I am totally in love with you (Y/N) I just can not hide my feeling no more". You smile and say "Hazza why did you not tell me this from the start I feel the same way about you" He looks deep in to your eyes and say "well (Y/N) I thought you would not feel the same about me". You "are you kidding me when I first meet you at the signing I thought you was the one for me". Harry "really you "yea". It starts to rain and you don't have your hoodie so Harry gives you his and says "I love you so much (Y/N)" You look in to his eyes and say "I love you to Harry". He kisses you passionate  in the rain. You and Harry walk back to the apartment hand in hand and tell the boys the good news and Liam say "I told you so". Everyone looks at Liam and smiles and laugh.

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