Remus is going to hogwarts. Two years after his attack and his parents aren't sure he should go. Dumbledore talks him into it and tells him their plan for his safety. He meets Sirius, James and Peter and they soon become friends, while Severus becomes an enemy. What will his first year be like???



It had been three months since Remus gained his scars and the friends were closer than ever. It was nearing Christmas and Sirius had decided to stay, Remus' parents were on a work trip done had to stay. James and Peter were going home. The whomping willow was all grown and Remus had been to the house three times. 

"I think we should give Snivellus a nice Christmas present. He's staying you know." James suggested.

"Good idea James! What though?" Sirius asked. They were all outside in the snow, watching Snape and Lily having a snow fight. 

"Why don't you just let him have fun? You've been jibbing at him all year." Remus said.

"Oh Remus! You know you hate him. It's only a laugh." Sirius answered. That was true. Remus didn't like Snape and neither did a lot of people. Except Lily, of course. 

"I know. Well it's non of my business anyway. Do what you want." Remus turned away to carry on studying. He heard Sirius and James muttering to each other.

"What if we jinx some snow balls. Pelt loads at him! Or even jinx some snow so that it makes him look like a snow man!" They laughed together. 

"Ok. Lets do it." Remus turned back around. 

"What are you two up to?" He asked.

"Just going to bewitch some snowballs. Nothing fatal." James answered. They walked off but Remus had to follow. They walked near Snape. Sirius muttered something and about 100 snowballs were created. 

"Hey Snivellus!" Sirius called. Snape looked around and so did Lily. "Watch this!" Sirius flicked his wand and all 100 snowballs pelted through the air towards Snape. He ran and Lily ran towards James. 

"Stop that! We were having fun! Leave him alone!" Lily shouted. Remus watched as all 100 snowballs hit every inch of Snape. He fell over and the rest hit him on the floor. Lily rushed over to help him. Remus saw her helping him up. He was crying again. 

"Like that did you Snivellus? It brightened our day." James and Sirius laughed. Remus smiled a bit but didn't find it that funny. Snape came charging towards them with Lily.

"Why do you do it to me?" He asked.

"We think its funny. Get over it." Sirius said. 

"Yeh Snivellus." Said James.

"Stop calling me that!" Snape drew his wand.

"Ooh Snivellus that doesn't scare me." James drew his wand. 

"EXPELLIARMUS!" Snape shielded it. 

"STUPEFY!" Which James also shielded. 

"AGUAMENTI!" A large gush of water flew out of James' wand and soaked Snape. 

"Yo-ou w-will p-pay for tha-t." Snape shivered. 

"I'm sorry Snape. Say that properly." Sirius taunted. Many on-lookers had gathered to watch.

"LEVICORPUS!" Shouted Snape. It happened really quickly. James twisted upside down and just dangled there. 

"You are so going to regret this Snivellus! LET ME DOWN!" James shouted.

"You shouldn't bully and taunt me Potter!" Snape was slightly laughing. Lily was trying to stop him. Remus walked up to Snape.

"Stop that! Snape!" He grabbed Snape's wrist. 

"Get of me you ugly beast. What are them scars? Did your mother create you?" Snape spat. Remus stepped back and let go. Snape's words stung him and hurt him. 

"No. It was a dog bite." Remus muttered. His eyes full of tears. 

"SNIVELLUS! You nasty piece of work. Stupid Slytherin!" Sirius roared. He grabbed snakes wand and James fell to the floor. Sirius smacked him in the face then kicked him. 

"You leave my friends alone! You here me? Filthy, greasy haired Snivellus. Lily, I wouldn't bother cleaning up this mess." Snape lay in the snow. Freezing as he was still wet. Remus felt like a dagger had been stuck in his heart. In a rage he lifted his foot and kicked Snape hard in the side. At this point Mcgonogal had come outside.

"Remus Lupin! Come with me NOW!" She bustled over to them. 

"Stupid Snivellus. Don't make fun of me!"Remus ran off and past Mcgonogal. 

"GO REMUS! YEH!" James and Sirius shouted. 

From a distance Remus heard Mcgonogal shouting his name. He was in serious trouble. At the moment he didn't care. He ran all the way to disused bathroom on the sixth floor and locked himself in a cubicle. He cried and cried. He had never hated Fenrir Greyback as he does now. He hated his condition, he hated Snape and also he was scared. Was he going to be expelled? 

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