One Direction's Little Sister

World famous popstar, Harry Styles, is shocked to learn that his mum is getting married. 13 year old Sienna is excited to learn that her dad is getting married. But when Sienna finds out that her new step brother is actually Harry Styles, how will she react? And when their parents disappear, how can the boys look after a young teenager, when they can barely look after themselves?


6. Mistaken.

Zayn's POV; 

What the hell is that noise? 

It sounded like an excited pig squealing. Don't tell me Niall found the secret stash. I rolled over and wrapped myself up in my duvet. It was only quarter to 8. Too early! I dropped my blanket and stepped out of the room. Harry was sitting in his room, on his bed. He was on the phone to someone so I decided to listen in.  

"Yes, you do only live once."

"Read it to me."

"We get to spend the whole summer together."

"Who, the boys? No I haven't told them yet."

"Yeah, come over later."

"We can tell them when you're here."

"Okay, can't wait to see you. Bye!"

Who is he talking to? Whats he going to tell us? And what was he talking about? I hope he hasn't found another girlfriend..don't get me wrong, he's a great guy, but his taste in girls isn't particularly good. I got up quietly from where I was. I wondered if I should ask him what he was talking about but then I'd have to say that I was listening. A groan came from Liam's room so I assumed he was still in there. I guess I'm closest to Liam in the band. I walked into his room and saw he'd just woken up. He was about to speak but I motioned for him to be quiet.

"What's going on?" he whispered.

"Harry's on the phone to someone. I think it's a girl. He said something like spending the whole summer with her and that she's coming over later." I told him.

"Oh no, not again," he sighed quietly, "okay, well we can have a little chat with him at breakfast. Go and try to wake Louis and Niall up, we are not wasting our summer in bed." he yawned before pulling the bed cover back and stepping out. I did as I was told and woke the other two up. Louis was lying face down with the pillow covering his face.

"Louis, pssst, Louis!" No response.

"Louis get up!" Nothing.

"Louis get the hell up or I swear to God I'm gonna cut your TV cable."

"If you even dare to touch my fucking TV I'm gonna slap you in the face so hard that it's gonna fall off and then I'm going to burn your body on a stake while doing an African tribal dance and wearing nothing but a few sticks, would you like that?" he growled, his voice muffled from the pillow.

"What a lovely ball of sunshine you are." I teased, and he lifted his head from the pillow.

"Fine, fine, I'm up." he said, raising his arms in defence.

"Oh, and I think Harry's found himself a lady friend. And turns out she's coming over later." I told him with a wink.

"Oh Christ, Harry, not again."

"That's what Liam said." I chuckled, leaving the room to find Niall.

"Niall are you up yet- OH YOU'RE UP OKAY BYE." I ran out of the room as soon as I entered seeing as Niall was standing with no clothes on, trying to find something to wear.

Niall's POV;  

"YO LOUIS!" I shouted even though I was right next to him. Welcome to breakfast in the One Direction household.

"YO NIALL!" he replied. Liam and Zayn came in a few minutes later and Louis was looking at them with evil grins.

Harry turned round and set five plates and a small jar of syrup in the middle of the table.

"Aw Harry, you shouldn't have!" Liam cooed, taking a bite of the pancake before dropping it, "No seriously, Harry, you really shouldn't have!" He finished, coughing and spluttering. 

"Harry this is disgusting! What did you put in it!?" Louis complained.

"Um, the usual, flour, eggs, milk-"

"Did you put this in it?" Zayn cut him off, holding up a small pot.

"Yeah, that's the sugar-"

"No, Harry, this is salt."

"Oh." he mumbled.

"I don't mind it." I said through mouthfuls, and the boys turned to look at me.

"What?" I asked, confused.

Louis picked up a pancake, looked around and suddenly threw it at Harry.

"Can I ask what the hell that was for?" Harry asked slowly.

"Making crap breakfast, you nutter." Louis smirked.

"I'd like to see you do any better." Harry replied, picking up a pancake as well and throwing it back at Louis.

"Guys, not now, I think-"

"Shut up, Liam." Louis said, taking a handful of flour and chucking it into his face. He coughed and reached for the sugar packet.

"Hey guys, let's not waste the food, I mean-" I began but was cut off when I felt egg dripping down my back.


After about 20 minutes we stood back and surveyed the kitchen. And each other.  Pancakes, sugar, syrup, vegetables and several other foods were plastered to the walls, ceiling and floor. Our hair was sticky and our faces were white from the sugar. 

"Well. That was fun." said a grinning Liam. We all nodded.

"I'm gonna have a shower. You guys should too, we'll have company later." said Harry, his green eyes glistening.  

"What about the kitchen?" I asked, confused as to whether we'd have work to do or not.

"Don't worry, she won't mind." he replied before heading up towards his room. We watched him together before turning to look at each other when he was out of sight. 

"Alright, what have I missed? You guys were looking at each other weirdly and who's the 'she' Harry's talking about?" I asked.

The other three boys started laughing and I felt a pang of hurt because I was the only one who didn't know what was happening.

"We think Harry has a secret girlfriend." explained Liam. Ohh. "Zayn overheard him on the phone and apparently she's coming over later. He heard him say something like 'we can tell them later'.Now I'm not a big fan on Harry's girl choice but-" 

"I've got a plan!" Louis shouted quietly, bouncing up and down like a little kid who's just seen his Christmas presents. We leaned in and listened to him explain.

"Right, so I kinda owe Harry £20 from last Saturday, and I thought to make it up to him, we really go all out and make sure he has a nice time tonight. Well also because I don't want to give away my money. So we dress smartly and I'll make dinner. With the kitchen.. well he said she wouldn't mind. That's good enough for me."

"Dude, no, you are not cooking after what happened last time." I heard Liam say.

"C'mon, it was just a tiny..." Zayn raised his eyebrows at him.


I raised mine too. 

"Okay, okay! Maybe it was a big fire! But it was an accident." exclaimed Louis. We all started laughing and I suggested we ordered in some Chinese. Everyone thought it was a good idea and we split up to get washed and dressed.

As I walked past Harry's room into mine, I heard him singing in the shower. He was really happy today and I smiled to myself knowing that everyone was happy as well. I really wanted to meet Harry's girlfriend. 

Sienna's POV; 

I got off the phone with Harry and finished my food. I was going over to his in 2 hours and I was still in my onesie. The shower was warm and inviting but my fluffy towel always made me warmer. Harry and I had talked for about half an hour about what had happened. He hadn't told the boys yet but he knew they wouldn't mind having me stay. But I hadn't told Harry about the tickets yet and he obviously didn't know or he would have mentioned it. I pulled on a white flowy top and light blue shorts. My white flip flops were under my bed and despite the fact that I hadn't worn them since last year, they still fitted me perfectly.

It was the start of summer and today was warm so I figured I'd be wearing them more often now. I dried my hair and pulled it into a fishtail plait. The sunlight blinded me as I looked out the window so I grabbed my sunglasses on the way out. I put the tickets and my phone in my bag, locked the front door and walked to Harry's. It would only take 20 minutes and I could do with the fresh air.

Liam's POV; 

Harry was still up in his room, prettying him self up I presume. But then I can't talk. Niall, Louis, Zayn and I had put smarter clothes on and Niall was going to order the Chinese later. I glanced at the clock. Midday.

"Harry's girlfriend should be here in like five minutes." Zayn told us, running his hand through his perfectly styled hair.

"How do you make your hair so-" I started but the doorbell cut me off. Louis walked over to the door calmly and winked at us as he opened the door.

"Welcome to our humble abode, m'lady. I presume you're here to see Har-" heard Lou say. Wait, why'd he stop?

Sienna's POV; 

I arrived at Harry's house quickly and rung the doorbell. Expecting to be greeted by several teenage hobos, finding Louis looking like he was going on a date was a total surprise. Before I could ask him what he was wearing, he spoke.

"Welcome to our humble abode, m'lady. I presume you're here to see Har-" he stopped as he looked at me.

"Louis, are you high?" I asked laughing.

"Have.. Erm.. Wait was Harry talking to you on the phone earlier?" he stuttered, glancing nervously to his left, which was the lounge.

"Yeah, I was. How do you know? Are you like psychic?" I said, punching his arm softly. "Can I come in? I need to speak to all of you." I smiled..

"Erm, yeah, come in." he replied.

Walking into the bright living room I saw that Niall, Zayn and Liam were also dressed smartly. They looked at me confused.

"Guys, seriously, am I so special that you feel the need to dress up when I come over? I feel flattered but I prefer a more casual look, like this tramp." I said, pointing at Harry as he came downstairs in sweats and a hoodie. He pouted at me before pulling me into a brother-sister hug. When we pulled away he looked at his four Best friends.

"Um guys, any reason you look fancy? Not trying to impress my baby sister are you?" he said with a wink.

The boys looked guilty but turned to Zayn who mouthed 'how was I supposed to know?' He quickly stopped when he saw me looking.

"Supposed to know what?" I questioned.

"Uh, nothing.." replied Zayn.

"Zayn was listening to Harry's phone conversation with you earlier and assumed he was talking to his girlfriend even though he wasn't because you're not his girlfriend." Louis informed me.

"A few things, kiddos. One, it was me he was talking to. Two, you shouldn't have been listening to his conversation anyway. Three, don't assume. Four, its not nice to blame others," I said looking at Louis, "Finally, who would want to date this ugly mug?" I laughed flopping Harry's curly hair around a squeezing his cheeks. Harry glared at me playfully before looking at the other boys. 

"Guys?" I said quietly before I was buried. They were tickling me and apparently each other too. I was trapped for a minute but slipped out. They didn't seem to notice and I snuck behind the sofa and hid. Pulling my phone out, I recorded them tickling each other and uploaded it to twitter. 

@Sienna_Walker: This is what happens when you call your brother names. I got out of it though, DON'T TELL THEM! #ticklepile

I slid my phone back into my pocket and ducked back down as they stopped tickling each other. 

"Louis get your ass out of my face!" 

"Get your face out of my ass!" 

"Niall you're biting my hand!" 

"Oh my god my hair!" 

"Liam get off of my leg." 

"Sorry Harry." 


They scrambled to their feet and called my name a few times. I silently snickered to myself as they called my name and searched for me. When I saw them all back in the room I jumped up and screamed "BOO!"

I've never ever heard anyone scream so loud.

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