Meeting One Direction..

Holly is excited to get tickets to a One Direction concert, and there is a special ticket among them all, which leads you to backstage and you get to meet the boys, but there is only one ticket, Holly wins the ticket, but after the concert the security guards won't let her in...


3. 3.


"OH MY GOD! NO WAY!! ARE YOU JOKING!?" Abbi screamed. "NO! Mum gave me  tickets for my birthday!" I squealed trying to catch my breath. "OH MY GOD!! I WOULD DIE IF I HAD TO GO!" She squealed. "Well prepare to die! Guess who is going with me!?" I screamed. "WHO!?" She said anxiously. "YOUUUU!" i yelled. "WHAT!? OH MY GOD.. NO! I couldn't! Them tickets are yours! You pick who you like!" She said smiling, but i knew by the look on her face deep down.. she regretted what she had said, but i wanted her to go anyway! "I WANT YOU TO COME WITH ME! YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!!" I squealed hugging her tight. "Oh! Thankyou sooo much! I will pay you back by doing something fun too!" Abbi said when we walked in to our class room. "Girls.. late again?" Mr Murphy exclaimed as we creaked the door open. We went bright red and sat on our seats. "Girls! Stay after class while i give you your detention slips!" He snapped. "Si-" Abbi started but he cut her off shouting, "ABBI! WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET A WEEKS DETENTION? NO.. HMM? THEN BE QUIET!!" At this point Abbi was really red. I told her in the middle of class , "It will be ok!". "NO IT WON'T! Mum won't let me go to the concert now! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!?" She snapped but she was talking a little to loud. "ABBI! I WARNED YOU! THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE, OR YOU WILL BE STAYING TO CLEAN UP THIS CLASSROOM EVERY WEEK! DO YOU HEAR ME YOUNG LADY?!" Mr Murphy roared. Abbi smirked at me. I grinned back.

    "Girls? Can you explain why you were late?" Mr Murphy said as he handed our detention slips.  "I-i um.. i was giving Abbi.. t-tickets.. we're going to a one direction concert.." I stammered, "Yes.. she really was sir! Would you please be able to take the detention back? My mum won't let me go if i have detention!" Abbi said whimpereing. "You girls want to go to a One Direction concert? THOSE BOYS ARE SCRONNY AND WEAK!" Mr Murphy exclaimed. "B-but s-sir.. we love them.." I said, but at this point my palms were sweating and Abbi had a tear dribbling down her cheek. "But.. i will take back the detention slips.. as long as you are on time for class next week.. understood?" Mr Murphy said gently. Its like.. he is pregnant! His hormones are all over the place!

   'What did he say?' 'Are you ok Abbi?' 'They were late for class.. AGAIN!' We heard people's voices saying, we just glared at them and ignored and sniggered to ourselves, we had loads of classes that day.. and we made sure we were on time!

-A-N- Hi Guys! Omg.. thank you so much for reading this! So me and my best friend.. Chelly:3 are writing this we are taking turns on writing these chapters.. but thank you soooo much for reading this chapter.. and the other two! I really appreciate it! Bye! -Boo x

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