Remus is going to hogwarts. Two years after his attack and his parents aren't sure he should go. Dumbledore talks him into it and tells him their plan for his safety. He meets Sirius, James and Peter and they soon become friends, while Severus becomes an enemy. What will his first year be like???



Severus had decided to run away from the boys whenever they were near. This made Remus feel good because the boys would not torment Severus and he would not torment them. Lily was furious with them all an wouldn't talk to any of them. 

There was an upside to the commotion. It was spring and it was getting warmer. 

"The skies are blue and the snow has gone. The sun is quite bright today but I bet it will be windy as hell." Remus was telling the others. They had just finished breakfast and had half an hour until transfiguration. 

"Yeh your right Remus. Ooh were turning mice into snuff boxes today boys." Replied Sirius. 

"I've got detention tonight guys. But it's my last one! Snivelly still has another two weeks of detentions!" They all laughed. "Serves him right!" 

"Yeh. Lets go to class." Peter piped up. He hardly ever spoke and when he did it was to ask a question or tell them something. They all travelled to the transfiguration classroom quickly and they had five minutes to spare. They just sat at their desk waiting for Mcgonogal. 

"This is going to be fun. We have it with the Ravenclaws today so I'm going to speak to Lily." James looked determined with his decision. Remus just shook his head and ignored him. 

"Lily is no closer to talking to me! Let alone James!" He thought. James had gone over to Lily's desk. Sirius moved up one seat. 

"Hey Remus. It's full moon tonight. I've been researching on animagi. We can become animals and then keep you company. It may take a while though." 

"That sounds cool. I hate full moons. I don't really attack animals, that would be great fun!" Remus' happiness lifted slightly, then he heard shouting. 

"I do not want to help or talk to you James Potter! Leave me alone! You do nothing but hassle me all the time!" James walked back to the desk. 

"How do you think that went?" James gave a weak smile. 

"Great mate. Your nearly there!" Sirius said sarcastically. Mcgonogal the walked in.

"Ok. Sit down. James Potter in this seat in front of my desk please." This is where James had to sit each lesson now. So she could keep an eye on him. "Today we shall be using mice to transfigure them into snuff boxes. Now it is pretty simple when you come to do it." Remus dozed off after that. He lay his head on the desk. 

••••••> "Remus! How dare you! Fighting like that! That boy is dead! DEAD REMUS! YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS WENT TOO FAR! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HOGWARTS ANYMORE! TELL HIM LYALL!" Hope screamed at him.

"MY SON WAS NOT BROUGHT UP LIKE THAT! YOUR MOTHER IS RIGHT AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LEAVE THIS HOUSE." There were three sharp bangs on a door. Hope opened it and there stood three ministry officials. 

"We are here to collect Remus John Lupin for a manslaughter charge ma'am. We shall travel straight to Azkaban." The three men walked in grabbed Remus and walked out again. Remus screamed and shouted. His parents didn't look sad. 

"You deserve it Remus! You deserve it!" Hope shouted. <•••••• 

"Mr.Lupin!" Remus woke up. 

"No please! I didn't kill Severus!" He shouted. Then he saw his surroundings. "Oh." He said.

"Oh indeed Mr.Lupin. Severus Snape is not dead either. Do not fall asleep in my class! You shall have detention tonight with Mr.Potter and the headmaster." She walked away. 

"But Miss I can't!" 

"No excuses. See me after class." 


"Just like always hey Mr.Lupin. Is everything ok? Are you alright to be in here tonight?" Madam Pomfrey looked down at Remus.

"You always ask me that Miss Pomfrey. Everything is fine thank you. Ill be fine." He said rather shyly. They walke towards the whomping willow and he jabbed the knot as always. He left Madam Pomfrey and travelled down the little tunnel until he got to the large shack.

The shack was very dirty, dusty and damp like always. The furniture was now ruined and it was the perfect place for Remus to be each month. He made his way upstairs and lay on the bed. He had about four hours until the full moon so he decided to sleep. He dreamt about his friends, family and once again Severus. He had been dreaming of more fights and turmoil a lot lately. He didn't want fights anymore. He didn't want to be hurt anymore. 

Remus awoke abruptly and began to feel the searing pain with which the transformation started. The claws grew, the hair grew, he grew taller and he hated every minute of it. Once it finished he stood there panting. 

Remus' werewolf form would tear at the bed and the walls. He would break the windows and howl many times. He ruined all the furniture and anything remotely decent in the shack. He would also travel down the passageway but he could never get out. 


"Glad it's over for another month." Remus dad to himself. He would have to stay in the shack for a further two days but he didn't mind. Knowing it was safe the boys were allowed up to the shack in the day. 

"Hey Remus. We have brought food!" The boys came upstairs and they all ate together. "Remus! Not another scar!" Sirius huffed. 

"I know. Right across the back of my hand. I did that on broken glass when I broke the window." Remus explained. 

"Ooh he's a bad man." James remarked. They all laughed and played wizards chess for most of the day. It was a Saturday so there was no lessons. It was gradually getting warmer as it was close to the end of February. 

Madam Pomfrey came into the room. 

"Now Remus here needs just rest so you boys better get back to the castle." The bed was clean and good enough to sleep in each month for the three days so Remus didn't mind. 

"See you tomorrow mate."

"Yeh see you soon."

"Good bye Remus." 

They all left. Madam Pomfrey checked Remus' hand m, gave the all clear and then left. It was around 8 o'clock so Remus decided to go to sleep. It was dark outside anyway. 

The boys did basically the same the next day. They laughed and chatted all day long. Sirius had gained himself detention earlier that day for turning another girls hair pink. The girl didn't mind but Mcgonogal didn't put up with it. 

"Your an idiot Sirius. I thought you liked Sally Willows anyway." Remus commented.

"I do. Her favourite colour is pink so it was a perfect idea. She liked it anyway! It was just Mcgonogal. She smiled at me." Sirius looked at the ceiling dreamily.

"Snap out of it Sirius. If I can't have a girl neither can you!" James clapped in front of Sirius' face. "Lily is still ignoring me! It's been over a month. Snivelly has got over it!" That's what James thinks. Severus was still running away from them in the corridors and avoiding their every move. 

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