One Direction's Little Sister

World famous popstar, Harry Styles, is shocked to learn that his mum is getting married. 13 year old Sienna is excited to learn that her dad is getting married. But when Sienna finds out that her new step brother is actually Harry Styles, how will she react? And when their parents disappear, how can the boys look after a young teenager, when they can barely look after themselves?


3. A Day With The Boys.

Sienna's POV; 

The twitcam was exciting. 

We'd answered loads of questions. Several people asked if we were dating but we told them the whole situation. It was crazy, I had nearly 100,000 followers already! I'm part of some hardcore fandom here.

We'd been messing around on Harry's computer for hours. I glanced at the clock and it was nearly 9pm. At that moment dad called for me, so we both went downstairs.

"Thanks for a great day, guys." I said, hugging Anne and Harry. I wanted to spend more time with Harry but I was tired.

"You could come over tomorrow? The boys and I are going bowling. Be here at 9 and be prepared to meet the rest of the boys." he said with a chuckle.

I got changed as soon as we got home and I fell into bed. I wrapped my duvet round myself and fell into a wonderful sleep.

Harry's POV;  

"Mum, when exactly are you and Jacob getting married?" 

That was one thing I still didn't know. 

"Oh yeah, um... the day after tomorrow.." she replied. Hang on, what? "We've been planning this for ages, H, like I said, I didn't want to stress you out."

"But what about clothes and everything? What's happening?"

"Don't worry, everything has been organised. Your suit is in your wardrobe and everything is sorted. There's no need to worry, hun." I hugged my mum and said goodnight. When I went up to bed I grabbed my phone from where it was charging and texted Sienna. I'd put her number in my phone yesterday while we were in the car. I'd made her swear on her life that she wouldn't leak my number or lose her phone.

To: Siiiiieeeennnnaaa: Si, did you know that the wedding is the day after tomorrow!? .xx

I got a quick reply.

From: Siiiiieeeennnnaaa: Harry! You woke me up:( and um what the hell!? That's barely enough time to get everything ready? xx

To: Siiiiieeeennnnaaa: Haha, sorry love:P Mum says everything's organised, and all we have to do is get ready. Apparently your bridesmaid dress is in your wardrobe? My tux is in mine. xx

From: Siiiiieeeennnnaaa: Oh. Okay. Yeah, my dress is in my wardrobe. Wow, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, except for myself. Joke;) gotta go to bed now. It's nearly midnight, get to sleep young man ;) xx

To: Siiiiieeeennnnaaa: Very funny but I think you'll find I'm older than you. Night Si .xx

And with that, I fell asleep.


Sienna's POV; 

I heard footsteps in my room. 

"C'mon Si, get up, Harry will be here soon." 

I slightly opened one eye to give him a who-dares-wake-me-up look. He replied to that look my yanking my curtains open and letting the sunlight burn my eyes. 


"Welcome-To-The-Year-2513. I-Am-Dadatron. Time-To-Get-Up." He said in a robot voice. I threw my pillow at him as he ran out the room.

I'd just got out of the shower when the doorbell rung. Well,  either he's early or I'm late. Probably the second one. I quickly dressed into skinny jeans, a top with a peace sign on it and trainers before grabbing my phone, keys and jacket. Dad was having coffee with Harry when I came downstairs. I ate a croissant before kissing goodbye to dad and going with Harry.

"The boys are in the car. You might wanna finish that croissant before Niall sees it. They're probably going to be really loud and stupid, so you'll get along fine!" he told me, laughing.

"Mm, oka- wait did you call me stupid?" I playfully punched him before reaching the car. The windows were tinted so I could barely see through them. Harry opened the door. 

"Hello, I am here." I said.

"And I'm Louis, pleased you meet you." Louis smiled, laughing afterwards.

"Louis shut up that wasn't funny, stop laughing at your own joke." Liam told him.

"It was funny so shut up yourself, Liam." 

"Both of you shut up and let Sienna in before we leave you here." Zayn scolded them and I thanked him, stepping inside the car and seating myself next to Louis. He suddenly leaned over towards me.

"So," he whispered in my ear, in an accent that was either French or German, "do you like drugs?"


Liam was driving, so us 5 were sat in the back, playing games and talking.

"I still can't believe you're 13, Sienna. I thought you were our age. You're way more mature than the 13 year old fans we've met." said Zayn, taking a handful of sweets from the oversized sweet bag that Niall was holding.

"Well, you never know, I could secretly be a 37 year old man, here to steal your DNA and clone you and sell your clones to all your fans." I said creepily.

"Would I get one of the clones for free?" Louis asked.

"Louis, why the hell would you want a clone of yourself?" 

"It'd be like having a twin."

The car was filled with laughter and we soon pulled up at the bowling alley. After booking a bowling lane and getting our shoes on, we made our way down to our lane and began the game.

Louis's POV; 

"I'm so bad at bowling."

"Well I hate to say it, Sienna, but, yes you are." I poked her and she sniffed.

"You're supposed to compliment me and make me feel a hundred times better even though I am crap at this." she said, flipping her hair. I shook my head at her and pointed towards the screen.

"Sienna, you've missed on almost every ball you've bowled."

"Skills." she said, waving her hands in the air.


Sienna's POV; 

Despite me being really bad at bowling, I surprisingly didn't come last; that was Liam. He pulled a pouty face and I quickly took a photo.

@SiennaWalker: Liam's cute face causes me Real_Liam_Pain

We stopped for lunch and headed over to the snack bar. I ordered a cheese and ham sandwich, and a chocolate muffin while the others had a wrap of some sort and cake. 

We sat and ate and laughed. This was so fun. I was sitting here having lunch with One Direction, and one of them happens to be my future stepbrother. Any normal girl would have died by now, but you forget that I'm not normal.

We got a bit bored of bowling after a while, so we walked to a park which was nearby. We raced to the swings. Liam, Niall and I got the bigger ones, so Louis, Harry and Zayn had to go in the baby ones. Niall got off of his swing and Zayn left up to grab it before the other two could. Niall came over and pushed me on the swing. Aw, he's so adorable. 

When we got fed up of the park, we walked towards a river. I'd only known these guys for a day but I felt like they were my best friends. I sat by the river with my feet in the water. I'd taken my shoes off and rolled my jeans up to my knees. There was whispering from behind me and suddenly I was picked up by my arms and legs. I saw Harry on one end and Louis on the other. Zayn and Niall were filming while Liam was laughing.

"OI, PUT ME DOWN!" I yelled.

They held me tightly and moved towards the river.


They moved even closer.


Louis yelled, "YOU'LL HAVE TO CATCH US FIRST!", and with that they threw me in the river and ran off. The cold water soaked my jeans. My hair was damp and I could hear Niall giggling while filming me. I couldn't be angry though because it was really hot and the cold water was refreshing, but I couldn't let them win.

My jeans were heavy with water so I thought better than to try and get out. I knew that Louis and Harry were hiding around here so I started screaming and flailing my arms around.

"HARRY! LOUIS! SOMEONE HELP I CAN'T SWIM!" I heard rustling and suddenly the two boys were standing above me. They extended their hands for me and I grabbed them.

"I HOPE YOU'RE FILMING THIS!" I yelled to no one in particular, before yanking the boys towards me into the water. They coughed and spluttered before chucking water over me.

"Oh, it's ON!"

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