Dark Shadows

Some may not live. But the crazy never die


6. Six

2 Years Later…

~ Calum P.O.V

“What’s with all his workouts?”
I turned to face the gym door upon hearing Michael’s voice. He strolled over chewing on a straw before stopping beside me. We both watched as Luke beat his fists hard against the punching bag thuds being felt through the glass we were behind.
“He’s still not banged her, has he?!” He chuckled, stating the obvious. Luke wasn’t the type of guy to just get it over and done with, especially not with Odette. He loved her way to much to force anything on her.
“Aye! That’s my sister you’re on about.”
Drummer boy dropped his bag down on the chair unzipping it to pull out the Nandos he had gone to fetch. Tossing a Peri-Peri wrap towards Michael, then one in my direction. I unwrapped it focusing back on Luke. He had been training intensely since the incident at Odette’s house. The fear he felt for her safety traveling through his body pounding into the bag.
I wish someone could love me like she loves him, I thought. My mind wandering off…

I took another bite of my wrap, feeling the heat of the peri-peri on my lips now. Luke took a swig of his water, eyes connecting with mine in a sluggish gaze. I nodded slightly, agreeing to his statement; he was ready.
The door creaked as he opened it wandering over to where Ashton was sitting.
“Good workout, mate?” I asked randomly.
“Yeah, was okay thanks.”
“You work out a lot, Luke.” Michael chuckled.
“God, Michael shut up!” Ash said in a firm voice, irritated with where Michael was going with his statement.
Luke looked between the two boys blankly staring trying to figure out what they were implying. His lips settled in a hard line as he picked it up.
“Michael, I swear to god…” He said through gritted teeth.
“Mate, I’m just saying. It’s been two years. Bang the girl already.”
“THAT IS MY SISTER!” Ashton shouted once again.
Luke stood, towering over Michael. Lips hard, eyebrows furrowed, those blue eyes glaring down at the blue haired boy. “First of all, I won’t just bang her. She deserves more than just being fucked. And secondly…” he turned to Ashton slightly. “Whatever Odette and I do is between us obviously. But, I can promise you I won’t just bang her.”  
“Good…to know.” He squirmed awkwardly under Luke’s eyes.
“So the condoms I gave you went to waste, lovely.” Michael’s hands flew in the air, shaking his head.
“You’re all idiots.” I chuckled.

The four of us gathered our bags, playful punches being shared between Michael and Luke with the occasional “shut the fuck up!” from Michael as they bickered. We were like kids when together, but when it was needed we were the most serious out there. I climbed into the driver’s seat starting up the ignition while the other three clambered their wet bodies inside. The rain pelted down on the metal of the car, thunder crackling in the distance. Driving home would be tough.
“This party tonight? It’s at yours, Luke?” I questioned.
“Oh yes, it’s more of a dinner. I did send invites to everyone.” He smiled boldly, pleased he had done it himself.
“Great, we’ll all be there.” Michael grinned.
“Ash, I asked Odette to sort it out with your parents… I know how much they dislike me, and the job you do.” His voice trailed off, knowing someone disliked him took a toll on him. He was never good with hate, even worse when he bottled everything inside.
I shook my head, focusing on the wet tarmac. “I’ll make sure we have everything before tonight, Luke.” I said in hopes of it taking his mind off his thoughts.
“Thanks, Cal.” He sighed.
I didn’t particularly like seeing Luke in this state, all of his previous fight had disappeared. A little part of me ached, the feeling of disappointing Mr and Mrs Hemmings. I’d promised his father, a big promise for an 18 year old to keep, that I would always keep Luke safe, always protect him. Watching him slumber and wallow in grief felt terrible. He slumped into his seat, head down twiddling his thumbs.
“She’s got a pretty dress for tonight, you know.” Ashton smiled also noticing Luke’s glum state.
“She always looks great, Ash. You’ve got one beautiful sister.”
His lips formed a smile, his body perking up a little upon hearing Ashton’s words. I could see Luke’s thoughts playing above his head. She consumed his thoughts most of the day, when he wasn’t writing or training he was thinking up new ways to surprise her, make her feel the love he felt. I knew he hadn’t said it yet either, he wanted to…the small quiver on his lips every time he said hello and goodbye, as it did on hers also. They loved one another, but both too afraid to say it.
I focused once again back on the road, thoughts being infatuated with The Bat idea, and I to became afraid… afraid he’d get hurt, afraid he’d get himself killed before he got to the I love you, the I love you that was only for her. I didn’t want to, nor could I lose my best friend. I had promised, I would keep that promise always. 
“Lucky girl she is.”
Ashton’s sweet gesture brought me back to inside the car. I grinned, a small chuckle escaping my lips. The boys were never nice to him, even though he did hold their jobs in his hands but as the years had gone by we had become more like brothers than colleges.


~ Odette P.O.V

I took out the four white envelops, rubbing my thumb over Luke’s handwriting before placing them on the counter. I wandered through to the dining area where I saw my mum polishing her cutlery set, her usual Thursday afternoon routine. I never understood why she did it, it was something she had been doing for as long as I can remember.
“Hiya.” I spoke softly.
I tucked a strand of stray hair behind my ear, gulping slowly as I waited for her to look towards me.
“Hello, love.” She smiled sweetly.
I let go of the breath I was holding in, somewhat relief washing over me. I walked around the table to where she stood polishing draping my arm over her shoulder.
“Lovely jumper you’re wearing, dear.” She blankly commented.
“Thanks?” I said questioning her random comment before looking down at it. “Anyway, not why I’m here. It’s Luke’s company dinner tonight, and I’d like it if you, dad, uncle Fred and aunty Fiona would come…”
My last few words came off a little shaky, knowing what she would say. My parents never approved of my relationship with Luke, mainly because his music seemed to consume him like fire did wood. I had accepted they never would, and I knew if a time came when Luke wanted to propose he’d have to work extremely hard for my father to even consider it. My mother on the other hand, she saw it a little different. Her approval would never be solid, but she knew he made me happy and me being happy was exactly what she wanted.
“Darling, I …”
“Please? This means so much to us. To him.”
 “Why on earth to you?” She said shocked.
“Because it does, he’s my boyfriend and he’s done so much for me. Let’s not forget what he did for Ashton, and, mum, I … I …”
“Good lord, no.”
“I love him.” I said softly dropping my head.
I’d never said it aloud before, but everyone seemed to know, only my parent’s ignored the fact that I was hoping it would end badly, or I’d leave him. They never, and would never see Luke as I did. Mum’s reaction to my confession scowled me. She looked horrified, disappointed even… shockingly pointing out by the expression on her face that I could do better. So much for wanting me happy, I thought as tears consumed my eyes.
I swallowed a hard gulp, blinking quickly trying to hold back the tears I feared her seeing.
“Odette, as much as I’d…”
“I’ll be seeing you later, at the hotel for dinner!” I coldly spoke.
I tightly wrapped my fingers around the handle of my handbag before turning back towards the kitchen walking as fast as I could towards the back door. My chest fell heavy the further I stepped forward, tears becoming harder to hold in.
a shoulder hit against mine as I pushed out of the back door, no acknowledgement for the body I bumped. Anger boiled in my veins. Why can’t they see him like I do? I questioned in my mind becoming a mixture of anger and sadness.
A soft voice spoke from behind me. Before I could respond I was wrapped in a tight hug, the strong scent of Ashton’s Linx spray engulfing my senses, something I remember from being a child. He always wore it. I took in another shaky breath, all my tears I had been fighting escaping through my closed eyes. I hadn’t cried into my brothers chest like this in a while, a long while. All the memories from the past returning within seconds of each sob.
“They hate him Ash, hate him. He’s done nothing wrong, he’s amazing. Why do they hate him?”
“Hey, Oddy it’s okay. Listen to me, okay? They’re stupid, parents are stupid. They think they’re protecting you, I know and you know they aren’t, but they can’t see it. They never will, but don’t you dare let their stupidity consume you like it did last time, okay? You understand me?”
I nodded, swallowing the aching lump in my throat back down as I wiped my eyes.
A few moments past, courage building to look up at my brother. His eyes were a little red, I could see he was fighting back his pain like I had been earlier. We had never really gotten along as kids, always bickering and teasing each other as kids did. But, as we grew older and further apart… after his arrest and my depression, we had found our way back. We still teased, and bickered like normal brothers and sisters did but unlike before I could talk to him, trust him and I knew he’d always be there to catch me. He was my best friend after all.
“Don’t call me Oddy!” I smiled pushing against his chest.
“That’s my little sis.” He grinned hugging me once more. “Go on, run off home and get ready. I’ll deal with mum and dad.”
I smiled up into his eyes nodding before picking up my bag and rushing off down the drive towards my house. Excitement soon took over as I got nearer to my front door, images of my dress clouding my mind. I knew what Luke would be dressed in, smart but still casual, still angelic … still my Luke.
I smiled to myself as I walked in, pushing all negative thoughts out of my mind and focusing on the evening ahead.

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