Dark Shadows

Some may not live. But the crazy never die


5. Five

Note; I still might edit this chapter, I'm not entirely happy with it....

~ Luke P.O.V

I flopped lazily down on the sofa grabbing hold of the remote. Odette had disappeared into her bedroom to change leaving me to pick something to watch. I flicked through the channels, nothing worth watching was on so I switched channels to her hard-drive that was plugged into the USB.
It opened showing all the folders, pictures, music, films, and lastly writing. The word itself brought a smile to my lips, she was so talented and good with her words. All those little thoughts inked into the pages of her notebook slowly becoming something wonderful.
It was pouring outside, hitting furiously against the windows of the little cottage. I stared out into the blackened fields of her parent’s estate. It was truly mesmerising and peaceful. I could see why she loved it up here. My focus was drawn back to the blue screen, the “films” icon illuminated by the remote cursor. I knew with my luck clicking that button meant Odette would stroll in at the exact moment spotting The Notebook, which was conveniently the first movie to be listed even though N was way further down. A smirk appeared on my lips as I thought, all ideas of movies and laziness disappearing.

I switched everything off, locking the front door before following the soft yellow glow down the passage to her room. Small star shaped lights shone wrapped around the posts of her bed, lighting the room just enough. Perfect, I thought.
I wandered over to where she was sitting wiping the make-up from her eyes. I bent down placing a small kiss to her exposed shoulder. “You don’t need that, you know.”
Her eyes met mine through the mirror, her lips curled up into a pout before those shinny blue orbs dropped down the where her fingers were twiddling around on her lap. I watched her every move, slow and graceful but full of uncertainty.
“But … I do.” She stuttered.
“Nah, babe. You don’t need it at all. You’re beautiful without it.” I whispered running a thumb over her cheek.
“Luke, I…”
Her sentence was cut short, lips ghosting over hers. Her eyelids fluttered at the touch and she pulled her lip between her teeth. She was so beautiful.
My growing desire to protect her overwhelmed my senses, protecting her from the world and herself if I had to. I pressed my lips upon hers once again, with a little more forceful passion than before. Tiny hands quickly knotted in the hair at the back of my neck as her body fit perfectly to my torso. The desire grew with every little touch and tug, bubbling in the pit of my stomach. I pressed my thumbs into her hips biting at her bottom lip. Her skin was hot radiating through the thin material of our clothes. My fingers wandered from their place on her hips, torturously slow over the curve of her bum before wrapping around the backs of her thighs lifting her effortlessly. Her fingers locked together at the back of my neck, legs wrapping around my waist, body pressed tightly to mine, and lips never parting.
I walked us over to the double bed putting her gently down on the duvet as both my hands rested beside her. Odette’s lips slow detached from mine, her forehead pressed to mine as she gazed the small distance up into my eyes. I could feel her fingers twirling through the locks of my hair, our breath ragged and hot against each other. She panted chest heaving with nerves and lust before bringing me back into her sight.
“Are you sure?” I whispered.
“Yes.” She replied after a short moment.
Upon hearing her confirmation my whole mind went blank, I to had never done this before and all my sudden confidence had washed away returning as the shyness she knew. I stood up from my crouched position gazing down at Odette, she had the same innocent expression as she had the night of the party. She blinked, those blue orbs sparkling under the dim light. I wet my lips taking her every feature in, slowly feeling my confidence returning. The singlet I had on immediately came off falling somewhere next to my feet. My lips found hers again as my arm found her waist, snaking around it lifting her further up the bed.
The girl fell back into the many scattered cushions resting against the headboard pulling me down with her. One of her hands slowly drifted down the length of my back, playfully touching my warm skin. Our lips leisurely enjoyed one another, gradually growing deeper as the seconds passed. Odette’s fingers ran painfully slow though the hair on the back of my neck, a groan rumbled through me, muffed by her lips.
I lifted a hand from the sheets, keeping all my weight on the other, skimming the pads of my fingers down her clothed side. I rested my forehead gently against hers, placing a small kiss to her lips before looking to where my quivering hand was hovering over the waistband of her sweats.
I took a large gulp before pulling the elastic back, chest rising and falling at a rapid pace above her. A few short moments passed, my breathing slow and controlled as I built up the confidence to strip her of the material. I slipped my hand down the curve of her bum, eyes watching my every move. Odette lifted her hips up slightly as I began removing the material. I cast my vision up, her chest rose and fell in a staggered paces, bottom lip sucked between her teeth. God, she is beautiful, I thought. Keeping my eyes on her current state I pressed a kiss to her collar bone earning a little moan.


~ Odette P.O.V

The gentle thud of my joggers hitting what I assumed was the dresser took my attention briefly from Luke’s loving touches. His mouth sucked a purple mark into my skin as his fingertips pressed into the backs of my thighs bringing them over his waist. Hands found the blonde mess on his head tugging at it gently.
I craved to see his blue orbs, to get lost in them. I hadn’t been this close with anyone before, no one had touched me as Luke touched me in this moment. No one had made me feel worth this kind of affection in the past, and although the terror of doing something wrong knotted in the pit of my stomach, every little bit of what was happening felt incredible…and most of all right.
I pressed my clothed chest up meeting his, heat radiating through the material between us. The contact between Luke’s warm lips and my skin quickly disappeared, the cool air circling us in the bedroom breezing over it. My eyelids fluttered open only to find Luke resting next to me, blonde hair sticking to his forehead and those blue eyes beaming down into mine.
“Why’d you stop?” I whispered also moving onto my side.
Luke’s large hand covered my hip fingers lazily hanging. “I don’t want to hurt you, Odette.”
“I want to share it with you, Luke and if that means a little pain then so be it. I don’t want anyone else, Lukey.”
His eyes trailed down to our entwined legs as his thumb drew circles against my hip bone. He sighed before meeting my eyes. He half smiled, as usual before bringing his lips to mine pressing lingering kisses upon my mouth.
“Lukey…” I breathed between kisses. He hummed in response. “Baby…look at me.”
A soft flutter and Luke’s orbs gleamed up into mine in the dim light. His face remained at the same distance, lazily watching my every move. He tensed as I traced my finger down his neck, running it along his collar bone before drawing patterns on his toned abdomen as our breathing fell in sync.
“What did you want to say, Odette?” he mumbled trying his hardest to hold back the groan I could hear rumbling in his throat.
“I wanted to say that your jeans will have to come off in order for this to work.” I bit down on my lip holding in a giggle burying my head into the crook of his neck.
“Same goes for that shirt, baby.”
Luke removed himself from the bed without warning, the buckle of his belt clanking as he undid it. The zipper sounded and before I could speak Luke slipped his slender legs from the confines of his skinnies. My eyes widened at the sight of him, I’d seen him shirtless before but this was different, I felt different … Luke looked different. Throughout tonight, he’d been a mixture of nerves and boldness but standing there, in front of me, he looked so at peace. Luke wasn’t one to take off his shirt at a BBQ, or flaunt his abs at a pool party. I blushed, thoughts consuming my mind as I scanned over his body. I lifted myself up taking in a deep breath before lifting the hem of my top up and over my head. My head dropped chest rapidly moving up and down beneath my stare, I swallowed as I felt the sudden feeling of not being enough wash over me.
A large hand snaked around my waist hoisting me so I was face to face with Luke. He grinned, different this time, eyes sparkling as he did. I bit my lip again, Luke groaned as he gazed at me.
Our lips met again, my mind infatuated by him, as my body fell backwards once again into the cushions. Luke’s body rested against mine, his large frame protecting me from the outside world.
“You and me, baby.” He whispered by my ear.
“Always.” I replied in a breathless moan.
I had never felt him against me before…especially not…there. His hot mouth travelled torturously slow down my neck nibbling along the sensitive skin.
Once again he cut the pleasure short, bringing his face back up to mine, the classic Hemmings smirk gracing his lips. I raised an eyebrow questioning his smirk before giggling at how goofy he looked.
“That’s new…” He said gesturing down between our legs.
“What your boner?” I giggled again.
“No!” Luke scowled. “Feeling you…like this.” he spoke shyly.
A blush crept upon both our cheeks from his words, his words were something new. He rarely did the dirty talk thing, his confidence only shining through under the influence…which didn’t happen often.
“You’re wet, Odette.”
“That’s what happens, babe.”
“God, I know. I’m not stupid.” He poked his tongue towards me. “I’ve just never… Shit, you can tell we’ve never done this before, can’t you?!”
“Like I said, I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else…no matter how awkward we are.” I smiled, sincerely.
He pecked my lips removing one of his hands to reach over to the drawer. A few seconds passed before Luke pulled out a small foil packet. I blushed uncontrollably again, he knew I was on the pill, but he still went out of his way to buy condoms. I giggled again, biting down hard on my bottom lip. Just the thought of him sweetly going into a Boots store to buy a packet, or asking one of the other boys. I prayed he hadn’t asked Ashton, that would be awkward.
“Finished gossiping about me in your head?”
“Luke…” I kissed his cheek. “I’m on the pill.”
“I know, baby. But you can never be to safe.”
“You’re adorable, Luke. Thank you…for everything.”
“I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to do things for you. You’re always on my mind, Odette.”
I lifted a hand up to wipe the tear that was about to slip out of my eye, eyes glowering up into his. He was an angel.
“Can you make love to me now?” I said unsure of his reaction to the words make love.
“I will always make love to you, Odette. You don’t deserve any less.” he finally said after some minutes.
I shyly smiled unable to make eye contact with the beautiful boy in front of me. The breath caught in my throat as Luke’s fingers ghosted over where my bra strap rested, slowly slipping it off my shoulder. His face tightened as he repeated his actions before snaking a hand around my back to the clasp. I bit the corner of my lip arching my back upon feeling his warm touch. His forehead creased, eyebrows furrowed unable to snap it open.
“What was that?” His voice was hard now, serious.
I sniggered, ignoring his sudden interest in whatever he had heard pushing his face with my index finger in my direction. My attempts at becoming closer to him again were seized as he dragged my hand from him, holding it tightly.
“Odette, listen…”
I huffed before taking a listen. The house was empty, no sounds that I could hear. I turned back to face him, smirk on my face in triumph before I felt the heat rush from my skin upon hearing the loud thud from the garage. My heart sunk, breathing pace picked up instantly and the grip I had around Luke’s hand tightened. I pressed my body into his protective embrace slightly shaking with fear.
“Lukey…” I whispered.
“Sshh, baby. Put some clothes on for me okay?”
Luke removed himself from my side pulling up the pair of his sweats I had been wearing earlier and wandering over to the door. I always kept my old hockey stick behind the bedroom door, cliché as it sounded it made me feel a little safer when here on my own. Luke wrapped his large hand around the grip before opening up the door.
The same loud bang sounded again, echoing through the walls of my house. I called softly for Luke who was standing ready in the hall but he didn’t respond. Luke had a protective nature, shy at the surface but once someone he cared for was in danger that darkness came out. He would stop at nothing. I’d noticed his increase in gym work outs and from what I had heard of his conversation with Cal they were about to increase again. I shook myself back into reality focusing on the blonde in front of me.
“Luke!” I said a little louder.
“If anything happens, you run in here lock that door and call the police, okay?!” he said firmly handing me his phone.
I nodded unwillingly, hoping the bumps in the darkness were bats or a trapped cat but upon hearing it again I knew otherwise. It was someone trying to break in. Luke held out his hand for me, I quickly took it huddling into his side being protected by his large frame towering over me.
We silently walked down the passage together, Luke holding the stick as if to knock anything that came in his path out of the way immediately. I clenched his phone in my palm, my heart pounded inside my chest. I was almost certain Luke could hear it as well as feel it. As we approached the front of the house I noticed the thudding wasn’t coming from in the garage, but from the front door. A dark shadow cast through the frosted glass whacking something against the front doors key hole. Slowly Luke stepped forward his thumb and index lightly turning the door key before shifting back to where I stood frozen. His hand left mine to join the other around the top of the hockey stick, preparing for the intruder.
The moments following flashed by, Luke immediately started to fight the second he saw the hooded man. I stood back against the wall as they both threw punches towards each other. Luke’s leg came up kicking the hooded figure out of the house into the storm. He followed picking up the dropped stick.
“Odette!” I heard him shouting.
I shook in my spot trying to dial 999, after a few tries I finally got it rushing to the door as it rung. The two were on the floor, Luke beneath him. Tears collected in my eyes as I clenched the phone tightly to my ear speaking to the operator.
“Please…quickly…” I stuttered.
“Miss, you need to stay calm.” She said into the phone.
I screamed for him as I watched the man pound his fists into his face. Right cheek, left cheek, back and forth until he seemed to give in throwing punches. The man stood kicking at Luke’s side before turning to face me. I stood frozen shaking in the doorway watching as he approached sluggishly. The dim light provided some visibility of his features. The smirk on his face terrified me, as did the shortening distance between us. Luke’s voice ran through my mind, I was supposed to run to the room…but I couldn’t move, I could hardly think. I could hear him chuckling in front of me, only moments before he would be inches from me. God dammit Odette, run! My mind shouted. The bottom half of my body was immobile, stuck to the ground I stood on. Breath emitted my mouth at an accelerated pace, my chest heaving in fear. I closed my eyes, I swallowed the lump in my throat trying to calm myself.
My eyes darted open hearing an agonising scream. Luke stood, hockey stick in his hands and the intruder cradling his leg to his chest. The breath escaped my lungs, relieved my boyfriend was okay. My tears tumbled out of my eyes as I wandered into the rain towards Luke. He pulled me into his soaked chest holding onto me while watching the injured man like a hawk.
“What the hell is going -.” Ashton’s voice shouted from the bottom of the drive.
“We’re okay.” Luke assured him.
He quickly handed me over to my brother who huddled me just like Luke had.
“Do what you have to do, make it quick Hemmo, dad will be here in a bit.”
With that Luke nodded towards us then focused intensely on the man on the floor. He yanked him to his feet holding him in the air above him. A few moments passed, intense stares being shared between the two of them.
“Ash…” I croaked.
“Ssshh, Odette. Let him do this.”
I watched with my brother as Luke threw his fists at the guy in the same manner as he had Luke. I turned away into Ash’s chest, the sounds of skin beating against the man terrifying me enough.
“You attempt to touch Odette again I WILL end your pathetic life.” He shouted.
“Luke…mate.” Ashton shouted seeing my father’s headlights coming up the driveway.
Luke quickly tossed the body down, a groan emitting his lips as he landed on his leg. Luke engulfed me into his chest kissing my forehead. I lifted my head so I could examine is beaten face. Luke’s usual pale skin was turning a bluish colour, blood dripping from his nose, the beautiful pink of his bottom lips being replaced with smeared dry blood…he looked awful.
His eyes met mine, not losing their sparkle one bit, peering down. He didn’t speak, instead he lowered his lips to mine. “Ow.” He hissed, a smile growing from ear to ear.
“I’m sorry, baby.” I whispered sweeping my fingers through his wet hair.
“Try again…” he whispered returning his bruised lips to mine.


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