Dark Shadows

Some may not live. But the crazy never die


4. Four

~ Luke P.O.V

I stepped out of the car shutting the driver’s door behind me, Calum following from the passenger’s side. We walked through the long grass, rain water slashing on the material of our hoodies.
“Mate why are we here? It’s tipping it down.”
“Do you remember when we used to come here as kids?”
The memories flowed back into my brain, all the laughter taking over my thoughts. It had been the place where I had found comfort, a place I felt connected me more to my parents than living in their house did.
“Yeah, I do.”
I stopped tossing my gaze back at Calum as few steps behind me, who looked rather frustrated as the amount of mud collecting on his jeans. I chuckled watching him frowning while lifting his feet one in front of the other.
“Brilliant, isn’t it?!” I swung my arms out breathing the winter air in deeply.
“Why the hell are we here, Luke? Its -10 degrees!”
“Bats.” I mumbled.
The large hill ahead held a cave, a bat cave which I had only recently discovered, being my childish self. I was still a kid after all, in some respect.
“You…hate bats?”
“We all have fears, Cal. But the brave ones embrace them.”
“Luke Robert Hemmings you better tell me where this is going and it better, by god, be a hell of a fantastic reason or I’m going back to the car!” He shouted stopping in his spot.
I turned crossing my arms letting go of a staggered breath before looking him in the eyes. “I need to protect her. I need to protect them. I need to protect you, Cal.” I whispered, my idea defeating me.
“What, and you plan on doing that how? Carrying bats around?” he spaced out into his own little world, pretending to throw bats, mumbling unaudioable nothings in a mocking tone.
“Becoming the bat, Calum.”
Upon hearing my words he stopped, face blank staring at me. He finally realised I was serious. We’ve been friends since my dad opened his company, basically from the moment I was born Calum was destined to be somewhat of a guardian angel for me. Always keeping me in check, especially when I had learnt that my dad was sort of in the public eye. Always protecting me, never giving up. Now it’s my turn, I thought standing my ground as he slowly approached.
“Becoming the bat?”
“Cal, I can do it. I have all this money doing nothing…I can do this.”
“You’re going to become…a bat?”
“Not a physical bat you moron! Spiderman didn’t become a spider did he?!” I frowned down at him. “Look, all I need is a few items; a suit, a ride, some sort of weapon and a police radio to keep up with everything.”
“You do realise you’re going to get hurt, beaten, shot at, hated by so many people…you might even have to kill people. Luke, can you deal with that?”
“I don’t have to kill anyone, what kind of justice is that…”
Calum’s eyes softened as he realised I meant all of this, that I needed some kind of justice for what happened to my parents, and for what is happening to the people of this city.
“Fine! But before I let you do anything stupid, you’re training.”
I smiled wildly upon hearing his words, nodding accepting his request. I would need a lot of things, but training was key.
We continued our walk towards the cave. Yes, I hated bats but to become the bat I would have to embrace it as if I didn’t fear it. I could feel the storm that was coming, tingling through my veins. It probably sounded crazy stupid to the average person, but people were dying and no one was standing up. They needed a hero.


~ Odette P.O.V

I tapped my foot rapidly against the floor as I stared into my wardrobe. I thought for a moment about the restaurant we would be going to, it would be fancy but not Oscars fancy…smart casual? I focused back onto the wardrobe biting my lip in concentration. I pulled out a grey jumper to go over the white shirt I had out, light blue skinnies and combat boots…debating on a beanie as I wasn’t sure about my hair yet. As much as I loved going out with Luke, I hated picking out things to wear. The usual sweat pants and spaghetti top wouldn’t work this evening, unfortunately. Nevertheless, I began putting on the outfit I had picked out.
I looked at myself in the long mirror, everything looked fine…but a voice in the back of my head made me think otherwise. I darted my eyes towards the clock panic washing over me as I realised Luke would be here in half an hour. I ran a hand through my hair before deciding to roughly blow dry it so it had a surfer’s wave. I applied so hairspray before flicking it over my shoulders so it hung down the length of my back. I quickly scurried around the drawer looking for my eyeliner, still panicking frantically. Eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss…all on with a slight blush. I let go of a breath as I saw I still had about 10 minutes, one thing I hated was being late and having to have him wait for me. I pulled the black leather studded boots over my white sock, left foot then right foot.
As I searched my jewellery box for earrings I heard the doorbell.
“Come in.” I shouted down the hall shaking my head with a wild grin on my face.
I placed a small ring with a bow covered in diamond over my middle finger, rose studded earrings to my lobes. A few moments passed and I felt large arms wrap themselves around my waist pulling me in for a warm hug.
“Hey.” I smiled closing my jewellery box.
Luke moved his hands to my waist spinning me so I was facing him. My arms swung around his neck instinctively pulling him closer before his soft lips were pressed to mine. He moved his mouth gently against mine, savouring every movement like it was our last. He always kissed me with an immense amount of love and passion, but this time he seemed upset, worried about something.
My fingers lightly tugged at his hair and I could feel him smiling pulling me closer before removing his lips. I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth again as I met his baby blues. I couldn’t help but grin.
“Hi.” He chimed.
I wandered back over to the bed to pick up my bag putting back all the items scattered over the duvet. Quickly grabbing a tube of lip gloss from the dresser before slipping my fingers into the safety of Luke’s large hand.
“Where are you taking me?” I said happily as we wandered down the hall.
“It’s a surprise.”
“Surprises are supposed to be secret so hush.” Dimples popped into his cheeks as he spoke almost stopping my heart in its tracks, he was breath-taking.
We walked the short distance up the gravel drive way to where he had parked the car. I quickly looked back behind my house to see the lights still on in the kitchen of my parents’ home a few yards back, shaking my head knowing mum was being tortured with another of my dad’s fantastic cooking ideas.
Luke opened the passenger door for me as always before taking his seat and shifting the car into drive. He laced his fingers with mine again knowing he wouldn’t have to continuously remove it to shift gear.
“You look beautiful.” He whispered kissing my cheek.
A blush crept onto my cheeks, eyes not able to meet his as he drove along the motorway towards wherever we were headed.

“Luke we’ve been driving almost half an hour….where are we going?”
“To that little restaurant by the lake.” I said poking his tongue out defeated.
“Aww Lukey.” I smiled biting my lip, squeezing his hand a little tighter.
The rest of the drive was silent, occasional groans rumbling from my stomach, a chuckling Luke in the driver’s seat. I had heard many things about the Lake House, it was the rockstars restaurant and as we got closer the excitement grew.
“Babe, it’s perfect.” I gushed as I climbed out of the car.
Luke still remained silent, returning his hand to mine again leading me into the foyer. The lake itself was comforting, water slowly rippling against the wind. Inside, the walls were covered with photographs dating back years. Footballers, singers, actors…just about every industry possible. It was overwhelming.
“You like it then?”
“Luke I love it.”
“Wait until you try the food!”
A smartly dress guy led us to our table, a few people nodding and waving at Luke as we wandered past probably wondering who the star struck girl he was pulling along was. The waiter pulled out my chair before passing us both menus.
“I thought Rockstars were all steak and chips.”
“Good food and good music, baby.” He winked.
I opened the menu getting lost in it like it was a good book. There we so many options, combinations…and desserts. I wasn’t sure what I was going to order but I remembered the advice my mum gave me; no ribs, no garlic bread unless you both have it and most definitely no salad.
“She’s a bit preppy for you, aye Luke.”
The loud cackling voice tore my attention from the menu. I looked up to find a busty blonde hovering over Luke. I narrowed my eyebrows scowling towards her as she continued to speak.
“And you are?” I said huskily.
“Got an attitude to.” She cackled.
“Nah, Odette’s amazing.” He looked right at me realising my blushing before grabbing my hand from across the table. “She’s my angel.”
“Luke…” I whispered looking into my lap hoping to hide my red cheeks.
“That Michael gave up on you too soon. Would’ve been a right playboy if he hadn’t.”
“Are you still here for a reason?” I said firmly staring at her with wide eyes.
Luke chuckled under his breath coving his mouth with his hand and squeezing mine with his other.
“Just making chit chat sweetcheeks.”
“Make it somewhere else because I’m having dinner with my boyfriend and I would like it to be in peace!”
The busty blonde huffed in anger before turning and walking back to her table. She glanced over a few times, scowling at me which I kindly returned with a smile before focusing back on the beautiful blonde in front of me.
“What are you ordering, angel?”
“Umm I honestly don’t know…”
“Surprise?” He grinned, eyes sparkling.
“Go on…”
“Can I have one of your platters, with chips and onion rings, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and chive dip and some of those really good Buffalo wings.”
Luke was smiling wickedly, dimples denting canyons in his cheeks. He turned to face me, his shinning baby blues piercing into my orbs licking his plump pink lips.
“What did I just land myself in?!” I smiled shaking my head. “Am I going to be able to finish this?”
“If not, breakfast.”

I had moved to the seat next to Luke, our hands never separating as we waited. I took another sip of my coke before looking back towards him. I leaned forwards placing a small kiss to him lips. “Thank you.” I whispered returning to an upright position.
“You’re most welcome, sweetheart.”
“So where were you today to earn that red nose?”
“Oh, Cal and I took a walk to the old fields. It was pissing it down.” He said crinkling his nose.
“You should wear a warmer coat!” I said shoving his shoulder.
“Look at it this way, if I’m ill in bed we can just cuddle until I’m better.”
“Hemmings you’re unreal.” I giggled.
Before he could reply the waiter brought out what I assumed was our food. It was a huge plate full of everything and anything. This was my dinner for the next week.
“Oh my god.”
Luke let go of a devious chuckle rubbing both his hands together and picking up his knife and fork. I sighed picking up mine and began eating some of the chips.
Throughout the entire meal Luke lifted up his fork to my mouth feeding me whatever he picked up. It was delicious, and sitting with him in a public place like this being a silly selves was amazing. I loved every second of it.
I could feel myself getting full, breathing in and out slowly rubbing my belly. I shook my head when I noticed a concerned Luke staring at my actions, mouthing just full … he chuckled calling the waiter over to put all the remaining food in a doggy bag.
I rummaged in my bag for my purse as the waiter strolled over with our bill and remaining food. It was a hell of a lot of food. Finally finding my purse I pulled it out popping the button.
“Odette put it away.” Luke chuckled.
“Luke…you don’t have to pay for me.” I sighed.
He leaned forwards pressing a gentle peck on my lips, gazing at me with the oceanic eyes. I let go of a sigh shoving the purse back into my bag shaking my head towards him. I poked my tongue out playfully resting my hand on his knee. Luke handed the guy his credit card before facing me again. Those dimples appeared, as did his remarkable smile. My heart stuttered as it beat under my rib cage, my cheeks blushed crimson and I felt myself falling over again. Yes, it had only been 5 months, almost 6 now but I knew I loved him, I knew from moments like these falling over and over for him that I was in love with him.
“Can we go home and cuddle now?” he grinned bringing me back.
A smile spread across my crimson cheeks, I loved his cuddles. His height towering over me under the sheets, hands that never left mine and those kisses, damn those kisses, he peppers across my shoulders as he hums me to sleep. I briefly nodded, eyes unable to be torn from him.


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