Meeting One Direction..

Holly is excited to get tickets to a One Direction concert, and there is a special ticket among them all, which leads you to backstage and you get to meet the boys, but there is only one ticket, Holly wins the ticket, but after the concert the security guards won't let her in...


1. The Golden Ticket!


 It all started when i wanted one direction tickets..

"Can i please get one direction tickets mum?" I pleaded. "No! I do not have the money to buy that! Besides..! I have to use that money to get food for all of you!" Mum complained. "But mum! There is a golden ticket in them, and it can take you backstage to see the most amazing 5 boys!!" I screamed. "HOLLY! CALM DOWN! Even if i was to get you those tickets, you have no luck, you wouldn't get it anyway!" Mum said getting cross. "But..-" I said but mum cut me off.

    The next week was my birthday and i was hoping mum bought me tickets. I opened all my presents and mum saved the thinnist present to last, "Here.. i wanted you to have this!" Mum said smiling. i got excited and ripped it open.. it said 'One Direction Ticket. Sitting. Backstage pass. I cryed and cryed so much that day. "THANK YOU SO MUCH MUM, I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER!


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