One Direction's Little Sister

World famous popstar, Harry Styles, is shocked to learn that his mum is getting married. 13 year old Sienna is excited to learn that her dad is getting married. But when Sienna finds out that her new step brother is actually Harry Styles, how will she react? And when their parents disappear, how can the boys look after a young teenager, when they can barely look after themselves?


7. Plane Tickets.

Sienna's POV;

"WHAT THE HELL?" screamed Liam.

Haha, I win.

"No cussing, my darling." I cooed, pinching Liam's cheeks. Oh god, they're so soft, and squidgy and-

Oops I got carried away.

Liam was looking pretty damn scared, Zayn was just staring, Niall was crouched down with his face to the floor and Louis was in Harry arms. I whipped my phone out and took a picture. Hands started attacking me until I screamed.

"What's wrong!?" asked Harry, worried.

"Nothing, I just wanted your attention." I said, a grin tugging at my lips. 

"Guys, we need to talk. It's important." I told them. They immediately sat down on sofa, except for Niall who was still on the floor. He flopped over onto his back and sat up slightly.

"Soo, as you may or may not know, my dad and Harry's mum have decided to skedaddle off on a surprise luxurious honeymoon." I told them.

"She's gonna be getting some." Louis snickered quietly while Harry's face was bright red. 

"Hush." I growled playfully.

"This means that we get to spend the whole summer with Sienna!" added Harry.

"Woop woop good luck manhoes!" I cried dancing around.

"Is she okay?" I heard Liam ask Niall. I stopped dancing and became serious.

"But there's something even more important I need to talk about." I grabbed my bag and took the envelope with the plane tickets in it. I hadn't opened it yet and I didn't know where we were going. 

"These were left on my table." I said.

"And they are...?" asked Zayn. 

"Plane tickets." I replied with an evil grin. Their faces lit up when I said that.

"Sienna, you didn't tell me about the tickets earlier." Harry said quietly. I put my hand on his back as he faked sadness.

"I wanted it to be a surprise, Haz." I told him, winking. "But I don't know where we're going. Shall we find out?"

The boys nodded eagerly and Louis was practically bouncing up and down. I wanted to fill the air with tension so I opened the envelope as slow as I could. It was killing me so when I finally got them all the way out I wanted to scream.

"Okay ladies, we're going to...."

They leaned in closer. Zayn looked confused and said "Did you just call us ladies?"

I looked at the tickets. "Oh my goodd oh my godd I can't believe it!"

"Sienna, stop having a fit and tell us where the hell we're going, we're dying from the suspense over here." Niall reminded me, chuckling.

"We're going to Hawaii."

I'm surprised the neighbours didn't call the police. It sounded like someone was being murdered because the screams coming from the five teenage boys in front of me were earpiercing.





"Guys chill the sherbet out." I told them. "I'm being more mature than you lot and I'm 13."

They calmed down and looked me straight in the eye.

"Sienna, when do we leave?"

"We have a week to pack. Our flight leaves at 4am next Friday."

"Sooo... what do we do now?"

My phone suddenly buzzed and I had recieved a text message. It was from Luke.

From: Lukey<3

Hey Sienna, you wanna come over later? My parents are out and my brother is sleeping over at his friends. xx

I instantly typed a reply.

To: Lukey<3

Sure, i'm up for that! I'll be over at 5. Xx

I hit send and got a reply from him a minute later.

From: Lukey<3

Kk, love you xx

"I have to leave at 5 guys. But we can spend the rest of the time together!" I told them. They looked slightly worried. "What?" I asked them.

"It's with Luke isn't it? Look, I'm not trying to interfere but is it right for you two to be alone together? I mean-" I cut Liam off. This was making me angry.

"Look Liam, I appreciate that you're trying to protect me but I'm fine." I told him, raising my voice slightly. "Why does everyone think that we're goig to do something? We're thirteen for gods sake! We're not like some of your perverted fans!" I slapped my hand to my mouth. "God, I'm sorry that came out wrong."

Louis was laughing and the others were grinning.

"No no, we understand what you're saying. Seeing posters saying 'I want your babies!' does get on our nerves sometimes." Zayn told me. We all started laughing and they told me about annoying things that their fans did. I looked down at my hands and laughed nervously.

"Sienna? Why you looking all guilty. Don't tell me-"

"Yes! Okay! I was a crazed fan!" I told them guiltily. They looked at me for a second before Harry asked, "What's the craziest fangirl thing you've ever done then?"

"Um.. well.. I... Niall, do you remember at that concert, where a few girls ran on stage and tackled you?"

He gulped and looked strange. "Yes. I do..."

"And how you got your snapback stolen by those girls?"

Niall looked up, as if praying to know that his snapback was safe. "I do."

"Well that was me."

Everyone was in hysterics. I couldn't believe they were so relaxed about it. I thought they'd like, kill me or something. I told them this and they laughed even more.

"Sienna," Niall started, "as long as its not in your bedroom as a shrine with pictures of us or lipstick marks then we're fine with it."

"Nah, she doesn't have that." Harry told him. "Her bedroom is totally different to most girls'."

"Yeah, because you'd know, wouldn't you Harry?" Zayn winked at him. Harry stuck his middle finger up at him jokingly and asked if I wanted anything to eat. Before I could answer, Niall butted in.

"Hazza I want ice cream!" he whined.

"Hush little leprechaun, Harry asked me." I told him, sticking my tongue out. "But yeah, ice cream sounds good. You got cookie dough flavoured?"

***A Few Hours Later***

"Liam! Louis stole my hair gel!"

Zayn was chasing Louis around the house after he'd taken his hair products to play with. Liam was sitting with his head in his hands and the other two were busy in the kitchen. No one noticed poor Liam sitting alone so I walked over to him and sat on the floor beside his chair, looking up at him.

"Li?" He looked up from his hands.

"Oh, hi Sienna." He looked sad.

"Whats wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm fine." He tried to smile but it didn't work.

"Liam James Payne, bottling up your emotions will not help anything. Tell mama Sienna whats troubling you or I will have to use force. Force meaning spoons." His eyes lit up at the word spoons and he leant on his hands.

"It's Danielle. I just... I don't think she loves me anymore. I mean, sometimes I feel like she only dates me because management won't let her dump me. We've been through so much together and she's changed Sienna, shes changed. I don't know what's changed, I still try to make her happy and normally thats enough but she's been acting really off with me and I.. I just don't want to love someone who doesn't love me back." Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I hated seeing him like this. This was a Liam I'd never seen before. I'd never seen him cry like this. I did the only thing I could possibly do.

"I'm broken
Do you hear me?
I'm blinded
Cause you are everything I see
I'm dancing, alone
I'm praying
That your heart will just turn around

And as I walk up to your door
My eye turns to face the floor
Cause I can't look you in the eyes and say

When he open his arms
And holds you close tonight
It just won't feel right
Cause I can love you more than this, yeah
When he lays you down, I might just die inside
It just don't feel right
Cause I can love you more than this
Can love you more than this

If I'm louder
Would you see me?
Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?
Cause we are, the same
You saved me, but when you leave it's gone again
And then I see you on the street
In his arms, I get weak
My body fails I'm on my knees

When he open his arms
And holds you close tonight
It just won't feel right
Cause I can love you more than this, yeah
When he lays you down, I might just die inside
It just don't feel right
Cause I can love you more than this

I've never had the words to say
But now I'm asking you to stay
For a little while inside my arms
And as you close your eyes tonight
I pray that you will see the light
That's shining from the stars above

When he open his arms
And holds you close tonight
It just won't feel right
Cause I can't love you more than this
Cause I can't love you more than this

When he lays you down, I might just die inside
It just don't feel right
Cause I can't love you more than this, yeah

When he open his arms
And holds you close tonight
It just won't feel right
Cause I can't love you more than this

When he lays you down, I might just die inside
It just don't feel right
Cause I can't love you more than this
Can love you more than this"

By the time I'd finished both our faces were wet from tears. I hugged him in a brother-sister way as we wiped our eyes. I hoped we didn't look like we'd been crying because at that moment Niall and Harry came into the room, arguing.

"Harry, that was MY cupcake."

"Niall, you said you weren't going to eat it."


"Ladies, stop fighting!" I shouted.

"WHAT'S ALL THE HUBBUB!?" shouted Zayn back as he came down the stairs, followed by Louis. Louis looked visibly shaken as he stumbled downstairs.

"Louis, are you okay mate?" asked Harry.

"Yeah.. just.. please.. don't ever mess with Zayn's hair equipment unless you want to be given a lecture on the importance of branded hairspray and... ugh." Zayn laughed as Louis recovered from whatever he needed to recover from.

"Hang on, who even says hubbub anymore?" Niall mumbled quietly.

"Right you bunch of muppets, I have three hours left. How about we play a game?" I suggested. They nodded and Harry shouted "TRUTH OR DARE!" as we sat in a circle on the floor.

I only wish I'd known what I was letting myself in for...

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