One Direction's Little Sister

World famous popstar, Harry Styles, is shocked to learn that his mum is getting married. 13 year old Sienna is excited to learn that her dad is getting married. But when Sienna finds out that her new step brother is actually Harry Styles, how will she react? And when their parents disappear, how can the boys look after a young teenager, when they can barely look after themselves?


19. Epilogue: Three Months Later. [FINAL CHAPTER]

Sienna's POV;

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. Six weeks after the accident, I finally got my casts removed from my ankle and wrist. 

But still I couldn't move my legs.

The day after, I began my first course of physiotherapy to regain use with my wrist. It involved doing strengthening exercises with my hand every day and meeting with the therapist every few days.

But still I couldn't move my legs.

After two weeks of physio, I'd regained full strength and control in my wrist. This was perfect, because now I could wheel myself round in my wheelchair, and I'd need less help than before.

But still I couldn't move my legs.

So much had happened in the two months we'd been back. Only a few days after we got back, my facebook started blowing up with notifications. A lot of them were from my former friends, apologising for their behaviour. I tried to forgive them, but it was difficult, seeing as the scars on my stomach, which are still there today, were caused by them. A few weeks later, once Harry found out they were trying to beg for forgiveness, he flipped, and told me not to accept them. I'd kept my old SIM card like he'd told me to, and that very day he took me and my phone down to the police station.


"Yeah Haz?"

"Do you still have that SIM card I asked you to keep?"

"Yeah, it's up in my room."

"Where in your room? And put some shoes on, we're going out."

"It's in my jewellery box."

I moved myself from the sofa to my wheelchair, a skill which I was close to perfecting, and wheeled myself over to the shoe rack, slipping on my converse. Even after I changed my SIM, they'd still kept texting my old one, not knowing that I'd changed it. Recently, I'd put it back in my phone to find over a thousand messages. Harry joined me by the door with the SIM in his hand and we walked to his car. As he drove, I asked him where we were going.

"You'll see." he replied simply.

Ten minutes later, he pulled up outside a police station. I looked over at him in horror.

"Harry, why the hell are we at a police station!?"

"They're not getting away with sending you that shit, Si."

"But isn't this a bit extreme? I mean-"

"Listen, Sienna, they bullied you for weeks, made you feel like crap, made you stop eating and made you slice your skin. If you think I'm just going to let them keep on acting like they have been, then you're wrong."

"I can't go in there." I told him.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to. I don't want them to get in trouble."

"For Gods sake Sienna!" he yelled, "They put your life through hell, and you 'don't want to get them in trouble'!? If you don't go in there, then I will!" He grabbed the SIM from my hand and left the car, walking up the steps to the front doors. I crossly yanked the door open.

"Harry!" I called. "Harry please come back, I'm sorry!"

He turned round and came back, quietly taking my wheelchair out of the back of the car and helping me into it, wheeling me up the disabled ramp instead of the steps.

"I see you decided to come then." he said blatantly.

"You were right." I sighed, "I wasn't thinking."

The woman at the reception looked up.

"Hello, how may I help?"

"I'm here to report a case of severe bullying."

"Okay, I'll take your name and you can sit in the waiting area until we have a free slot. You are?"

"Harry Styles." he replied.

"Oh, eh, we'll get a constable to you right away." she mumbled, clearly flustered. Minutes later, a policeman approached us.

"Mr Styles?"

"That's me." 

"Would you like to come with me?"

We followed him to an interview room. Harry explained what he knew, and as I had to explain the rest, he squeezed my hand to reassure me. I put my old SIM back in my phone, and the officer read through a majority of the messages. I had to explain my cuts and the fact I starved myself and this was all written down in the officers book. Almost an hour later, we said goodbye, and left with promises of this mess being fixed.

Harry had also explained this to our parents, and though they couldn't come home, because there was no way to get home, they promised to help as well. Luckily, there was another school in our area, and I begged to be allowed to move there.

Another thing that had happened was I'd been talking to Tiana and Ellie over DM's on twitter, however we soon exchanged numbers. They actually lived in London as well, and I occasionally went out with them, as we quickly became best friends. They went to the other school in the area, so going there would be yet another bonus.

Summer ended faster than it came, and with my dad and Anne home, our family was once again complete. My dad and I moved out, accepting the invitation from Anne and Harry to live in their house. It was much bigger and way nicer than our old house. Corey stayed with us, and he was enrolled into the school as well. The other boys stayed with their families for a few weeks, meaning they were split up within the country. Zach and I skyped, a lot, and remained extremely close.

School was much better; I started all over again with new people, and with Tiana, Ellie and Corey by my side, I felt accepted and really fitted in. As for Lucy, Luke and the others at my old school, they were visited by the policeman that interviewed us. They received  police cautions, and if they so much as sent a rude message to me again, they would be in serious trouble with the law. All texts from them stopped instantly, and we pretty much lost contact. I missed Lucy, I missed the old her, but as she still firmly believed I said something horrible about her, she refused to talk to me. The rumour was cleared up, and though people turned on Luke, I didn't really want to see or talk to any of them again.

It was now December 23rd. With a day until Louis' birthday and two until Christmas, last minute planning, gift buying and decorating was being done. Our Christmas tree stood at exactly six foot, and the star on top touched the ceiling. I helped decorate it, though I could only reach the lower branches. All around the house, paper chains, wreaths and different festive decorations were hung or displayed. I still had presents to buy, so Anne volunteered to take me shopping, which I kindly accepted.

I bought Louis his birthday present, as well as Christmas presents for all the boys, as well as Corey, Zach, Anne, dad, Tiana and Ellie. Sneakily hiding them in my room, I was able to make sure none of them saw or knew what they'd be receiving. That day, I found out that all the boys would be coming down to us to celebrate Christmas, as we had the biggest house of all of them. Liam and Louis arrived here first, in the evening, with Zayn arriving a few hours later and Niall appearing in the middle of the night, thanks to the flight from Ireland.

Christmas eve came soon enough, and Louis was bombarded with presents from all of us. I'd saved up, and bought him a set of Beats headphones, which I knew he'd wanted for ages, along with a personalised jumper with his name written on it. He pulled me into a big hug, and thanked me over and over. The day was great; we watched movies, played games and had a massive laugh. I retired myself to bed early, at around nine, so I could wrap presents and watch a little bit of TV.

Though I couldn't move my legs, the muscles in my arms had grown incredibly strong, and I was able to lift myself up with them and slide along the floor. I could get up and down the stairs myself and often it was fun to slide down them. I set my alarm for 2am, so I could take all the wrapped presents downstairs and put them under the tree. I did so, and in the silence of the house, I quietly manoeuvred myself down with the mass of presents in tow. That night as I fell asleep again, there were a lot of things I'd written on my Christmas list, but the one thing I really wanted was to be able to move my legs.

The next day, I woke up, to somebody yelling, "IT'S SNOWED!" 

"Louis, hush!" Liam told him sternly.

I shook my head, laughing to myself and pulling back the covers. I stared down at my lifeless legs. It was nearing the end of the third month and there was no change at all. I was starting to lose hope. Would I ever walk again?

The small stocking that hung on the side of my bed was full to the brim. In there were smaller presents, such as chocolate and books. Right at the bottom was an orange, with a note taped to it.

'Naughty children get fruit in their stockings. Enjoy this orange. Love, Santa!' 

Just by looking at the hand writing, I could tell Louis had had fun last night, slipping things into our stockings. I was about to open a bag of sour haribos, when I suddenly realised something.

I was wiggling my feet.

I did it again and this time my feet responded, each time I grew more excited. I saw Zayn walking past my room, with chocolate in his hand as well, and I quickly called him over.

"Zayn! Zayn come quickly!"

He rushed in. "Are you okay, Si?"

"Look!" I exclaimed, pointing to my feet. I wiggled them and his smile grew.

"Sienna, that's great!" He stuck his head out of my room to call for the boys to come. They piled into my room and watched in awe as I made my feet dance around.

"Can you move your legs yet?" Niall asked excitedly.

I tried. "Nope. But this is a good start, right?"

"This is great!" Liam said, "The doctor told us that once you regain partial use, the rest will follow pretty soon after!"

"Yes!" I cheered. I lifted myself out of bed, sliding along the floor and following the boys downstairs, where Harry was eagerly telling everyone else the news. There were so many presents under the tree, and I hugged and thanked every single person in this house. At around 11am, there was a knock on the door. My dad got up to answer it, and returned with a familiar boy.

"This a friend of yours?" he chuckled, knowing full well who he was.

"Zach!" Louis shouted, leaping up and hugging him. Louis and Zach had always been partners in crime, out in Hawaii.

"Hey guys!" 

He hugged each of us in turn, giving me an extra long one. He had a backpack, and inside that was presents for all of us. Mine was a locket, and inside was a picture of us two that he'd taken on the beach, as well as a framed photo of all of us together. Tiana and Ellie also arrived to see me and Corey, and tried their best not to embarrass themselves in front of their favourite boyband.

This truly was the best Christmas ever.

Everybody I loved, needed and wanted was right here in this house.

And that night? Well, I went to bed. But I didn't crawl or slide up the stairs.

I walked.




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