Last,First,Kiss <3

Enjoy :-)


1. Chapter One ~

Cher POV It's Monday...again. Argh I just hate Monday. I need to wake up early on the morning and then I have to go to school. School, another thing that I hate. I jumped off the bed and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and my hair I did some make up and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. And there was my mom and my dad. They were fighting...again. I was so tired of this situation. They ket fighting all the time and all I want was them to break up. I'm not mean but I just couldn't stand them fights anymore. It's like living on World War 3 everyday. I saw them angrily and ran off the kitchen. They barely noticed me I was there. I got out of the house and I called my friends to pick me up. They came on a second. Sarah, Ann,Molly and Selena were my best friends for life. They have always helped me. They are my sisters. We've always been there for each other. Our friendship was special and true. &quot;Morning gurl!!!&quot; Molly said as she parked the car. I got in. &quot;Morning gurls!!!&quot; I said as I kissed them all. &quot;Still fighting in there huh?&quot; Selena or sel as I called her asked me. &quot;Yeah,unfortunately yes.they are still fighting. Its not like that stopped at some point. But it's ok I'm used to that now.&quot; I said smiling a little. &quot;Don't worry Molly,you have us!&quot;Ann said squeezing my hand. &quot;C'mon gurls let's cheer up!&quot; Sarah said turning on the radio. We all start singing like little girls. &quot;Ok please turn off the radio now we are almost at school.&quot;Sel said.&quot;Okkk don't you worry don't you worry child the heaven has a place for you!&quot;Sarah continued singing. &quot;C'mon Sarah !!! She's right! Turn off the radio!&quot; Ann supported Sel. &quot;ok I turned off!&quot; &quot;And the stress begging!&quot;.Molly said and I just smirked coz I know she was right. We got off the car and then split up coz we got different classes. &quot;Bye gurls!&quot; me and Molly got both math on the first class. We start walking to the class but she had to stop to say hi to her boyfriend Harry. Harry was the bad boy here in school along with Louis and Zayn. They were very mean but damb they were very hot too. Louis was Sarah's boyfriend too. While Zayn,he was like their boss. He was the most dangerous and the guy while bullies everyone in school. And I kinda was one of his victims. Molly left me to meet Harry,and Louis...I don't know where he was. But Zayn was there and he came close to me. &quot;Good morning sexy!&quot; he whispered on my ear. &quot;Zayn leave me alone.&quot;I said bothered. &quot;C'mon beautiful don't be so mean&quot; he said laughing&quot;You know I like you&quot; &quot;No you don't! Now please leave me alone&quot;I said disappearing in my class.Molly had a little chat with Harry and then followed me on the class. Harry may be a bad boy but he truly loves Molly and he has proved that. He saved her life on a car accident. The car was going to hit Molly but Harry pushed her away and he let the car to hit him. He stayed on hospital for 5 months and when he got out he asked Molly to be his girlfriend and she accepted coz she had a crush on Harry too. They were a perfect couple. To be honest I have a crush on Zayn too. But I know he doesn't love me. I chase me coz I'm the only girl in the school that has rejected him. He doesn't really like me he just wants to have me. I think its something between himself and his ego. &quot;Cher !!! Where have you lost?!&quot; my teacher yells at me. &quot;I'm here!&quot;I say. &quot;Well you don't look like you are!&quot;Niall says and the others start laughing. Niall was the class clown. He insulted the students only to have a laugh. But he was really funny and he was kinda a friend of mine. &quot;Really funny!&quot;I said back. &quot;Ok stop it now!&quot; the teacher said as he continued the lesson. I saw Niall with an angry look while he winked at me. He's just like a child. It's useless to be mad with him. The day was long but after 5 hours lessons it was over. I was going home alone coz all of my friends were with their boyfriends. I met Sel and Liam on my way home. Liam... He's like the nerd one at our school. He is an excellent student. But I find it weird he's never been bullied. From no one.I got home and I took sth to eat and I locked on my room. I did my home works and I passed the day surfing the net and watching movies.
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