One Direction's Little Sister

World famous popstar, Harry Styles, is shocked to learn that his mum is getting married. 13 year old Sienna is excited to learn that her dad is getting married. But when Sienna finds out that her new step brother is actually Harry Styles, how will she react? And when their parents disappear, how can the boys look after a young teenager, when they can barely look after themselves?


18. When I'm Gone.

Harry's POV; 

At the moment, we were making our way up the stairs to the top floors, which would be the safest place in the hotel. Although it seemed really selfish, I was glad our rooms were on a high floor, our stuff wouldn't get ruined. I felt for the people on the lower floors though. 

Amongst the jostling, I was pushed roughly against a wall, and a sharp pain ran through my left arm. I ignored it, however, and continued up. We were now on the top floor, and the room we were put in had a window that gave us a good view of the beach and the ground floor pool.

"No, mum, I'm fine, we're fine, we're safe, trust me." I heard Niall on the phone to his mum I suddenly noticed something.

"Lou, where's Sienna?"

"Oh, she's over- I don't know, I thought she was right beside us."

"Guys!" I called to the others, panic evident in my voice, "Where's Sienna?"

They all replied with the same thing; they didn't know. They looked equally as worried as me and Corey was sniffling quietly, being comforted by Zach.

Maybe she's just in a different room, she'll be fine. There's no way she could be out there.

"There's a girl out there!" someone shrieked from the window and I rushed over. Sure enough, by the pool was a girl trying to get a child out of a chair. 

It was Sienna. 

"Sienna!" I shouted, banging my fists on the glass, despite my injured arm, but to no avail. The massive waves were close, literally streets from the hotel. Looking down, she finally got the child out and rushed to the hotel doors with it. I sighed and let out a breath that I was unconsciously holding. 

That was, until I saw her run back out.

"No!" I yelled, "Sienna don't!" 

But it was too late.

I watched, horrified, as the powerful tsunami tides smashed into her, knocking her down. I heard a scream, and saw that practically the whole room was watching. She painfully tried to lift herself up but was knocked flat by another wave. Our group was distraught; Corey and Niall full on crying, Louis staring down helplessly, Liam with tears in his eyes and Zayn comforting him, shaking his head sadly. This was worse than any horror movie I'd ever seen. This was a nightmare. 

Except this was real.

This was happening.

I couldn't do anything. 

I could only watch as my step sister fought a losing battle against mother nature.

The water turned from sea water into dirtier water, as it collected sand, mud, plants and other things in its current. I could no longer see Sienna, and I hit the glass one last time before sliding down against the wall and crying into my knees.

Sienna's POV;

Help me.

I tried to scream for help but nothing came out. After being knocked down by the second wave, I was being slowly covered by the water. I tried to swim, but the current pushed me back down. Sand and mud was thrown into my face and the water became murkier every second. Suddenly, a table, which was being carried by the tsunami smashed into my leg, while hard object collided with my head. 

Objects were being thrown at me by the water and though I tried to move, my arms and legs wouldn't respond. As I screamed again, water filled my mouth and ears, and I choked. The roar of the mighty disaster rang in my ears and salt water and dirt stung the wounds I'd received. Growing dizzier by the second, the last thing I saw was Harry on the top floor, his mouth open as though he was screaming as he hit the window, before I blacked out.

3rd Person POV;

The tsunami lasted a matter of minutes. Once Sienna was knocked unconscious, it was literally minutes before the water flowed away, revealing her broken and bruised body laying on the poolside. The group of seven were the first out of the doors, and Harry cradled his young stepsister carefully. Ambulance crews rushed to the hotel, taking Sienna away on a bed. Harry rode in the ambulance with Sienna, gently stroking her cheeks and whispering that everything would be okay, even if she couldn't hear him saying it. The others took a taxi to the hospital, and joined an extremely anxious Harry in the waiting room.

"Any news?" they asked hopefully, but he shook his head. 

"They won't let anyone see her," he told them, "she's in surgery. She's got it bad."

They nodded and accepted this information. 

"Harry, what's happened with your arm?" Louis asked curiously, gesturing towards Harry's right arm, which was swollen and purple.

"Jesus, I never noticed it was that bad!" he said, shocked, "I was pushed against a wall in the hotel but it didn't hurt then."

"Lets go find a doctor, it looks serious."

The two boys left the waiting area and found a nurse. After explaining what was wrong, an a quick examination, our curly friend was sent to have an x-ray of his arm. The results showed that his arm was broken, and half an hour later, he returned to the waiting room with a nice blue cast, a sling and some painkillers.

Every time a doctor or nurse walked past the group, they'd jump up and ask about Sienna. None of them knew though, because she was still in the operating theatre. Everyone was silent, and only talked with mono-syllable words. A gloomy air hung over them, until one nurse approached the seven of them.

"Sienna should be waking up shortly. Once she wakes up, we can tell you the extent of her injuries. She's critical but stable. You can come and see her now. "

Harry literally leapt up, following the woman to Sienna's hospital room. She lay in the bed, covers up to her waist. She was deathly pale, and her face was covered in scratches and cuts. She had a black eye and a cast on her right wrist. A bandage was wrapped round her head and altogether, she looked awfully sore. The doctors told the boys that they had about ten minutes before the sedative anaesthetic wore off and she'd wake up. 

"I have a question for you guys," a man in hospital scrubs said to them. He walked over to the bed, pulling up the covers and Sienna's hospital clothes to reveal her stomach. "Did you know this had happened?"

Gasps filled the room as they stared at her stomach, which was covered in fading cuts and scars. They knew they weren't injuries; they knew exactly what they were. Each boy's mind raced with thoughts of why, when, where and how she could have done this. Her gown was pulled back down and the covers pulled back up to her waist. Moments later, her eyes flickered open and she smiled.

"Sienna!" Harry cried, rushing up to her and wrapping his arms round her. She winced and hissed in pain. He drew back quickly. "Sorry!"

"No, no, it's fine. Just a little bit sore." she replied. Suddenly, the smile faded from her face. She stared down at her legs which were covered by the blanket.

"I can't feel my legs!" she wailed. Their hearts stopped. Could she be...?

The doctor leapt out of his seat, and straight to her. He examined her waist and called for her x-ray results. He studied them carefully, before nodding, understanding what was wrong. Sienna was still crying, but Harry was holding her hand, rubbing circles on her palm with his thumb. They were all worried, EXTREMELY worried. If Sienna couldn't feel her legs then she it could be serious. After minutes of sitting in silence, the doctor returned with a clipboard.

"Okay, so we have here your injuries and-"

"What's wrong with my legs?" she asked shakily.

"Well, it appears as though you are temporarily paralysed-" he was cut off by Sienna drawing in a sharp breath. 

"No no no, this can't be happening!" she mumbled.

"Miss Walker, if you please, as I said, the paralysis is only temporary. Unfortunately, we are unable to tell how long it will be until you gain full mobility again. It could be anywhere between two weeks and three months. But you ARE going to recover from it."

The room was filled with sighs of relief. The doctor continued.

"Onto your other injuries now. You have a moderate cut on your head, which is nothing to worry about as we've cleaned and stitched it up, your left eye is swollen, there are four wounds to your face, which we have also stitched up. You have three bruised ribs, which explains why your chest hurts and why breathing is painful. You've broken your right wrist and your left ankle, which should be healed in about six weeks. You know what, though your injuries seem quite severe, you are pretty lucky to have even survived it. We need to monitor you closely, so I'd say you're going to have to stay here for at least a week. I'll leave you all alone to sort anything out."

Sienna's POV;

"Thank you, doctor."

The doctor left the room and we were all alone. The first thing I noticed was Harry's cast on his arm.

"Harry, what happened to your arm?"

He looked down at it and chuckled, "I was pushed into a wall on the way up to the top floor. Nothing glamorous, just a break."

"Aww. Is everyone alright? Did anyone else get hurt?"

"Nope, everyone except for you is fine." Harry replied.

"Does dad and Anne know what's happened?" I asked.

"Uh, no. I tried ringing both of them loads but their phones are turned off. I suspect this whole thing will be in the news so they'll find out soon enough. I still don't know why they'd turn their phones off though..."

"Oh." I said, confused.

"Sienna, while you were sleeping, the doctor, uh, showed us your stomach." Zayn started, cautiously.

I felt my stomach turn. "You saw it?" I asked hoarsely. They nodded.

"Is it from what everyone was saying?" It was my turn to nod this time.

"It got so overwhelming. I couldn't take it anymore, I- I only did it once. I just wanted to feel in control."

I felt Liam rubbing my back. "It's okay," he said soothingly, "just don't do it again, okay?"

"Okay, I promise I won't." I suddenly gasped. "Wait, what about that little boy!? I shut the hotel doors before I ran back out so he should have been safe but do you know what's happened to him?"

"He's fine, his mother actually drove to the hospital to find you. She wanted to thank you, because you saved his life. She said she had to rush off, but she might return later on. Sienna, I was so worried about you, why on earth did you run back out?"

"The little boy, he dropped his teddy outside, I- I didn't realise how close the waves were, I didn't think before I ran. I'm just stupid."

"No, Sienna, you're not stupid." Liam spoke up, "You were the one who first saw the tsunami warning. You were to one who managed to alert everyone, with Niall's help of course. So in effect, you saved the lives of everyone in that hotel. You are a hero."

I blinked away tears. "Thank you." I whispered.

"No, no, thank you. You saved us all."


Days passed, and finally they released me from the hospital. Harry, has my technical legal guardian, signed my release forms and we were ready to go. My legs were still immobile, so I was in a wheelchair. My ribs were healing well and it was easier to breathe now. My wrist and ankle still occasionally hurt like a bitch, but I was discharged with two different types of painkillers; an ordinary one and an extra strength set, for when it got really unbearable. Over the week, I'd been visited by a lot of people, including residents from the hotel, the mother of the child I helped and even one or two celebrities. Once out of the hospital, we were greeted with a mass of fans and reporters, eager to find out how everyone was doing. The story was literally on every newspaper around. There was even a worldwide trend on twitter for me, #GetBetterSoonSienna. 

As much as we wanted to stay here in Hawaii, we couldn't. The other boys saw no point in us staying, because I wouldn't be able to join in and it would be unfair.

"No no, I don't mind, I don't want to take away your time!" I reasoned, but they wouldn't budge. 

It was the evening after I was discharged, and I was sitting on my bed, trying my best to scroll through twitter with one hand. Being paralysed was incredibly difficult; I needed help every time I needed to do something, and that got incredibly awkward when I needed to shower or use the loo. Luckily, our hotel room did have a disabled bathroom, tucked away in a corner of it, which made it easier for me to get cleaned up. 

Another weight was added to my bed, and I looked up, noticing that Zach was sitting cross-legged facing me.

"Hey!" I said cheerfully.

"You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. Y'know, despite this and everything."

He chuckled softly. "The boys are talking about you guys heading home the day after tomorrow. I've still got another week here." he told me sadly.

"Wait, where in the UK do you live?" 

"Manchester." he sighed, "It's a pretty long way from London, eh?"

"Well don't worry, we can uh, skype and talk whenever you want!" I said, trying to reassure him and myself, afraid that I may never see him again.

That night, we just watched movies until we fell asleep, enjoying the time that we still had together.

The next day, Liam informed us that he'd booked us return tickets for in tomorrow. Meaning tonight was the last night we were going to spend in the hotel. I stayed in the hotel, along with Zach, Niall and Corey. The other boys went out to do last minute souvenir shopping. We split ourselves in half unintentionally; Niall and Corey sat on the sofa, playing Fifa, while Zach and I sat at the kitchen table, talking about everything and anything.

"I'm really gonna miss you, Sienna."

"I'm gonna miss you too. I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow."

"Me either. Just remember the first time we met?"

"Yeah." we laughed lightly.

"And you're eating normally again now?" he asked. I nodded. "Good."

I started patting my hands on the table, purely out of boredom. I suddenly had an idea.

"Zach, could you get me two cups, please?"

"Oh, sure!" he said, getting up and fetching two cups from the cupboard. I took one and set it upside down on the table. I began the cup song, just clapping and patting my way through it at first, and soon I started singing softly.

"I got my ticket for the long way ‘round,
Two bottle ‘a whiskey for the way,
And I sure would like some sweet company,
And I’m leaving tomorrow, wha-do-ya say?"

Zach joined in once I finished the first verse.

"When I’m gone,
When I’m gone,
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone,
You’re gonna miss me by my hair,
You’re gonna miss me everywhere, oh,
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone."

I stopped after the chorus and let Zach sing the next verse.

"I’ve got my ticket for the long way ‘round,
The one with the prettiest of views,
It’s got mountains, it’s got rivers, it’s got sights to give you shivers,
But it sure would be prettier with you."

I joined in again and we sung the last chorus together. It was such a relevant song to be singing, and it made me realise just how much I was going to miss Zach.

"When I’m gone,
When I’m gone,
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone,
You’re gonna miss me by my walk,
You’re gonna miss me by my talk, oh,
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone."


Three days after I left the hospital, we arrived at the Honolulu International Airport. I was sad to leave Hawaii, it had grown on me and despite the incident, I loved it. I had so many memories to take back home. Our whole group was here, including Zach, as his parents had driven us all here, and he wanted to say goodbye.

"Flight 854, is ready for boarding. I repeat, Flight 854 is ready for boarding."

"Well I guess this is it." Harry stated. Zach hugged each and every one of the boys goodbye, tears forming in his eyes. We'd all grown so close over the past month, it would be difficult without our 'gang' being complete. Once he reached me, he leant down and tentatively hugged me, in case he would hurt my ribs, but I pulled him in closer for a proper hug. We held it for a good few seconds, and I started crying into his shoulder. We pulled apart, but only a short distance, because he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me there and then. 

"I don't know what this makes us," he whispered breathlessly into my ear once we broke the kiss, "but I'll never forget the time we spent together."

"Final boarding for Flight 854."

"I won't forget you." I mumbled to him, as we headed towards the plane entrance.

"I won't forget you either!" he shouted back. The last thing I saw of him before we boarded the plane was Zach waving at me. 

On the plane, there was so space for my wheelchair, so Liam gently lifted me out of my seat, carrying me bridal style all the way on it and into my seat. I positioned myself so that my ankle and wrist had no way of getting hurt on the journey, and luckily I had the window seat. 

"Welcome aboard Flight 854 from Honolulu International Airport to London, Gatwick. Please fasten your seatbelts and switch off all electrical equipment, we are preparing for take off."

Now, most people are afraid of take off, but I personally love it. Watching the runway pass by, and then finally soaring into the air. The good thing is, I'm never affected by it either. My ears don't pop at all. Harry was next to me, furiously sucking on a sweet to prevent his from popping, but from the painful groan that he let out as we traveled upwards, I knew that had failed.

In the seats in front of me were Louis and Liam, so I leant forward the best I could without being able to move the bottom half of my waist, and with a little help from Harry, I stuck my face between the seats and began talking to the boys.

"Hey, hey Louis, remember the plane journey to Hawaii?" I giggled.

"Mhm, it feels like only yesterday we were shaving Niall's legs." 

"What are we doing to Niall's legs!?" Niall yelled from the opposite seats, having only heard the last part of Louis' sentence."

"Nothing, nothing." I replied innocently. I'm not sure he believed us, because he kept watching us out of the corner of his eye while he scrolled through his phone.

"Who ya texting, Liam?" I asked, resting my chin on his shoulder. He looked up and smiled.

"You know that girl from the pool?" I nodded, "She's called Annie, we exchanged numbers and she lives just outside of London, so yeah, we've been texting."

"Is she nice?" 

"She is. She's a trainee nurse and she has such a nice personality."

"She's really pretty as well." I added.

Just as Liam finished telling me about Annie, two girls, maybe slightly older than me, walked up to our group at the back of the plane. One was a tan girl with auburn hair and the other was paler, but with jet black hair.

"Hi!" the black haired girl squeaked. She was physically shaking and her friend turned to her, trying to calm her down.

"Sorry, she gets a bit excited. Shh, calm down Ti."

"What are your names, loves?" Harry asked.

"I'm Tiana." replied the black-haired girl.

"And I'm Ellie." 

Niall chuckled. "Would you lovely girls like some pictures?"

"Yes please!" they chorused. All of the boys stood up, whereas I stayed where I was. Corey got up and looked as though he was going to take the photo for them.

"Oh, no no! You don't have to take the photo, Corey, we'd like you in the picture! You too Sienna, if that's not too much to ask?"

"No it's fine! It's nice to have people actually want us in the photo for once." I pushed myself onto the edge of Harry's seat and somehow all nine of us managed to cram into one photo. A man sitting in the row in front of Louis and Liam offered to take the photo, and all of us smiled, and then did a funny face one. We split up, and Louis suggested the girls take individual photos with each of the boys. They took a few and once they'd done them, I expected them to go back to their seats.

But, "Sienna and Corey, is it alright if we get a photo with you guys too?"

I was shocked.. who'd want photos with us? We're not famous.

"Oh, uh sure!" Corey stuttered, looking at me with a shocked expression that mirrored mine. We took a few photos, one of us smiling and two of us with funny expressions.

"Thank you so much!" they said, turning around to leave.

"Wait! What's your twitters?" I could use some new friends, I nearly added, but stopped myself.

"Oh, mine's @twinkletoeniall." Ellie told me, fumbling with her camera.

"I'm @lovelyliam." said Tiana. I whipped out my phone, bearing in mind I've only got one hand to use, and opened the twitter app. I searched for their names and followed them.

"You've got a new follower!" I grinned, indicating myself.

"Thank you! I hope you get better soon!" Ellie replied.

"Yeah! I can't believe that happened to you." Tiana added, "You're a hero for telling everyone and saving that little boy!"

I was beaming. "It wasn't much, thank you though!"

"It's fine, thank you, all of you!" They turned around and returned to their seats, excitedly telling their parents what happened.

"What nice girls." Liam suddenly commented, making us all burst out laughing even though it was a simple sentence.

"Hey Sienna? Is it alright if we do a twitcam?"Harry asked from beside me.

"You guys should go on holiday more often, this is like, the fifth one we've done this month!" I exclaimed, causing Harry to chuckle.

"So that's a yes?"


@Harry_Styles: What do you guys say to me doing twitcam in a sec?

Thanks to the wifi on the plane, we were able to set up a twitcam from Harry's laptop, and though he'd tweeted less than five minutes ago, there were already 90,000 viewers.

"Adios, amigos!" I cried.

"Sienna, adios means goodbye." Harry stated.

"Oh, so-rry, forgive me for not being Spanish." I joked.

"Isn't hello 'Pollo'?" Louis butted in.

"No Louis, that means chicken." Niall corrected him.

"What is this, a twitcam or a Spanish lesson?" Louis retorted.

"I don't care, but I'm hungry. I'm gonna go find food." Niall got up and headed towards the front of the plane where the food trolley was parked.

"I'm going to sleep, Louis kept me up last night." Zayn commented.

"Hey, it's not my fault that you wanted to play video games, is it?"

"Well it is when you threaten to pour ice cream all over my clothes if I didn't stay and play more."

"Hush, go to sleep, Malikkle child."

"Louis, did you just say 'Malikkle'?" Corey asked.

"Yeah.. 'cause Malik, and 'My little child'.. Malikkle.. Oh I'm going to sleep."

"Okay, that was quite a good one." I whispered to Harry, who was laughing.

Louis and Zayn were asleep, Niall was looking for food, Corey was playing on his iPad and Liam chose not to be in the twitcam too much, so it was just me, Harry, and-- JESUS CHRIST 220,000 VIEWERS. I'd forgotten about the twitcam, so they'd heard the whole 'Malikkle' thing.

"How ya been guys?" Harry asked the camera. Our mentions exploded with answers. 

"I've been good, Harry, I've been good. Except for maybe, a little accident." I answered.

@jesusharry: what happened like i know you were in a tsunami but how did you get caught in it? (via

"Well-" I started, but Harry cut me off.

"Sienna saved the whole hotel."

"I wouldn't say that, I mean-"

"She was the first one to see the tsunami warning and she alerted us and everyone else. So she did technically save everyone. And then there was a little boy, that she saved. She ran back out to get the boy's teddy and was hit. But I think she's coping well. Sienna?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. A few cuts and bruises and a few major injuries but hopefully I'll be alright soon."

@lickinglouis: what are your major injuries?? (via 

"Well I broke my wrist and my ankle, and I'm uh, temporarily paralysed." Looking up to Harry, he nodded. We hadn't told any press about my more extensive injury, and everybody thought I had the wheelchair because of my ankle. The mentions literally stopped dead, as though everyone was shocked, before bursting out with even more than before.

@bellybuttonarry: oh my god (via

what the hell (via

well shit (via

Tweets like this were coming in faster than we could read them. Harry also explained his broken arm, and that started a big It died down after about ten minutes, and we were able to continue with the twitcam.

@Nialls_Boobs_: what are the other boys doing¿? (via

"Sick of us already?" Harry chuckled. He twisted the laptop round to show Zayn sleeping, sprawled over the two seats he had to himself. 

"Come on now, you've had your daily view of Zayn, onto Norey." Harry said, moving the laptop to face Niall and Corey.

"Norey?" I questioned.

"Yeah, Niall and Corey's ship name."

"Aye aye, captain." I replied. "As you can see, Corey is playing games," I paused for a minute as he held up the iPad to show a nice game of Sims, "and Niall is... being Niall." He was laying back on the seat, listening to music and eating chicken nuggets out of a box. Nothing different there.

"Baby Lou Lou is asleep, which is odd, seeing as on the journey here, he was up and pulling pranks on everyone." I told the viewers, as Harry held the laptop round the seats, to show a sleeping Louis and Liam on his phone.

"Liam is... I'm not sure actually, what ARE you doing?"

"I'm taking advantage of Louis' silence and writing a song." he, told us and the viewers, grinning.

"And there you have it, ladies, gentlemen and animals, that is what we are all doing."


"Sienna! Psst, wake up! We're here!"

"Harry shush, it's too early to wake up." I swatted him away with my hand.

"It's six in the evening, you daft child, and we're back in England!"

I shot up quickly. "Oh hey, we're home!" I exclaimed, pointing at the airport through the plane window.

"C'mon Harry, get going and I'll bring Sienna down." Liam said, pushing Harry playfully. Harry grabbed our hand luggage from the storage above our seats and headed out towards the door. Liam, who'd volunteered to carry me when he needed to, lifted me up, and followed Harry out as well. My wheelchair was on board, stationed at the front of the plane. Liam set me down in that and we traveled through the tube that connected the plane to the airport.

The cooler air in England felt cold in contrast to the hot, Hawaiian heat. Though it was 6pm, it was still light outside, due to the fact that it was summer. As we made our way through Heathrow Airport, people waved at us, but didn't come too close.

I was glad to be home. The lighting in the house seemed darker because it was so bright in Hawaii. We dumped our suitcases in the hallway, and piled into the living room. I sat on the small singular chair, and the others spaced themselves out on the other chairs and floor.

"I'm gonna order pizza for us all," I said, picking up my phone, "we haven't eaten all day." 

They mumbled their agreements and I phoned Papa Johns, ordering us all a pizza, drink and side order. Once it was here, I gave the money to Harry and he answered the door, collecting the pizza. As I sat, watching TV, eating pizza with my step brother and five best friends, I knew I was in the right place. All that had happened to me, I could put behind. I've got everyone I need right here.

Harry's phone suddenly rung, and he picked it up instantly. "Mum!" he cried. He put Anne on speaker so we could all talk.

"Hi guys!" she called.

"Hey!" we replied.

"Now, what's all this stuff about Sienna being in a tsunami? The press really do make up some crazy things nowadays, don't they?"

"Actually Anne.. it's true." I said.

"Oh my god, you guys better explain because I don't know what's happened, are you alright!?"

Harry looked over at me and smirked, preparing himself to explain.


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