Dark Shadows

Some may not live. But the crazy never die


3. Three

~ Odette P.O.V

As usual, I was awake and out of bed before Luke. He was spread out across the entire mattress when I returned from the kitchen with two mugs of tea. I shook my head, as large smile spreading across my face as I approached his bed. I placed both mugs down on his bedside table before climbing on his bare back, my hands rubbing gently over his broad shoulders. A low groan emitted from his parted lips as I applied more pressure.
“Lukey, wake up.”
I lowered myself so my lips were level with his ear. I kissed the skin behind it softly, Luke’s deep groans rumbling in his chest. I lifted my head a little to repeat my words kissing his cheek sweetly. I really needed him to get up. A sudden shift of his body and I was straddling his waist, sleepy blue orbs peering up into mine as he smirked.
“What is it?” I said checking the shirt I was wearing.
Luke ran his rough fingers up and down my exposed thighs as I continued to search for what he was looking at.
“Have I ever told you that you look great in my clothes?!” he said as more of a statement.
I felt a light blush creep across my cheeks, lips fitting between my teeth as I nervously bit it. I let my eyes drop to the muscular body below me tracing my fingers around his toned abs before meeting his gaze again. I shook my head a little still biting my lip. He had a way of causing me to blush uncontrollably. I pulled my hair over my one shoulder before lowering myself, our lips only millimetres from each other.
The little distance was closed as he too moved forward. My eyes lightly shut as the sensation of his lips took over my senses. A few pecks were exchanged before he moved his plump lips down my jaw heading towards my weakness.
“Luke…” I breathed, knotting my fingers in the blonde locks at the nap of his neck. He hummed in response without removing his lips, still assaulting my collar bone. “I made breakfast…a-and I don’t want it to get cold.” I stuttered, small moans escaping.
Within a few moments he pulled away from my neck, looking extremely pleased with the purple mark he had left. I quickly scampered towards the mirror…it wasn’t so bad, cover-up should remove some of the obviousness of the mark. I shot him a glare, he knew I hated when they were in an obvious place. Luke chuckled as he pulled a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms over his long legs before slowly making his way into the hall, both mugs of tea in his hands. I followed him into the kitchen, propping myself up on the island as he plated the food. I smiled as he sang along with the radio, his voice was phenomenal. I often wondered why he hadn’t gone into singing himself, he had all the right connections.
I shook my head removing myself from my thoughts and focusing back on the blonde before me.
“No, you haven’t…” I said quickly.
“Haven’t what, babe?”
“Told me I look good in your clothes.”
“You don’t look good, Odette. You look great.” He smirked handing me my plate.
I scowled pouting towards him, quickly jumping off and taking a seat at the breakfast table.
Our breakfast was quiet as usual, loving glances exchanged instead of words, just spending time with him alone like this…being normal as the rest of the word continued.
Our eyes met again, but this time it was different…my stomach fluttered faster, my breathing seemed heavier and I felt faint…I was falling for him, faster than I wanted but who was I to stop my heart?
“Luke…” I whispered.
“How’s your breakfast?”
The words slipped out of my mouth, the wrong words but as he began to speak I was relieved I hadn’t said them. I wasn’t ready yet, I realise that now and I wasn’t really sure if he felt the same. It can wait, it’s only been 5 months, I thought.
“Perfect, like you.” He smiled.
It was rare to see Luke smile like he was at that moment, he would give a half smile, sometimes not even a smile. Never the less, when he did smile it never went unappreciated.
“What are you planning today?” he said interrupting my thoughts.
I brushed a strand of hair from my face, taking another bite of my toast before looking towards him.
“Umm, well I have to pick up Ashton’s drums from the shop, feed the cat then I guess I’m pretty much free.”
“Evening free? All of it…”
“Of course.” I grinned wondering where this was going.
“Good! Then I’m taking you out to dinner.”
“Yeah, you know at a restaurant. Normal couples do it, Odette.” He chuckled.
“I’d love to.”
“Great, I’ll pick you up at your house then?”
“I’ll be there.” I smiled.
I stood from the table grabbing both of our empty plates and walking over to the sink. As I turned the tap for the hot water I gazed back over my shoulder to look at Luke. He was slouched back in his chair, eyebrows tightly knitted together as he studied whatever was on his phone screen. The ticking of the keys were soon heard as he typed away his text. I couldn’t help the grin spreading from ear to ear as I scrubbed the few dishes in the sink clean. We were going out, together, in public…no secrets. 

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