Dark Shadows

Some may not live. But the crazy never die


1. One

~ Odette P.O.V

I stretched my arm out in the empty area of the shower around me, steam flowing through the gaps in my fingers. I tilted my head back slightly into the hot water to rinse my hair once more. Turning it off, letting the steam engulf my body as I wandered towards the glass door. I smirked to myself before pouting my lips pressing them to the glass crossing an “x” under it, love to tease me, don’t you? A little voice resounded in my head as I continued in climbing out of the shower. I picked up one of the neatly folded towels from the pile Luke had left on the counter wrapping it securely around my wet hair, lifting the other moments later twirling it around my chest. I slipped my feet into the little white slippers that were by the door before opening it and walking into his bedroom.

Luke was standing by his dresser, hunched over just wearing those tight jeans and white socks. His broad back tensed as I ran my hands over it, slowly massaging his shoulders.
“What’s wrong, sweetie?”
I moved my hands to his upper arm, one hand sliding down lacing our fingers. I always felt safe when he held my hand, my tiny pale fingers just slightly visible in the safety of his huge tanned one. I noticed the photograph which he held in his gaze; one of the last ones he had with his parents. The three of them looked so happy, Luke dressed up in his year 7 school uniform, his beautiful mum dressed up for work hugging him with the biggest, proudest grin on her face, and his dad...crouched down to his sons level holding up his thumb. From what he had told me it was the last time he had seen them before they were murdered.
He turned to face me placing a finger under my chin meeting my eyes with swollen baby blues. He was only 18, his father’s recording company was dropped on him the moment he finished school. But Luke took after his dad, he loved music, loved writing, loved everything about it. He’d get lost for days just writing a song before heading into the studio to record it.
“Nothing, Tee. Just thinking, you know…”
I nodded offering a small smile which he returned before lowering his head down to my level. He gently pecked my lips repeatedly, a giggle erupting from my mouth. A quick glance into his sparkling eyes and my fingers were knotted in his messy blonde hair, my chest pressed as close as possible to his. Our lips passionately moved together, never too much and never too little. We just knew.
A few moments passed and the heat escalated, the exposed skin on my back graced with the soft Egyptian cotton of his bed sheets and those ever so plump and pink lips assaulting the skin just under my earlobe.
“Luke..baby, Lukey…please…” I begged.
I laughed as he removed his mouth returning his eyes to mine with the biggest smirk plastered across his lips.
“Don’t worry, I didn’t leave a mark. I know how embarrassed you get when you have to go out in public with one.” He chuckled.
“Oh shut it, cheeky.”
“Tonight, Tee. I’m telling everyone tonight.” He said sweetly.
“You don’t have to, it’s a company party Luke. Not a hey by the way meet my girlfriend party.”
“I want to.” He whispered placing a small kiss to my cheek before lifting me back to my feet.

Mornings with Luke? Nothing beat it, and if he was able to tell everyone about us tonight I am most definitely looking forward to all the other moments I will be able to have with him, publicly and privately.

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