One Direction's Little Sister

World famous popstar, Harry Styles, is shocked to learn that his mum is getting married. 13 year old Sienna is excited to learn that her dad is getting married. But when Sienna finds out that her new step brother is actually Harry Styles, how will she react? And when their parents disappear, how can the boys look after a young teenager, when they can barely look after themselves?


15. Asthma?

Louis' POV;

"And that's the story of how I broke my arm."

"Sienna, how stupid are you?" I narrowed my eyes at the girl in front of me.

"Very!" she trilled, waving her arms around.

"See, even the viewers agree." I joked, pointing towards the comments coming from the laptop. It was the second twitcam we'd done on the plane because we slept for a bit after we finished the first one, and seeing as it was about quarter to four in the morning, only Sienna and I were crazy enough to still be awake. Corey had fallen asleep halfway through our twitcam. Technically, it was 6pm in Hawaiian time, but back in England it was early. There was a ten hour difference now!

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in approximately five minutes, so please return to your seats, switch off all electrical devices and prepare for landing. Thank you." called the voice over the intercom.

"Time to go, I guess." I said to the camera, pulling a sad face.

"Buh-bye!" trilled Sienna.

"Bye everyone! Thanks for watching!" I smiled and closed the twitcam, before switching my laptop off completely.

"You ready?" I asked Sienna.

"You bet, Tomlinson! I can't wait!" she turned to face me and her eyes were shining with excitement.

"Don't forget to put all your hand luggage back in your bag." I told her, gesturing towards the various makeup items, games and snacks strewn across her seat and table.

"Yes, mother." she huffed and shoved everything into her bag rather violently. She zipped the bag up and grinned at me.

"All set!"

"Uhmnehhneh what year is it?" a groggy voice from behind us mumbled.

"2020. Quick get up, you're missing the Olympics!" I replied.

"WHAT!?" shouted the boy, panic in his voice.

"Calm down Niall, I'm joking. Get up, we're landing like, now." I replied.

"Oh thank god. Okay, I think the others are waking up too."

And as if on cue, the other four boys started squirming and stretching in their seats.

"Come on guys, we're here!" Sienna informed them and proceeded to squidge their cheeks until they woke up properly. Corey woke first and grabbed his stuff, while Harry was just waking up.

"Hey Niall, since when do you have facial hair?"

"Since I- wait what!? Hang on, Harry, something's wrong with your hair."

"What do you me-" Harry felt his hair tentatively, "OH MY GOD!"

"Guys, my face feels weird and sticky." Zayn commented.

"Maybe that's because there's a BLOODY UNICORN ON YOUR FACE!"

"Don't talk shit- oh. OKAY WHATS GOING ON!?"

"What's all the commotion about?" Liam asked, standing up, "EWW!"

I doubled over laughing, watching Sienna do the same.

"You two have some serious explaining to do."

"Oh, but do we?" I smirked and burst out laughing again. I snuck a glance at Sienna who's smile was slowly disappearing as she took in the facial expressions of each member.

"Louis," she said nervously.

"Yeah?" I gulped.

"RUN!" she yelled, tossing her rucksack onto her bag and heading towards the door. I was close at her heels, but she stopped abruptly as she left the plane.

"AHH THE LIGHT!" she howled and I looked down at her as she pretended to shrivel up.

"That's my line, missy. Now get a move on!" I clapped and she walked down the rest of the steps. The bright sun was blinding, especially after being cooped up in a plane with artificial light for the past 16 hours. The boys looked slightly less peeved as they came into view and Niall was even taking pictures of himself and Harry.

Thank god for that.


Sienna's POV;

"We're here!" called the taxi driver. I gotta say, Hawaiian people are so cheerful and friendly. The taxi man gave us a free ride because the boys were famous. As we got out the taxi at the hotel, I handed him a five dollar note as a tip and thanked him, before watching him slowly drive off into the distance.

"C'mon, Si!" Harry called and I ran up to him. He wrapped his free arm round my shoulders and I smiled. We entered the hotel, got our room cards and took the lift up to our room. We were meant to keep low key, and so far it had worked, as only one fan had approached us. When we reached our floor, we found we had one massive room booked out for all of us. We opened the door to see what we'd find.

"Wow." I said, staring around the room, taking in every feature. There were eight small rooms around the edge with a bed in each. There was a large TV with three three-seater leather sofas facing it and a small kitchen area opposite.

"Oh boy, food!" cried Niall as he ran towards the fridge with open arms. I facepalmed.

"Right, everyone choose a bed and unpack." Liam instructed us and we dived for the bed we wanted. I watched as Harry and Louis argued about who landed first. Niall suddenly popped his head round the corner with wide, glistening eyes.

"Jeez, this thing is stocked better than our fridge, and that's well stocked!" he told us, before disappearing back into the kitchenette. I guess he'll be unpacking later then. I pulled my clothes out of my suitcase and placed them neatly into the storage drawer that was under my bed. I put my laptop under my pillow and put my suitcase at the end of my bed. Half an hour later, everyone - excluding Niall, who had been eating the whole time - was unpacked, so we decided to watch a movie. We plopped onto the sofas and flicked through the Netflix account that the TV had.

"Oh my god Liam scroll back up SCROLL BACK UP!" I cried, bouncing in my seat.

"Woah, chillax SiBoo, I'm scrollin'!" Liam replied nervously.

"There it is! The greatest cartoon movie of all time! Despicable Me! Click it!" Liam pressed play and we all relaxed into the sofas. Suddenly there was a knock at our hotel door.

"I'll get it!" Niall jumped up and sped over towards it. He opened it, exchanged a few words and came back.

"I ordered pizza." he said triumphantly, holding seven boxes of pizza in his hand. He passed one to each of us before grabbing some drinks from the kitchen.

"Everyone seems to think that we eat out at posh, expensive restaurants each night," Louis spoke, "but we're happy to eat pizza and watch a movie." Everyone laughed and continued watching the movie. My phone suddenly alerted me of a text so I looked for the ID.

Number Withheld.

Okay? I opened the actual message and read it.

From: Number Withheld: You better watch yourself, Walker.

I stared at it for a second before replying.

To: Number Withheld: Who is this?

From: Number Withheld: You don't need to know.

I was annoyed because I wanted to know, and to be honest I wasn't in the mood.

To: Number Withheld: I don't wanna play games, who the fuck are you?

From: Number Withheld: Don't you dare speak to me like that. You'll pay.

I was confused. I'll talk to you however I like. How will I 'pay'? I'd barely sent it before I started getting a load of notifications about more texts. This time, they weren't from number withheld, they were from un-blocked numbers and even some of my added contacts.


Sienna I didn't realise you were so desperate.

At 13? Don't think so.


C'mon, could you get any lower?

I closed my inbox quickly though I still had lots more messages to read. I checked my facebook, where I was getting a lot of notifications too.

Eleanor Shipman: sienna, ur disgusting! how could u do something like that!? i thought u were better than this but obviously not!

Eleanor was one of my closer friends and it shocked me to read her message.

Sienna Walker: What? El, I'm so confused! What did I do!?

Eleanor Shipman: dont act dumb, we all know u practically begged luke to sleep with u. i didn't think u had it in u, sienna, i thought u were a nice girl!

Sienna Walker: El I don't know what the hell you're talking about! I never slept with Luke! Why would I do that? I'm THIRTEEN for god sake!

Eleanor Shipman: dont call me el, okay? only my friends can call me el. and i dont see why ur trying to deny it, its out there, sienna, its out there for everyone to see.

Sienna Walker: Wait... what's out there?

Eleanor Shipman: THE FUCKING VIDEO! OF YOU AND LUKE DOING IT! he posted it after u guys broke up. he said he broke up with u because u were clingy and only wanted sex.

Sienna Walker: Eleanor that's BULLSHIT! I never had sex with him! Or anyone! And I broke up with him, not the other way around!

Eleanor Shipman: look, heres a screenshot from the video. ok, thats obviously u. im done, okay. if u wanna find the video, its on practically everyone's wall. bye, sienna, i hope u rot in hell for what u've done.

Contact has blocked you and you can no longer send or receive messages.




A tear escaped my eye and I sniffed, and suddenly Liam's concerned eyes were on me.

"You okay, Si?" he whispered.

"Yeah," I replied, "just, uh, hayfever. Yeah, I have some tablets in my bag. I'll go get them now." I lied and pushed myself up off the sofa. I headed towards my little room and pulled out some tablets. They weren't for hayfever though, they were ibuprofen caplets for the throbbing ache in my head that started right about when I got those messages. I swallowed two and drunk a glass of water before changing into my nightclothes and hopping into bed, despite the fact that it wasn't even eight o'clock yet. The bedsheets smelt of soft vanilla and I wrapped them round myself as I silently sobbed into my pillow.


The next morning, I woke up at around six, so I pulled on a top, denim shorts and my american flag jumper (outfit on side). Everyone else seemed to be asleep so I tiptoed into the kitchenette, about to grab some food. I quickly checked my phone, momentarily forgetting what happened last night. I instantly regretted it. There were a LOT of messages now, almost 200, from strangers and even friends of mine, from guys and from girls. I was so confused, I never slept with Luke? I read a facebook post from a boy in my class.

Jacob Nelson: anyone else think Slut-enna needs to lose weight? maybe then she wouldnt have to BEG for what she wants;)

The post had just under 300 likes. I lifted my top and jumper and glanced down at my stomach and legs. I've never had the best figure but I didn't think I was fat as such. I put down the chocolate bar I'd grabbed from the cupboard and poured my coffee down the drain, before taking a glass and filling it with plain tap water. I quietly left the hotel room, closing the door behind me. Maybe they were right. Maybe I should exercise more. Hey, I could go for a run today.

Instead of taking the lift, I walked down the stairs, which was easier said than done, seeing as we were on the twelfth floor. I made it down to the lobby and walked out the front entrance. It was nice and light and already quite warm even at this early in the morning. I pulled out my phone and looked up a map of the area. There was a park round the corner. Perfect.

I set off at a light jog and reached the park a few minutes later. As I ran, my feet pounded the ground, anger and frustration and sadness being pushed out with each step. I ran for the hate. I ran for the rumours. I ran for everyone who put me down. My legs jolted as I ran and it began to feel painful but sheer determination drove me on to continue running for the next hour and a half, before fatigue overtook me and I collapsed onto a park bench, panting. I desperately tried to get more air into my lungs, but for some reason I couldn't. I scrambled around, fearing for myself as I began to feel dizzy. I heard someone shout before it all went black.


I flickered my eyes quickly before opening them slowly. I was lying on the ground in the recovery position, with a boy kneeling beside me.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

I gingerly nodded and tried to sit up.

"Woah, woah, take it easy." he said, helping me sit up. I rested my back against some railings and the welcomed coldness from the metal shot through my body. I stared down at my hands.

"Do you want a drink?" the boy asked and I nodded again. He passed me a blue waterbottle and I took a tip from it, re-hydrating my dry throat.

"What happened?"

"I was running, a-and I finished running and I was really dizzy and I couldn't breathe and I guess I fainted." I said nervously.

"Okay, you were probably just dehydrated or something. When I came over to help you, you were struggling to breathe so I put you in the recovery position. It's- ah, something we learned at school." he told me.

"Thank you for helping me. I'm Sienna, by the way."

"It's fine. Nice to meet you, Sienna, I'm Zack."

I looked up at his face for the first time and saw beautiful brown eyes, warm and friendly. A smile pulled on his lips and I felt fuzzy inside. I shook my head as if to shake away the feeling and tried to stand up again. Zack held my arm gently and helped me stand, dusting off mud from my jumper.

"Oh, and one more thing," he said, reaching onto the floor where I was and picking up my phone, "ignore it, Sienna. I don't know what's going on and I didn't want to read the whole message but just don't listen to them." He passed me my phone and I took it from him, unlocking it.

"I put my number in there, just uh, in case you wanted to chat or something?" he mumbled awkwardly and I chuckled lightly.

"It's fine. I'll text you later. Thanks for everything." I said, smiling.

"No worries, gotta go now, speak to you later then?"

"Yep! And I gotta go too, bye Zack!"

"Bye Sienna." We parted and I headed back to the hotel. The time was only just gone seven so I doubt anyone would be awake yet. I crept back into the room to find five pairs of eyes focused on me.

"Uh, hi." I said nervously.

Harry raised his eyebrows. "Where've you been?"

"I was exploring," I covered up, "round the hotel, I mean. I found where the pool is, and-"

They cut me off by laughing. "That's fine, we don't mind as long as you tell us where you're going if you plan on leaving the hotel." Liam said, sincerely.

"Yessir." I replied, crossing my fingers behind my back.

"Good. Do you need breakfast?"

"No," I lied, "I ate earlier in the hotel's café." They seemed pretty convinced by this and I felt proud.

"Oh, and Sienna," Niall interrupted, "why has one of my legs been shaved?" he asked curiously, while everyone burst out laughing.

"What's funny?" Corey mumbled, staggering into the room, his hair wet from a shower yet his eyes still filled with sleep.

"Me. Now eat some food so we can go out." I laughed and patted him on the back. He grabbed a cereal bar from the fridge and ate it as we left the room and made our way down to the lobby.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Well we thought today we'd just wonder round and do a little bit of shopping." Liam said and we nodded.

"Sounds fun! I'll get my purse from my room and be right back!"


"Where are we?" Niall whined as we trudged round the streets.

"We're lost." Louis told him.

"No we're not, we just don't know where we are." Liam said.

"So we're lost."

"No, we just gotta go down this road," Liam mumbled as we turned right onto another street, "or maybe it was the other one.."

"Liam we've been through this road before, we're going in circles." Harry moaned.

"Aha!" Liam shouted before running off and leaving all six of us behind, and very confused. We ran to catch up with him and found him talking to a little girl.

"Excuse me miss, do you know where-"


"No, please, we need to find-"

"ONE DIRECTIOOONNNN!" she screamed and we stepped back. She was loud.

"Shh, can you help-"

"THEY'RE THERE!" screamed another voice and hundreds of people came running towards us.


"Guys, RUN!"

I grabbed Corey's hand and we ran, following the guys. We took turn after turn but still the girls were following us. Suddenly Corey's grip loosened on my hand and he stopped running.

"Corey, run!" I shouted at him but he shook his head.

"I can't." he wheezed and I stopped running too.

"Guys!" I yelled at the boys but they didn't stop. Corey was kneeling down and panting. He'd turned a funny colour and couldn't breathe.

"HARRY!" I screamed. This time he heard me and he turned round. He stopped the other guys and pointed at us. They began running back.

"What's going on?" he asked when he arrived.

"Corey can't breathe and I'm really worried guys help please." I spoke fast. I'd forgotten about the girls chasing us though and soon we were surrounded. They were screaming and yelling, calling the boys names and taking photos. I noticed Harry's jaw clench and he stood up suddenly.

"Get away! All of you!" he shouted, "Can't you see we're trying to do something here? Because we had to run from you, Corey can't breathe, okay? Because of you, this could be serious. Now have a bit of respect and GET THE HELL AWAY!" 

The boys looked at Harry with surprise and Louis put his hand on Harry's arm.

"Mate, you might wanna calm down." he whispered.

"No, Lou! We're on holiday, for christs sake! We're supposed to be relaxing, not being chased! Now look what's happened! Corey is lying on the floor unable to breathe," the group of girls looked from Harry to Corey and back with surprise, "and if anything happens to him, anything, I swear I'm gonna-"

"Harry!" Louis hissed, cutting him off. 

Harry turned back towards Corey who was now laying on the ground. The crowd of girls moved back and some even had the courtesy to leave. I pulled out my phone and dialled an ambulance.

"Hello, Kiholo Bay emergency department, how may I help?"

"Hi, my friend was running and he suddenly collapsed. He uh, can't breathe and he's gone a funny colour."

"Okay, can you tell me your location, sweetie?"

I read a road sign out and she relayed the information to the ambulance crew.

"Please come quick!" I told her, sobbing.

"Just stay calm, the ambulance should be there very soon."

Minutes later, a piercing siren filled the air as an ambulance drive towards us. It parked and two paramedics - a man and a woman - jumped out with their equipment. The boys stood back a bit as they came and sat beside Corey.

"Hi there, I'm Teresa and this is John. Can you tell me what happened here?" the woman asked.

"We were running, and I had hold of Corey's hand, and suddenly he let go and fell down. He couldn't breathe or anything, I-"

"Shh, shh, calm down, it'll be fine. Okay so this is Corey?" John asked and I nodded, "and how old is he?"

"Um, about 13." I replied. While we were talking, Teresa had placed an oxygen mask over Corey's nose and mouth. His face was bright red and his eyes were full of panic. John got up and headed towards the ambulance, bringing back a stretcher.

"C-can't breathe," he stuttered.

"Just stay calm," Teresa whispered, stroking his hair gently, "we're going to have to take him to hospital. Do you guys want to come in the ambulance?"

"Yes please." Liam replied. The paramedics lifted Corey onto the stretcher and took it into the ambulance. We all sat in the back with Teresa while John drove.

"It'll take about ten minutes for us to get back to the hospital, so sit tight." John called from the front. Corey still had the mask over his face and he was breathing slightly better but it still wasn't back to normal.

The drive went quicker than everyone thought because there was little traffic around. When we arrived at the hospital, Corey was taken off the ambulance quickly and wheeled down the corridor.

A hospital worker led us to the Relatives Room, where we sat down.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" I asked Harry, tears pooling in my eyes.

"I hope so," he replied, putting an arm round my shoulder, "I really hope so." A doctor in a blue uniform entered the room about fifteen minutes later.

"You can come with me now guys." he said. He looked young and inexperienced but if he was looking after Corey then I trusted him with my life.

"Is he alright?" I asked worriedly.

"We've managed to stabilise his breathing and everything is back to normal." 

We sighed from relief. "So do you know what caused it?" Zayn asked.

"We took a scan of his chest and something did show up."

We reached Corey's cubicle. The doctor drew back the curtains and we walked in. Corey was sat up in the bed, looking completely fine and as if nothing had happened. I pulled a chocolate bar out of my pocket and handed it to him.

"So what showed up?" Niall asked the doctor.

"Corey has mild asthma, and the running put his lungs under a lot of pressure and those two factors combined made him have an asthma attack."

We all looked surprised. "But I've never reacted to dust or animal hairs before." Corey said, confused.

"Some asthma is different. Some attacks can be provoked by dust and hairs, as you said, but some can be caused by stress, anxiety and hard exercise."

"So you're saying he's basically allergic to exercise?" Louis joked and we all laughed.

"Yes, I think it does come down to that. It's not to say that he can't do ANY exercise, it's just that it can't be really hard exercise, and he can't be stressed or anything."

The doctor pulled an inhaler from his pocket and held it in his hand.

"With this, we can keep the asthma under control." he said, showing Corey how to work it and even the boys as well.

"I'll need one of you to sign for this." the doctor told the boys.

"Do you want the oldest or the most responsible?" Liam asked.

"Me, because my signature's better than yours!" Louis trilled and picked up the pen.

"I guess you'll be having his signature then." Liam laughed.


We'd hired a taxi and were now in the elevator in the hotel.

"I'm sorry." Corey said suddenly.

"What for?" Harry asked.

"For ruining you guys' day with this dumb asthma." he sighed.

"Aw Corey, our day wasn't ruined!" Niall said.

"And the asthma isn't your fault." Zayn inputted.

"Thanks guys, for like, taking me in and helping me and everything." Corey told us and we all hugged him.

To: Zack the lifesaver;): Hey! It's Sienna, I was wondering if you wanted to meet up in the park?

From: Zack the lifesaver;): Hii! Sure! How about now?:) 

To: Zack the lifesaver;): Sounds good! See you in 10.

"Can I go and meet a friend?" I asked when we got back to our hotel room.

"How can you have a friend already?" Liam asked suspiciously.

"Oh, I met him down in the lobby when I was exploring earlier."

"It's a him, huh?" Harry asked and I nodded.

"Please, we're only going to the park. Corey can come with me if he wants?" I reasoned and I guess they were okay with that.

"I'd love to come." Corey said happily.

"There, it's settled." I smirked and Liam rolled his eyes.

"Okay fine, you can go, but be back before eight, we're going to a restaurant." If we had to be back by eight, then that gave us four hours at the park. Oh yeah.

"You okay?" I asked Corey.

"Yup, I'm fine. What about you?" 

"I'm good, I'm good."

Harry's POV;

I grabbed a can of coke from the fridge and sat down on the spinny chairs in the kitchen.

"Harry, have you seen this?" 

I spun round and found Louis sitting next to me, holding his phone with the twitter app open on the Trends page. The number one trend world wide right now was none other than-

"Harry Styles Angry Rage." Liam said, walking into the kitchenette and plonking himself beside me.

"I'm sorry! It just kinda came out." I told them gingerly.

"Well the press has a lot of ideas about it as well, for example, some people think you were drunk,"

"Which I wasn't." I confirmed.

"Obviously, but either way, there's still-"

I was cut off by my phone ringing from my pocket. I pulled it out and read the caller ID.


"Oh, you've really done it this time." Louis said but he sounded nervous. I answered it and put it on speakerphone.


"Harry, it's John."

"Hi John."

"Listen, about earlier, we need to get this sorted and we need it sorted NOW!"

"I know, I-"

"Care to explain exactly what happened?"

"I was about to. But anyway we were out in the town and we were lost so Liam asked a little girl for directions but she started screaming because we're One Direction and she wouldn't stop and all these girls started chasing us so we ran and Corey fell over and had an asthma attack and all the girls kept crowding him and us and I just told them to have respect and go away." I finished, taking a deep breath."

"I suppose that's not too drastic but either way, I need you to get on twitter and apologise. And also, for the rest of this holiday, lay low, okay? Keep quiet and don't cause anymore trouble, or we'll bring you home. Okay?"

I gulped. "O-okay."

"Good. Goodbye, Harry." and the line went dead.

"Ah," Niall said, walking into the kitchenette with Zayn, "that's not so good, is it?"

"You heard?" 


"I guess we'll just have to keep quiet. I'm sorry for the whole thing, I just got frustrated."

"Don't worry Harry, to be honest, I'd have done the same sooner or later."

"Me too." Louis said.

I pulled out my laptop, heading straight to twitter. 

@Harry_Styles: I just want to apologise for my outburst earlier. It wasn't right and I'm sorry. Corey is fine now, though, for anyone who wants to know.

"C'mon, let's take our mind off things and head down to the pool, eh?" Louis suggested and we all agreed.

Corey's POV;
We reached the park ten minutes later and headed over to the swings. A boy, maybe our age, maybe older, was swinging gently. He looked up when he heard us coming.


"Zack!" she shouted. I noticed how her face lit up when she saw him. Hmm.

"Hi, I'm Corey." I said to the boy, holding my hand out to shake. He shook it but pulled me into a hug straight afterwards. I guess he's a hugger.

"I'm Zack, pleased to meet you." he said, though his voice lacked enthusiasm once he saw how close I was standing to Sienna.

"So, um," he started awkwardly, "how long have you two been dating?"

I almost choked and I could see Sienna's eyes open wide. We took one look at each other and burst out laughing.

"W-what's so funny?" he asked nervously.

"We're not dating!" I chuckled.

"Yeah! And there's no way I'd ever go out with Corey!" Sienna added. Hey, before you think I just got friendzoned, I'm going to correct you.

There is no way I'd go out with Sienna either. We're just too close. We're practically brother and sister.

Dating your sister?


Zack's face was flooded with what seemed like relief but he covered it up once he noticed me watching him.

"Ah, I'm, uh, sorry for assuming." he mumbled, sounding embarrassed.

"It's fine!" Sienna laughed, giving him a playful punch. How long have these two known eachother?

We sat down together in the grass and chatted for a little bit before Sienna's phone began ringing. She answered the call and held it to her ear.

"Hello? Hi? Hello? No, I can't hear you. What? No, I need to find signal." She stood up and headed towards a large stretch of open land. She gave hand motions telling us what she was going to do while still trying to speak on the phone. Finally, she stuck her thumbs up to us, indicating that she had found signal.

"So," I began, "you like Sienna."

Zack's face turned a bright shade of red. "N-No, what makes you think that?"

"It's obvious." I stated proudly.

"Well I don't." he said, though it sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than me.

I raised my eyebrows at him and he finally cracked. "Okay! Fine! Maybe I do like her! I don't know!"

"It's fine mate," I smirked, but stopped suddenly, lowering my voice, "but be careful."


"I can't tell you but please just be careful with her, she hasn't had a good... past with guys." I said, my voice full of sincerity."

"Um, okay, I will, I promise."

"Good. Where's Sienna?"

"She's over th- oh."

We looked around and couldn't find her.

"She can't be that far away," I said slowly, "we should go and look for her."

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