One Direction's Little Sister

World famous popstar, Harry Styles, is shocked to learn that his mum is getting married. 13 year old Sienna is excited to learn that her dad is getting married. But when Sienna finds out that her new step brother is actually Harry Styles, how will she react? And when their parents disappear, how can the boys look after a young teenager, when they can barely look after themselves?


13. One Direction and mannequins do NOT mix.

"So can he stay? Pleeeease?"

Harry and Liam had arrived home and after a bit of hugging, I told them about Corey. We were now all sat in the living room, having a group discussion.

"Well I don't see why he can't." Harry said.

"Sienna, I hope you know that we can't take in every homeless kid on the street?" Liam reminded me cautiously

"No, I know, I just, I don't know what to say. Just please?" I begged, putting on my best puppy eyes, which to be honest probably looked like I was having a facial spasm. Oops.

Liam sighed. "Well I guess I don't mind. Boys?" My smile got wider as each boy agreed. Suddenly I remembered something and my face dropped.

"Uh guys?" everyone turned to look at me, "we only have six plane tickets." They looked at each other for a moment before bursting into hysterical laughter.

"Si-Sienna, we're One Direction. We c-can easily buy another ticket." Louis said whilst laughing. I put on my best moody face and tried to act angry.

"Ey don't be mad, lil' sis, just 'cause you're a bit stupid doesn't mean you should take it out on us." Harry joked, while rubbing my head. I glared at him playfully.

"Don't glare, you'll get stress wrinkles!" Niall added and we all burst into laughter again. Even Corey, who had remained silent unless asked a question, was laughing too.

"So, seeing as you'll be stuck with us for I don't know how long, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?" Harry asked Corey.

"Uh, okay. I'm Corey. I'm 14 as of last Tuesday, or at least I think it was last Tuesday. I've lived on the streets for about five years and I have a small job at Starbucks where I earn enough money to survive. That's about it really. I don't know much else about myself."

"Sounds interesting."

We talked a little bit before my stomach rumbled loudly. The room went quiet and once again, all eyes were on me.

"I guess I'll make breakfast." Harry said as he pushed himself up off the sofa and disappearing into the kitchen.

"Soo," Liam began, stretching out the 'o', "we could go out shopping today. We need new stuff for Hawaii anyway, and we can get Corey a phone and new clothes and other stuff."

"Oh, you don't have to! It's enough with you practically adopting me, I don't want to waste your money!" Corey quickly exclaimed.

"Well if we're practically adopting you, then we're technically your guardians, so we say that you need new stuff. And it won't be wasted. You need this stuff." Zayn told him, almost sternly.

"Uh, okay, as long as you don't mind. Thanks." he stuttered. Harry returned soon after with some plates, bringing them in two at a time until all seven of us had our food. I looked down and saw that he'd cooked pancakes, and on the coffee table was a small tray with a jar of syrup, some chunks of chocolate, lemon juice, sugar, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a small bowl of strawberries. Corey's mouth fell wide open.

"You guys seriously have this kind of stuff on pancakes?" he asked, staring at the tray. We nodded.

"I like to put chocolate on mine." Zayn commented.

"Sugar and Syrup for me! Because I'm sweet." Liam said, giggling.

"Well I put lemon juice on mine. Or sometimes sugar too." Harry said.

"I have chocolate, strawberries and c- HEY HARRY YOU FORGOT MY CARROTS!" Louis yelled. The curly haired boy laughed and threw a small bag of carrots at Louis before replying, "they're right here, boo!"

Aw, my Larry Stylinson heart.

"Your what?" Liam asked me.

"Uh, did I say that out loud? Whoops. Er, I like whipped cream, chocolate and strawberries on my pancakes. Mm, chocolate." I said, quickly changing the subject.

"What about Niall?" Corey asked.

"Me? Oh, I put it all on." Niall replied, squirting chocolate sauce on the already full pancakes.

"Wow. Uh, I'll just try the syrup, if that's okay."

"You can put more stuff on if you want." Harry told him as he passed Corey the jug of syrup.

"A-are you sure?"

"Course. Have some chocolate. You look like you need it."

Corey put some other toppings on his pancakes and we all looked at him as he took his first bite. He closed his eyes, savouring it, and there was whipped cream and chocolate all over his face. He was cute, in a friendly way. I looked over at Harry and saw that he was holding his phone up, taking a picture of Corey. My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I saw that Harry had tweeted.

@Harry_Styles: Everyone say hello to our new friend Corey! Someone likes pancakes;)

It had received loads of retweets and favourites and replies. I scrolled through some to see what everyone was saying.

@harryscurls101: Awwh how adorable!

@nandoswithniall: I love this photo!

@carr0ts4lou: omg i love pancakes!! and he's soo cute.

I didn't see how anyone could send hate about this picture, but unfortunately, some people found a way.

@Lauren_1D: ugly lil shit

@hardcor3dir3cti0n3r: why does he get to be with the boys huh? stupid boy

@harryspuss: pretty sure u mean hello diabetes with the amount of food hes eating #fatso

I looked up at Harry with a worried look and he had a similar expression. We both quickly stashed our phones in our pockets and resumed our normal faces. Corey had finished his pancakes and was now sitting quietly.

"Liam, did you say we were going shopping?" I asked, grinning. I loved shopping.

"Yeah. Corey's finished now so we can go as soon as possible?" he replied. I leapt up and dashed upstairs after realising that I was still in my pyjamas. I yanked them off quickly and pulled on some leggings and a strappy top. I ran a brush through my hair, letting it hang loose, and slid my phone, purse and sunglasses into my bag. 

"I'm coming!" I yelled, running down the stairs. I slipped on the last few and slid down to the bottom on my backside. The boys ran to the hall to see what was happening and found me laying on the floor, laughing my head off.

"I'd ask you if you were alright, but I think you're fine!" Niall giggled. He extended a large hand towards me and pulled me up. We trooped outside and climbed into Harry's black Range Rover. Harry drove, Liam sat next to him in the front passenger seat and the rest of us were crowded into the back. I'm pretty sure we broke a load of rules seeing as five people were crammed onto three seats.

"Louis, get your head off my back!" Zayn moaned.

"Get your back off of my head!" Louis retorted sassily.

"Ouch, ouch, guys, elbow in boob, elbow in boob!" I cried and everyone snorted with laughter. We settled down and managed to sit slightly normally before Harry started the car.

"Are we gonna go to town?" Corey asked, his voice getting louder and more confident every time he spoke. I was glad that he was warming up to us, it would be nice to have a boy my age round the house.

"Yup," Liam replied, "when we get there I'll give you all a share of money. It'll be enough to buy a good selection of stuff. Remember that you need new clothes, beach stuff, anything you think you'll need."

"Corey, d'you wanna stick with me?" I asked him. He nodded.

"Sure, I know my way round but I don't wanna get lost."

Liam looked at his watch and back up at us. "It's 8:45 now, so, meet up in the café at about midday?" We nodded and mumbled lot's of okay's and sure's. Harry pulled up into the car park and we got out, locking the doors behind us. Liam pulled his wallet out and got a massive wad of money. He handed it out equally and I tucked mien in my pocket.

"Does everyone have a phone with them? Or some method of contact in case you get mobbed by fans?"

"Yes, Liam." we chorused.

"Now does everyone know where and when we're meeting back up?"

"Yes Liam." we said again, in unison.

"Good, does everyone-"

"For the love of god, Liam, we know! Now c'mon!" Louis shouted, running off, with us following. We entered the massive shopping hall and our eyes grew wide at the amount of shops there were. We all split up, heading in different directions, and I grabbed Corey's hand and pulled him towards Next.

"I'm gonna go look in the boys section?" Corey said awkwardly, while we walked into the girls bikini area. I giggled and he quickly left. I was curious as to how much money I had, so I pulled it out and counted. I nearly fainted.

"Holy crap!" I heard Corey mumble from the section next door.

"I take it you've counted the money too!" I yelled.

"I've never seen so much in one go!" he shouted back.

I now had £1000 to spend on whatever the hell I liked.

I browsed through the clothes, picking out shorts, tops and leggings that I liked. I tried on two pairs of flip flops, three pairs of high-tops and some pumps. I also got two pairs of sunglasses, a bikini, a one-piece swimsuit and a few beach towels. Dumping the stuff on the counter, the checkout girl's mouth dropped wide open when I handed over the £175.99 that I needed to pay.

"Hey, you're Sienna Walker, aren't you?" she asked nervously.

"Uh, yeah that's me!" I replied.

"Wow, er, can I like, get a picture with you?" she mumbled. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Why would she want a picture with me?

"Okay, sure." I said and she pulled her phone out of her pocket. We took two photos together before she thanked me for the picture and I thanked her for the clothes.

Wow, my first fan.

I walked out of the store and into the boys section, trying to find Corey.

 "Corey? Corey! Coreeeeyyy where are you?" I called. A head popped up from behind a rack of clothes.

"I'm here!" he replied. I walked round and found him struggling with a load of clothes. I picked them up and helped him carry them to the checkout, where he handed over the £210.50 that he owed and we grabbed our plastic bags.

"Where to next?" he asked.

"Liam said he pre-ordered a phone from the Apple store for you, so we could head over there?" I told him and he nodded. The walk should have taken a few minutes but the bags were so heavy, we arrived ten minutes later.

"Right, let's ask about the phone." I suggested. I glanced down at my old phone, a small Nokia, and sighed internally. The woman at the checkout smiled warmly at us as we reached the desk.

"Hi, er, we're here to collect a pre-paid order?" I asked.

"Of course, name?"

"Liam Payne. He ordered it and so we're here to pick it up."

"Ah yes, Sienna? And Corey?"

"Yeah, that's us."

"Wait a moment and I'll get your order." She smiled again and headed towards a door at the back of the shop. Five minutes passed and she finally came back, holding a big box. She set it down on the desk and started opening it.

"Right, we have two iPhones, two MacBooks, two iPods and two iPads." she said and I gawked at the stuff.

"I-I thought there was only one iPhone?"

"Nope, Mr Payne paid for all this as well. Do you want a bag?"

My grin was bigger than ever before as the lady passed us the bag full of our products. Corey was smiling like a madman and we squealed like little girls when we got out the shop.

"Oh my god, I can't believe they bought this for us!" I cried.

"I know! I mean, you said they were nice, but this!" Corey squeaked happily. I glanced at the clock that hung on the wall and realised that we had ten minutes before we had to meet up with the boys.

"Let's get going, then!" Corey said, seeing that I was looking at the clock.

Liam's POV;

"For the love of god, Louis, you don't need this many pairs of sunglasses." I moaned, watching him pull six pairs from the stand.

"But I like these ones. And these ones make me look cute. And these are a pretty colour. But these ones make me look more tanned. And-"

"Louis, come and look at what I've found!" Harry yelled from elsewhere in the store. He ran over and suddenly I heard a crash from in the underwear section. Boxes and clothes tumbled out into view.

"Zayn ew that's horrible go away!?" cried an Irish accent. Before I could go and ask what happened, Zayn appeared quickly, running as fast as he could.

"LIAMHELPMEPLEASEHIDEMENIALL'SCOMINGHEHASASHOEHELPPP!" he shouted before hiding behind me. Niall came into view, boxers and socks hanging from his head and body.

"Guys, please, I'm already gonna have to pay for whatever you broke round there." I told them.

"But Liam, he made me sniff his socks and I didn't realise they were his socks and I fell over into the boxes and yeah." Niall huffed. Zayn was laughing and moments later, Louis and Harry reappeared, looking about ten times fatter than normal.

"Uh, is it worth asking what you two are doing?" I questioned.

"Look! I'm a teletubbie!" Louis exclaimed excitedly, waddling around with Harry. They were wearing several layers of clothes and there was so many that they couldn't move their arms and legs. They fell over on top of each other and began laughing hysterically.

"I wanna join in!" Niall yelled, running over.

"Me too! DOG PILE!" Zayn shouted, jumping on the three squirming boys on the floor. I facepalmed.

"Do you need some help, sir?" the store assistant asked me politely, smirking when he saw the boys.

"Oh, yes please, if you could help me take this stuff to the checkout desk, I'd be really grateful." I replied, smiling, and indicating to the pile of clothes that we were going to buy.

"Niall, watch out, NO NIALL DON'T STEP BACKWARDS!" I heard from the other side of the shop and I ran over, to be greeted by a crash.

The third crash this morning.

I saw all four lads smiling sheepishly at me, standing in a line.

"What have you done?" I asked.

"Ehm, nothing." Harry replied.

"I heard a crash, explain, or Louis, you can kiss your sunglasses goodbye," Louis' face turned from that of a grin to shocked, "Niall, you'll have to pay for all the food when we go to Hawaii," he paled slightly, "Harry, you won't be allowed to drive and Zayn, you'll have to clean up after everyone." Harry and Zayn's eyes grew wide and they all began to speak at once.

"Well basically."

"We were tickling Niall."

"And he kinda fell backwards."

"Into the mannequin."

"So yeah."

"You broke the mannequin? Jesus, guys, I can't leave you alone for one minute without you breaking something, can I?"

They shook their heads gingerly and looked down at the floor. I smirked, knowing I had power over them.

"Come and help me with the bags, guys, so we can go find Sienna and Corey." They wandered over to the desk where the assistant was still smiling. They grabbed the bags and headed towards the store entrance.

"I'm so sorry for the damage." I said to the assistant when they were gone. "Here's some money for the shelves they broke, and for the mannequin, and for not kicking us out." I dumped some money on the desk and ran off to find where the others were.

We met up with Corey and Sienna at Starbucks and ordered some snacks.

"Remind me to never let these hooligans loose in a shop ever again." I said to them once we sat down.

"Why? What happened?" Sienna and Corey said at the same time. They grinned at each other.

"Well they broke a shelf which meant there were clothes all over the floor and then they smashed a mannequin and Harry and Louis tried on about half of the store." I sighed, sipping my coffee.

"Oh my god, I wish I'd been there." Corey exclaimed, cracking up.

"We should get going guys, it's late." Louis said suddenly, in a very serious tone.

"Wha- Louis, its not even one o'clock yet, what the hell are you going on about?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him.

"Yeah but, I'm missing something." he replied.

"Missing what?" we all asked in unison.

Louis mumbled something incoherently.

"What is 'muhmbbhemen'?" I asked.

"FINE I DON'T WANNA MISS MY BIG FAT GYPSY WEDDING OKAY!" Louis shouted, causing heads to turn to look at us. Harry, Zayn and I burst out laughing ,whereas Niall, Sienna and Corey glared at us.

"I love that show!" Niall exclaimed happily.

"Really?" Louis questioned.

"Yeah, wait shit, did you say we were missing it!?"


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