One Direction's Little Sister

World famous popstar, Harry Styles, is shocked to learn that his mum is getting married. 13 year old Sienna is excited to learn that her dad is getting married. But when Sienna finds out that her new step brother is actually Harry Styles, how will she react? And when their parents disappear, how can the boys look after a young teenager, when they can barely look after themselves?


17. Teddy.


Liam's POV;

"Liam, where's the after sun?" a meek voice asked me. I picked up the small blue bottle and turned to give it to Harry.

"Here you g- shit Harry!" I exclaimed, dropping the after sun in the sand.

"What happened?" Niall asked lazily from his deck chair.

"Harry's a tomato." I replied.

"What!?" Zayn asked, shooting up suddenly. "Oh, Harry, I should have guessed."

"Did you put any sun cream on this morning?" I asked the curly boy, who gave me a weak smile before shaking his head. I stared at him in disbelief.

"Jesus, what am I going to do with you?" I sighed.

"It'll fade to a tan in a few days." Zayn informed us.

"Then you'll be all golden brown like a cake." Louis added, joining the conversation suddenly.

"Thanks Louis, now I'm hungry." Niall said, looking at Louis.

"Eat the tomato." Louis suggested, and we all laughed.

"It's your own fault, Styles." Corey muttered.

"Hey!?" Harry complained.

"What's the time?" I asked, stretching.

"Uh, half three." Zayn said.

"Does anyone wanna head home now?" 

"Can we get ice cream on the way?" Corey asked innocently.

"Sure, I think everyone's up for that?" I looked around and everyone nodded.

"Hey where's the lovebirds?" Louis asked, searching for Sienna and Zach.

"Oh, up on that cliff." Corey replied coolly, pointing to a high grassy bank to the left of us.

"Woah, what?" Harry's eyes widened, "Is it safe up there? What if they f-"

"Harry, they're fine, trust me." Corey reassured him, adding quietly at the end, "They're more than fine."

"Corey's right," I added, "they're coming down from there right now."

"Hey guys!" she yelled.

When they were closer to us, she stared at Harry with a confused look on her face.

"Who's the tomato?" she joked and Harry furrowed his eyebrows.

"I'm not a tomato, jeez guys."

"Whatever, lets get going before I decide not to take you to the ice cream shop." I interrupted.


"Cookie Dough, no, wait, Chocolate. No, I'll have Oreo, no, oh my god this is so difficult."

"Sir, why don't you have all three?" the waitress suggested.

"Oh yeah, thank you. All three please." Louis flashed the lady a smile and she scooped the ice cream onto the cone.

"You having one, Sienna?" Corey asked her. She shook her head no and we all looked at her.

"Why not?" I asked, trying not to sound rude.

"I- I don't know, I just don't want one."

"But you love ice cream, it's your favourite food. Your dad left you a few tubs when he went away, didn't he?" Harry questioned.

"Yeah, but-"

"Exactly," he said, turning to the waitress, "one chocolate and strawberry ice cream please." 

The lady handed him an ice cream, before he passed it to Sienna.

"Thanks." she said quietly, licking the ice cream slowly.

Something was going on with Sienna, and none of us could tell what it was. She wasn't eating much and when she did it always seemed to be healthy. Whenever she looked at her phone, she seemed to get upset but she wouldn't tell any of us what was wrong.

Sienna's POV;

I really didn't want to eat that ice cream, do you know how many calories are in it? Lots.

I had to eat that ice cream, because Harry refused to let us leave the shop until I'd finished it. The sticky dessert slid down my throat and made me shudder, not only from the cold temperature of it but also because I was trying not to eat. I hadn't actually eaten a full meal since we got here a few days ago. I felt so fat, I had to get this ice cream out of my system, fast. 

We'd returned home and I ran straight through my room and into the bathroom. Shutting and locking the door, I knelt down in front of the toilet and looked deep down. I held my hair back with one hand while I calmed myself down, remembering how to do this. I'd looked this stuff up earlier, in case I'd ever need to do it. Shutting my eyes, two of my fingers moved to the back of my throat, slowly, as though I was seeing what my limits were. The second time, I dug my fingers in further and more harshly. I gagged, feeling a warm liquid travel up to my throat. I gagged again, this time actually throwing up. I spat the mushed food into the toilet bowl, making sure most of what I'd eaten earlier was no longer in my body. I sunk back on my knees, breathing deeply. I felt relieved; but it was also exhilarating, don't ask me why, there was just something about doing that stuff that made me excited.

I washed my hands and mouth, flushed the toilet and left, trying not to look suspicious. Luckily, the boys were playing video games on the sofa. 

"You okay?" Liam asked, and I turned to face him. He wasn't playing in the game that the others were playing so he got up and came over towards me. 

"Yeah, I'm fine." I lied.

"Good, just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"What about you?" I asked, "You know, with D-"

"Shh!" Liam clamped his hand over my mouth to stop me from talking. I licked it and grinned as he wiped it on his top. "The guys don't know yet." he told me quietly.

"Uh, why?" 

"Because... Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because I don't know how to say it. I can't just go, "oh yeah guys, Danielle and I broke up and I kinda forgot to tell you." I can't do that!"

"I get it." I said softly, "Tell them in your own time, but they do need to know, okay?"

"Okay, mother." he joked. "But I still can't believe it happened, I mean, I still don't want to accept the fact that it happened, even if I was miserable before."

"I know what you mean," I spoke reminiscently, "I know just what you mean."

"I think I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna tell them now." 

"You don't have to do it now, you can-"

"Sienna, they deserve to know."

"Hey! No fair! You cheated!" yelled someone from the other side of the room. 

"No I didn't! It's just because you're bad at this game!"

"I'm not!"

"Louis' right, Zayn, you are crap at this."

"Harry, be quiet, who even invited you into this conversation?"

"I don't need an invitation because the party don't start till I walk in."

"Cut the cheesy crap, Liam has something to tell you!" I shouted. The room went quiet and Liam laughed nervously as we left the kitchen and entered the living area.

"You're still crap." Harry whispered to Zayn.

"Oi, tomato, I said hush." I made zip motions at my mouth and they were quiet.

"So guys, uh, before we left, I-"

"Is this about Danielle?" Niall asked.

"Uh, yeah. Anyway-"

"Is this about you and Danielle breaking up?" Louis interrupted.

"Yeah it is. Now- Wait, how do you know?" Liam cut himself off.

"Liam, honey, you shouldn't leave your phone unattended." Harry laughed.

"Oh, and also Danielle called the day before we left for Hawaii and said she needed to come over to collect some of the stuff she left at the house." Zayn added quietly. "That's how we know."

"Oh, so I don't have to explain everything?" Liam queried.

"Not if you don't want to." Zayn replied kindly.

Liam walked over and sat back by the sofas, smiling gratefully at me and the others.

"We'll get it out of you one day though." Louis grinned slyly as they started a new game.


"Sienna! Your phone's ringing!"

I leapt up from the sofa and ran to the kitchen, where Harry was holding my phone in his hand.

"Thanks H-Bear." I grinned.

"Is that my new nickname?" he asked, raising his eyebrows at me.

"Yup." I replied, answering the call and walking into my room, shutting the door. There was no caller ID, because whoever was calling had withheld their number.


"Hey, it's the slut!"

"Uh, who is this?"

The person on the other end just laughed. It was a guy, and I recognised the voice, but I couldn't work out who it was.

"I seriously didn't think you had it in you, Walker. I thought you were a nice girl." the speaker's tone softened slightly. 

"But I've done nothing wrong." I told them quietly.

"LIAR!" they roared through the phone, "How stupid do you think I am!? There's evidence! You know what, why don't you just go and kill yourself right now. Everyone would be happier without you."

Tears brimmed my eyes and eventually trickled down my cheeks. "W-what?" I choked out.

"That's right, no one wants you. Not even your damn stepbrother! I wouldn't be surprised if he only puts up with you because he has to! You need to stop prancing around with that boyband and acting like you're top shit! NO ONE LIKES YOU!" the last part was exaggerated and I was full out crying now. 

"Do the world a favour and kill yourself." they muttered, before hanging up.

I stared down at my phone, tears dripping onto it. Panicking, I ran into my bathroom and locked the door, sitting on the closed toilet with my head in my hands. Why was it getting so bad? Why did nobody believe me? It seemed like everyone back home hated me, when I'd done nothing wrong. And what the caller had said about Harry and the boys... what if it was true? What if they all hated me too. Surely they wouldn't.. 

These thoughts were rushing around my head but the main thing that stuck out was that whoever called me said I should just kill myself. Why? I don't get it. Even if I had done that with Luke, which of course I haven't, why would they want me dead? I lifted up my shirt and glared at my stomach. I hated my stomach. I hated everything about me. I was too fat. I hurriedly searched through the bathroom cabinet where I kept my stuff, throwing a few items out and onto the floor. I finally found it.

My razor.

Okay, so it was my razor for shaving, but now I knew what else I could use it for. I held it to my wrist, pondering over the effects. No, I can't do it on my wrist, I don't want the others to see, and there's no way I'd be wearing long sleeved shirts in this heat. My shirt was still hitched halfway up my torso so I pulled it all the way up and moved the razor to my stomach instead. I slid the blade over my stomach, sobs bubbling in my throat. I was amazed at how easily I could do this. 

I watched it glide over my stomach once, twice, three times, slowly at first but speeding up with a few more. I felt so much power when doing this, I felt in control. There was blood trickling down my stomach and onto my shorts, which luckily were dark navy blue. I knew I'd bleed, I just wasn't sure how I'd deal with it. 

Grabbing a clean towel, I held it to the cuts on my stomach, dabbing them gently. They were slightly sore but I wasn't particularly worried about the pain. I was now worried about trying to hide them from the boys. By now, they'd stopped bleeding a lot, so I wrapped a medical bandage around my stomach twice and taped it up. Yes, I do take bandages with me, I like to be safe. Except now I guess I wasn't. I pulled my shirt down, and luckily you couldn't see the bandages through it.

**[Six days later]**

We'd done various activities over the past few days, including a boat trip, canoeing, jet skiing and surfing. We'd even tried those big inflatable hamster balls that go on water. 

It had been six days since I'd cut myself. Hiding it had been difficult, seeing as we were by the beach a lot, but I had managed. I'd worn a swimsuit instead of a bikini, which helped cover up the marks. Each day, I'd changed the bandages and cleaned the cuts, which had gone from bright red slits down to paler lines. They were still visible and to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if they scarred, which was not what I wanted. There was already a scar on my stomach from when I was stabbed. I was glad that my mother, who as I explained left me and my dad a few years ago, was a nurse, and taught me first aid from a young age. Also, I hadn't eaten a full meal for almost a week, and it was starting to take it's toll on my body, leaving me weak and often drained before I'd even done anything.

It was now an evening, and we'd been here in Hawaii for little over a week. It still held surprises for us and no matter how much we did, there was still more to be done. I was lying on my bed, listening to music and scrolling through twitter. I didn't get as much hate on twitter than on Facebook or through texts, which I was thankful for. I did get some, but not as extreme as what my 'friends' sent me. I was nodding my head up and down to the music when Liam walked in.

"Hey, Sienna, are you busy?"

"Yeah, I'm planning how to teach you manners, and to knock before entering." I said, raising my eyebrows, "I'm just kidding Lee, I'm just listening to music 'n stuff, so not really."

"Aw cool, er, can I talk to you about something?" 

I sat up when I realised he seemed quite upset. "Sure," I said quickly, "What's wrong?"

He sat down next to me on my bed and rested his chin in his hands. "It's Danielle, she, ah, got herself a new boyfriend."

"Look, Liam," I said, turning to face him, "in the nicest way possible, you need to move on. I know how much she meant to you and I know how heartbroken you are but there will be someone better out there. Someone who will love you even better than she did."

Liam nodded slowly, taking in everything I was saying. "I guess you're right, maybe I do just need to forget about her."

"Trust me, I think you'll feel a lot better. A happy Liam is the right kinda Liam." I laughed, nudging him. He laughed too, twirling his phone around his fingers.

"Can I see your phone a sec?" I asked politely. He handed it over but watched my every move. I clicked the home button to reveal his lock screen. It was a picture of him and Danielle.

"Right, this needs to go. You still want to move on?"

"Uh, yep. Go ahead."

He chose a picture from his camera roll and I set it as his lock screen. It was a picture of him and his friend Andy at a football match.

"See? It's easy. Just do what you need to do. I don't want you getting upset over her, because there's gonna be someone better, okay?" I told him comfortingly, patting his arm.

"Thanks, Sienna, you're a real friend." he said happily and hugged me.

As we were hugging, Zayn walked past the door and popped his head in, and looked as though he was about to say something, but stopped when he saw us hugging,

He mouthed, 'is he okay?' to me and I nodded. He smiled and said, "We're doing a twitcam in a sec, if you guys want to join?"

"Sure, c'mon Liam, lets go wow some girlies."

The other boys had set up the laptop and was waiting to start broadcasting. As we got closer, I noticed that it was hooked up to the TV, which had a built in webcam. I assumed it was because all eight of us wouldn't fit into one computer screen.

"Helloooo viewers!" Harry called, once we'd started the twitcam.

We answered a few questions, danced a bit and even wrote an on-the-spot poem about cheesecakes but Louis had found a question that he seemed to really like.

"Okay so, @MollyStyles7 asks, "'Who is the most ticklish out of you all?' Well Molly, now is the time to find out."

He turned to face us, smirking evilly and eying us up and down. "I know Niall is the most ticklish in the band but I don't know about the other three." Louis looked at Harry and Zayn and nodded, before pouncing on Corey and tickling his sides.

He didn't react.

"Haha, you guys okay there?" Corey asked smugly when Louis realised he was failing.


"I'm just special I guess." Corey bowed as Louis shook his head. Zach was the next to be attacked, and he squirmed and wriggled trying to get Louis off. All eyes were on me as Louis prepared himself. I wasn't particularly ticklish either, but I didn't want him touching my stomach.

His hands reached my body and his long fingers tickled it fiercely. At first it was enjoyable, but seconds later he started tickling right where my cuts were. I cried out in pain and he stopped abruptly.

"What just happened?" he asked anxiously. I was about to speak when I suddenly realised we were still on camera, and over a hundred thousand people had just witnessed my outburst. 

"N-nothing, just don't feel like doing this anymore." I mumbled shakily before leaving the sofa and running off.

"Sienna!" Louis called, getting up to follow me but Liam held him back.

"Just leave her be, Lou, she'll sort it out." I heard him say, as Louis nodded and sat back down.

To my right, I suddenly noticed that there was a set of double doors. I'd never seen them before and if I had then I hadn't paid much attention to them. I opened them slowly and they revealed a small balcony. Outside, the air was cool, and I gasped when I saw the beautiful Hawaiian skyline.

"So beautiful," I whispered to myself. I sat down and hugged my knees up to my chest, closing my eyes and breathing in the fresh air. I must've sat there for about ten minutes before I heard the door open slowly and someone come out. They sat down beside me and stared out at the view as well.

"You alright?" they asked. It was Zach.

"I guess so." I replied.

"You don't seem alright." he stated.

"I'm just tired."

"Too tired to eat this chocolate bar?" he teased, pulling one from his pocket and handing it to me.

"Yeah." I said plainly, taking the wrapped sweet and dropping it over the edge of the balcony, watching it fall all the way to the streets below.

"Hey! I brought you that!" Zach joked and I smiled weakly.


"Why don't you eat?"

His question startled me. "W-what?"

"You don't eat. Why?"

"I do eat." I replied.

"No, Sienna, you don't. You eat as little as you can get away with. I've spent three of the past six days hanging out with you and I've never seen you snack or finish your whole meal. And whenever you look at your phone, you suddenly get depressed. I'm worried about you."

"But you don't care." I said, tears prickling my eyes.

"Sienna, what the hell is that supposed to mean? Of course I care about you."

"No, no one cares. Maybe they were right. Maybe it would be easier that way." I started crying, and he pulled me into his chest, wrapping his arms around me tightly.

"Shh, shh," he said comfortingly, "Who are you talking about? Who's they?"

"No one." I sighed, wiping away my tears. "Don't worry about it."

"But I do worry, Sienna. Look at you. You're not the girl I helped when she passed out at the park. You're a shadow. You don't smile all the time like you used to. You look like you've lost so much weight, which isn't a good thing. I'm not the only one who thinks this, all the others agree. Has something happened?" 

"No!" I cried, "Nothing's happened, please Zach, I'm fine, honestly. Just please, don't worry about me."

"Fine." he said sadly, "But please start eating again, there's no reason for you to need to starve yourself." He paused and gently kissed my forehead, "You're perfect, just how you are."

"Thank you." I whispered, though in my mind I knew it wasn't true. Don't get me wrong, I don't look for attention, it's just that I can't take a compliment if I know it's not true.

"C'mon, you've been gone for twenty minutes, they'll be worried about you." he said, wiping my tears away and helping me stand up. I stood up too fast, though, and thanks to the fact that I hadn't eaten a full meal for a whole week, my vision went blurry and I immediately fell back down.

"Are you okay?" Zach asked worriedly, grabbing my arm to stop me hurting myself.

"I'm fine, just dizzy." I said, brushing him off with a shake of my hand. "Lets go back in now." 

He rested his arm on my shoulder and we walked back into the hotel room, where we were greeted with--


"Oh shit," I whispered to Zach, who watched confused. "Yeah Harry?" I shouted back.

"Can you come here for a second?"

"Sure," I replied, regretfully detaching myself from Zach and sitting on the sofa, with the boys and Corey staring at me. 

"Sienna, do you wanna explain those texts on your phone?" Harry asked, pulling my phone from his back pocket.

"Uh, what texts?" I questioned nervously.

"Oh, you know, the ones telling you to kill yourself."

"And the ones calling you a slut!" Niall piped up.

"Yes, thank you Niall, them too."

I gulped. "They're nothing. How did you even see them? Have you been on my phone?" 

"Well your phone shows the message previews on the lock screen so we read them. And I know there are more." he passed me my phone, "And you're going to show us."

"Ha, how about no." I said, my voice cracking slightly.

"Sienna." he warned, pressing his lips together and raising his eyebrows.


I unlocked my phone and went onto my messages. 10 new texts in the past two hours. Unfortunately, there were over two hundred texts in total.

"Um, so this one here says 'Sienna, you're a slut and nobody likes you.' This one says 'I thought I liked you, but I guess I was wrong.'"

'Please kill yourself.'

'How does Harry cope with an annoying shit like you?'

'B i t c h.'

'I actually can't stand you, you make me feel sick.'

"They're just a few." I said shakily.

"How many are there?" Harry asked.

"Uh, 247."

"Jesus Christ." he replied, shaking his head. "Let me see them."

I reluctantly handed my phone over and slunk back into the chair. The other boys had solemn looks on their faces and Corey held his in his hands. As Harry read the texts, his face turned to pure anger, but then to that of sadness.

"Sienna, why didn't you tell me?" Harry asked sadly.

That was the breaking point. Seeing the others so upset because of me made me burst out crying.

"I didn't want to bother you." I choked out.

"Telling us about this wouldn't bother us!" 

"And nothing they've said is true, Sienna, we all love you and nothing is ever going to change that." Niall said.

"You're perfect just the way you are," Zach told me sincerely and I smiled weakly.

"Thanks guys, I'm really sorry about it all."

"Sienna, what are they calling you a slut for?"

I took a deep breath. "Someone spread a rumour that I.. slept with Luke, and then broke up with him because he wasn't 'good enough'. Which is bull, because I never did anything like that." 

Harry pulled me into a hug and held me tight. Soon the others had joined in and all eight of us were hugging.

"One question," Louis began, "why did you run off when I tickled you earlier? Did I do it too hard?"

"No, Lou, you were fine, I'm just sensitive on my stomach." I lied. He nodded and smiled.

"I vote we go use the hotel pool tomorrow, 'cause I wanna go on the waterslides!" I announced randomly, changing the subject and causing everyone to laugh.


"It's a new dawn,"

"It's a new day,

"It's a new life,"

"For me!"

Liam and I danced around the kitchen with bowls and different kitchen utensils in our hands, singing along to the radio.

"Day 25 in the Big Brother house, and Zayn still hasn't got used to where the sofa is placed." I said in my deep announcers voice, laughing as a sleepy Zayn fell over the sofa.

"Okay, who moved the sofa!?" he argued. Louis left his room and came over to us, with a towel wrapped round his waist and his hair wet. He was shirtless and I couldn't help but take sneaky looks.

C'mon, if Louis Tomlinson is standing in front of you shirtless, you're gonna look, aren't you? Mm, thought so.

"Like what you see?" he wiggled his eyebrows and his hips, before engulfing me in a hug. His body was still damp from his shower, so I squealed and slapped his arm.

"Louis you're making her wet!" Niall, who must've come into the room as well, told us with a straight face. We all looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Oh my god!" I spluttered.

"Ya know it's true!" Louis sung.

"What's so funny?" Harry asked groggily as he stumbled out of his room and towards the coffee machine.

"Louis is getting me wet." I said, still laughing slightly. He shook his head and smiled, bringing the coffee to his lips. 

"Is everyone up yet?" he asked.

"Uh, I think Corey and Zach are still a-"

"We're here!" Zach called as he and Corey stood up from the sofa. I smiled at Zach and he returned it, staring deep into my eyes.

"Yeah, everyone's up now." I corrected myself.

"Are we going to the outside pool on the ground floor?" Corey asked. I nodded.

"Yeah, that one has waterslides." I told him, probably sounding like a five year old.

"You really like waterslides, don't you?" Harry stated, tousling my hair gently.

"Yep!" I laughed. "I'm gonna go get my stuff quickly."

"Me too." they replied.

As we split up, I heard Harry asked Louis if his swimming shorts were in his room. I shook my head and laughed lightly.

My swimming costume, which I'd been wearing instead of my bikini due to my cuts for fear of the others seeing, was laying on the windowsill of my room, dry from the last time I'd used it. I packed that, my towel and my hairbrush into my bag and threw it onto my shoulder, tucking my phone into my shorts pocket.

Everyone else followed out of their rooms pretty soon after, and we locked the hotel room before walking to the elevator. The ride took a mere minute and once we were on the ground floor, Harry headed straight over to the receptionist.

"Excuse me Sir, do you know where the nearest phone shop is?" he asked politely. Why's he looking for a phone shop?

"Out the doors, cross over, round the corner, first shop on the right. Two minute walk." the receptionist replied.

"Thank you. C'mon guys."

We followed Harry to the phone shop, which was a small O2 department next to a kebab restaurant. 

"Stay here for a sec, I'll literally be a minute." he told us all, so we waited outside until he came back with a small box in his hand. He ripped it open and pulled out a new SIM card for my phone.

"Here you go," he said happily, "put this in your phone, now you can't get any more horrible texts."

"Thank you, Harry!"

"Oh, and keep the other SIM, I might or might not do something about that." he said almost angrily, but with a determined glint in his eyes.

"Okay, love you!" I grinned.

"I know you do!" he laughed, guiding us back to the hotel, where we headed towards the changing rooms for the pool.

It was incredibly hot in Hawaii, so getting in the pool was a massive relief. I looked at my arms and noticed a nice tan was building.

"Hey there," Zach said as he slid into the pool beside me. Louis, Harry, Corey and Niall were in the line for a waterslide, whereas Liam was sitting on one of those inflatable dinghys, and Zayn was returning from the food stand with an icecream in his hand.

"Hey." I replied.

"You okay?" 

"Yeah thanks, you?"

"I'm great." 

We sat in a comfortable silence, watching everything that went on around us. Louis dunking Harry in the pool, Zayn dropping his ice cream, Liam talking to a pretty brunette girl, Niall now jumping on Harry's shoulders.

"Zach, I'm sorry about everything that's happened."

"Sh sh, there's nothing to be sorry for. It wasn't your fault." 


"Si, you apologise too much."



I studied his face for a few seconds, and without realising it we'd leant in. Our noses were touching and I felt him wrap his arm around my shoulder. Our lips connected and the oh so familiar fireworks flew. A soft shiver ran down my body, and we only pulled apart when I felt someone chucking water over us.


"I ship it!" Louis yelled.

"My OTP!" Corey added.

"Hush, go play with Harry and Niall." I shooed them away, blushing bright red. It was such a great day, the waterslides (yeah, I have a waterslide obsession, don't judge) were amazingly fun and let me tell you, that hotel does the best icecreams ever. I was just walking up to queue for a waterslide when the TV in the hotel lobby, which I could see through the glass windows, caught my eye.

'Alert! Red tsunami warning for the west coast of Hawaii! Residents and visitors are urged to seek safety immediately!'

A tsunami?

"Niall!" I screamed to the nearest boy. "Niall!"

"What's wrong Sienna?" he asked.

"Look at the screen!" I told him, pointing at the TV, "There's gonna be a tsunami here!"

"Shit." he muttered under his breath, "We gotta alert people! Help me tell the other boys and spread it fast!" 

We ran like maniacs, warning everyone out in the pool and soon most of the whole hotel knew. It was a manic scene; people running everywhere, children crying, hotel workers guiding everyone up to the top floors. I was walking with the boys when suddenly I heard a women's screams and a child crying. I pushed back through the crowd, which thankfully wasn't that big because we were near the back. A small child was strapped into one of the baby chairs out by the pool, with his mother desperately trying to undo it. 

"I can't get him out!" the woman sobbed.

"Let me try," I said, fiddling with the straps. The tsunami was actually so close I could hear it.

"I'll go get help!" she cried, and I nodded. She ran off towards the doors of the hotel. Cold water was starting to run along the poolside. My heartbeat was erratic, I feared for my life and the child's. At last, the straps finally came undone and I lifted the boy from his seat. We ran to the doors, and I set him down inside.

"Teddy!" he wailed. I glanced back and saw a small brown bear by the seat. The boy was so distraught, that without thinking, I ran out to grab the teddy.

Straight into the waves of the tsunami.

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