Remus is going to hogwarts. Two years after his attack and his parents aren't sure he should go. Dumbledore talks him into it and tells him their plan for his safety. He meets Sirius, James and Peter and they soon become friends, while Severus becomes an enemy. What will his first year be like???



Remus had been in the cubicle for 3 hours and suddenly he heard someone. It was James and Sirius.

"Remus?" They said. "Are you in here mate? We've been looking for you for ages." Remus reluctantly left the cubicle to show he was there. He looked round and saw Mcgonogal and Snape as well. 

"I'm sorry guys." He said to Sirius and James. He turned to Mcgonogal. I'm not being blamed for this! It was all his fault!" Remus didn't sound angry but calm. 

"Don't worry Mr.Lupin I know the full story. These two boys owned up but Mr.Snape here seems reluctant to tell his part of things. If you would like to come with me please." He joined his friends and walked behind Mcgonogal all the way to the heads office. "You shall explain to the headmaster what has happened." She said the password and sent the boys up alone. 

"Stupid Snivellus." James said.

"Yeh. What an idiot." Sirius agreed.

"Shut up! Stop calling me that!" Snape retorted. Sirius stopped. Blocking the others.

"What would you do Snivellus?"

"Aren't we in enough trouble already Sirius? Just leave it!" Moaned Remus.

"Mr.Lupin here is correct." They all looked round to see Dumbledore. "Please enter, all of you." They walked into the room and sat down. Dumbledore walked around and sat at his desk. 

"Ok. Ill start with Mr.Potter if you please." 

"Well sir. Me and Sirius played a trick on Sniv-Severus here. We bewitched a few snowballs. Lily helped him up and he came up to us." Said James.

"What happened next Mr.Black?" 

"Erm. I had a go a Severus. He had a go back. James and Severus got their wands out and started flying spells at each other." Said Sirius.

"Carry on please Mr.Lupin."

"Then, James hit Severus with a water spell. Severus hung James up in the air-"

"Interesting. I don't know that spell." Dumbledore looked at Snape. 

"I-I-I made it myself s-sir." Said Snape.

"I see. Clever! Go on Mr.Lupin." 

"Anyway. I grabbed Severus' wrist to help James. I asked him to stop. He told me I looked like f-Frankenstein and that m-my m-mother had created m-me." Tears welled up in Remus' eyes. "Because of my scars." 

"I see. That was rather nasty on your part Mr.Snape. What happened next?" 

"Well sir. Sirius grabbed my wand. James fell. Sirius kept hitting me and I fell to the floor. I was freezing and wet. Then with loads of force, Remus kicked me right in my side. Madam Pomfrey has just had to heal a broken rib. Sir." Remus was crying. 

"I can't take it any longer! It's making me be nasty and angry! I'm not nasty and angry!" Remus burst. He stood up. 

"Severus, if you could leave us please. Go back to your dormitory immediately. I shall sort out these boys punishments. If I find you have not obeyed my orders you shall be in deep trouble." Dumbledore explained to Snape. He left and went to his common room. 

"I need to tell them Professor! I don't want to lie anymore. I hate it all!" Remus was hysterical. 

"Very well Remus. I shall explain. If you could take a seat." Remus sat back down and calmed a bit.

"Before I tell you boys. You must not tell anyone else. Word getting to other students can affect Remus' whole academic future. Do you promise?" He looked at them calmly. Both of their faces were full of confusion. 

"Yes sir." They both answered. 

"Very well. Remus has not been visiting his mother or any other relatives. He has in fact been hiding. No, don't speak. Let me explain. Remus has had to retreat to a safe house through a tunnel under the whomping willow. He, as you have probably noticed, has been gone for about four days each month since he came. Why? I see you wondering. Remus has-" Remus cut him off.

"I have lycanthropy." 

"No way! Remus I can't believe it! You should have just told us mate." Sirius said. 

"Am I missing something here?" James asked. 

"You may be Mr.Potter. Lycanthropy is the infection in which you are bitten by a werewolf. Each full moon Remus has to hide." 

"Oh. I get it. Yeh you should have just said Remus." Said James. They both had looks of sympathy on their faces. 

"So you cut your face yourself then Remus?" Asked Sirius.

"Yes. If there is nothing to attack I attack myself. I soon found that out." 

"Well don't worry. I'm not scared or freaked out. Your still my mate." Sirius clapped him on the back.

"Yeh. This doesn't change anything!" Said James. Remus was so relieved. He thought that he would lose his friends. Be some sort of freak. 

"I'm a freak. I don't think me and your mother should meat Sirius." Remus had cheered up as they all laughed together. 

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