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4. For 'Eden Malik' By: Yahaira Styles

Eden’s POV

“Boo!” I shouted behind Zayn. Making him jump a little bit. “Ahh! You got me!” He laughed. “I didn’t scare. You know I didn’t.” I said smiling. “Babe, you did scare me.” He reassured me. “Okay I did.” I laughed.

“Babe? Have you seen Harry?” I asked. “Why do you care?” He asked. “I – I just care. I mean, don’t you?” I asked. “Not while I’m around my girlfriend.” He smiled leaning in for a kiss. I backed up. “But I don’t want to come in between you boys. What happened to ‘Bros before Hoes’? Huh?” I asked. “Those are American boys. And we don’t ever say that.” He laughed. “I’m sure you don’t.” I said sarcastically.

Zayn returned to making his move and I backed away again.

“If it bothers you so much why don’t you just go look for Harry!” Zayn said getting mad. “Maybe I will!” I shouted. I got up and slammed the door behind me.

“Harry? Harry?” I whispered walking down the dark hallway. I decided to go look for him in his room. I knocked softly. He didn’t answer. I walked in slowly and saw that his window was open.

The first thing that came to mind was, did he jump?

I went to the window and looked down. “Harry!?” I shouted. “I’m right here love.” He was sitting on the roof. “Thank god.” I sighed in relief. I joined him and sat down.

“Why do care so much about me?” He asked. “I don’t know, I just do. It’s not something I ask to do. I just automatically care for you.” I said. “But Zayn doesn’t like it.” I continued. “Whys doesn’t he like it?” Harry asked. “He just doesn’t. I think he gets jealous that –“ I stopped myself. “Jealous of what?” Harry asked. “I just think that hes jealous that I like you more.” I said looking down. “Do you?” He asked.

I had to think about it for a while. Do I like him? I’m still in love with Zayn. But I do like Harry/

“Do you like me?” I asked. “You want me to be honest?” He asked making sure. “Please?” I asked. “Alright fine. I do like you. But I couldn’t ever tell you. Since you were with Zayn.” He said looking back at the window. “To be honest Harry, I like you too.” You smile. “But no. I cant do thus to Zayn even though I know I’m mad at him right now. I can’t stop loving him to be with you.” I said standing up. “At least let me do something I’ve been dying to do.” Harry said standing right up after you. “What’s That?” I asked. Then Harry kissed me for a couple of mintues.

“That’s what.” He smiled before going inside with me.



  -Yahaira Styles

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