Remus is going to hogwarts. Two years after his attack and his parents aren't sure he should go. Dumbledore talks him into it and tells him their plan for his safety. He meets Sirius, James and Peter and they soon become friends, while Severus becomes an enemy. What will his first year be like???



"Hey Remus! Peter and James are leaving now!" Called Sirius. Remus ran down the stairs and they went off to the entrance together. 

"Merry Christmas James! And you Peter!" 

"See you after Christmas!" Remus called out. They both waved them off and Remus looked over to see Snape waving at Lily. 

"I forgot that Snape was staying." Said Remus. "He better not ruin my Christmas!"

"Ooh Remus. That's a nasty side you have there!" Taunted Sirius. He nudged Remus and they left to go back to the common room. 

"So Sirius. What do you want to do today? Go in the snow? Stay inside and play wizards chess, Gobstones." Remus looked at Sirius questioningly. 

"Yeh! Lets go out in the snow!" Sirius grabbed a warm coat, a scarf and some gloves. Remus did the same. They ran down the stone stairs and out the large front doors into the snow. Remus stopped as he saw Severus sitting in a non snowy part outside. 

"Leave him mate. Lets have fun." Sirius grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the black lake. 

They played for ages in the snow, they made countless snowballs and made a very large snowman. Then they both slumped down onto the snow. It was slightly sunny and Remus had his eyes closed. Suddenly a shadow blocked the light and he opened his eyes. 

"Hi Loopy. Looks like the black lake is frozen over." Remus got up and so did Sirius.

"What do you want Snape?" Remus asked. 

"Oh nothing. I was just admiring the frozen lake. Since your too much of a cry baby I guess you wouldn't want to hear what I have to say." He went to leave.

"Wait Snape. What were you going to say?" Remus saw Sirius' hands clenched. 

"Well Loopy, I dare you to walk across the black lake." Severus looked at him with concentration.

"Fine. Anything else?" Remus felt a bit daring today wanted to show Snape.

"No. Just that. If you have the balls." Snape said.

"Oh I have the balls. But on one condition. You do it as well." Remus gave him a mischievous smile. Sirius stared at him.

"I don't think you should mate. This is just a silly dare. It's nothing." Sirius tried to stop him.

"Aww! Lickle Sirius is scared!" Severus began to laugh. 

"Fine Snivellus. Ill do it too." The smile went off Severus' face and he looked at them both. Sirius and Remus were both determined and didn't look scared. 

"Let's do it then." Sirius was first to place a foot on the icy lake. It seemed sturdy and safe. "Come on Remus. It's fine. If Snivellus is scared then he can not bother." Severus then quickly walked onto the ice. Remus followed and walked to Sirius, who seemed rather far in.

"Yeh. It's not that bad actually." Remus answered. "It's pretty solid. I've never been so daring before! It's fun!" He punched Sirius in the arm playfully. Sirius returned it and they began to play fight. Suddenly they heard a crack. They stopped. 

"Ok. Lets not do that. Snivellus! Get over here! Scaredy cat!" Sirius shouted. Severus inched his way closer but put on a brave front. 

"Come on let's get off. It's boring." Remus offered.

"No!" Severus stood in his way. "We don't leave until I say! It's my dare." Remus became slightly scared. The large crack had frightened him. 

"I want to get off." Remus barged past Severus, but he grabbed Remus' coat hood. Sirius ran over.

"Get off him Snivelly!" Sirius grabbed Severus and pulled his hand off the hood. "Your a maniac." Severus pushed him.

"I am not a maniac, a freak or anything else! Ok?" Severus became angry. Sirius got up in his face.

"What would you do?" He spat. He pushed Severus back.

"Sirius please. Not on the ice. Lets go." Severus walked towards Remus and grabbed his arm to pull him further in. He dragged Remus virtually to the middle and they were far away from the edge. Remus didn't want to move. Sirius watched but waited a moment. 

"This is where I wanted you Lupin! Did you find it funny kicking me?" He pushed Remus. "I didn't find it funny." The ice made slight cracking noises and Remus didn't know what to do.

"You made me angry." Remus said. "I'm sorry. I'm not usually violent." Remus had soon regretted coming onto the ice. He looked at Sirius for help.

"Don't bother coming any closer Black!" Shouted Severus. "I'll make a hole and push him in." Remus became really scared now. "Don't you move either Lupin!" He said in a quieter voice. It became very cold and Remus was freezing. 

"Ple-ease d-don't do anything s-stupid." Remus stuttered from the cold. Severus ignored him.

"Your friends have bullied me all year and I don't know why. What did I do to them?" Severus grabbed Remus' collar. 

"Nothing. I'm not scared of you Snape." Remus became suddenly winded and bent over. Severus had punched his fist right into Remus' belly. He made Remus stand up straight. 

"I know dark magic that you wouldn't even dream of." Severus snapped. "I could kill you in a instant. Give you the worst pain ever. Give you one hundred cuts on your body. Would you like that?" 

"No. I-am-not-scared-of-you!" Remus said through clenched teeth. "Your bullying me! I haven't done anything to you. I hurt you for being nasty to me. It's over." 

"But I have to live through it everyday! It's over for you but not for me! Well now it's not over for you either!" Severus punched him hard in the stomach again. Remus coughed. Severus held him up. 

"SNAPE! YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Shouted Sirius. Remus wanted Sirius to help him. 

"Sirius! Just come over here please!" Remus shouted. Severus got out his wand and cut a large circle in the ice. The ice fell away to reveal the water. It did not look inviting. 

"Grindylows, Mere People, The giant Squid. Do you really want to go in there Lupin?" Remus shook his head. "Didn't think so. Do you want to know what pain I go through everyday? Do you?" Remus shook his head again. He knew what was going to happen. "Well you can thank your friends for this. This is what my Lily has to watch when they do it. Now Sirius can watch me do it." 

Severus punched Remus in the belly once more. He punched him in the side and the ribs several times. 

"SNAPE! SNAPE!" Sirius shouted. Remus had tears in his eyes. He stood on the ice, wanting to lie on it to ease the pain. Severus held him up. He got punched in the stomach again, then Severus let him fall to the ice. Remus hit it with a soft thud but luckily it did not break. He breathed heavily and lay his head on the ice. 

Suddenly Remus was hit again. He felt a blow to his legs over and over. Severus was kicking him. "This-is-for-all-of-the-hurt-I-get-every-day." Severus said in between kicks. Remus was now crying. Sirius was shouting but didn't want to move. Severus was laughing. 

"IM GOING TO KILL YOU SNIVELLUS SNAPE! KILL YOU!" Sirius ran towards him like a bolt of lighting. Severus grabbed Remus and yanked him up. Remus could not stand by himself. Sirius stopped a few metres away.

"Come closer Black, I dare you." Sirius looked at the dirty, bloody and wet clothes on Remus. 

"Leave him now Snape. Look at him. You may have broken something." 

"I don't care Black! You hurt me most days. This is pay back. Lily has to watch you hurting me so I have done the same." Sirius felt guilty and responsible for this. He stepped closer and Severus let go of Remus. Before he fell much further Severus swung his fist into Remus' face and Remus fell right into the hole. 

He felt himself sinking and sinking. The cold penetrated every bone in his body. He then saw a big bright light and two people fell in. The one person swan toward him down into the deep water, while the other looked like they couldn't swim. His eyes could no longer stay open and the pain was severe and hurt his whole body. The person grabbed his arm and pulled him further up to the surface. His face hit the freezing air and he gulped in as much as he could. He was still being pulled and thought it was towards the bank. Painfully he saw a figure of a woman as he was pushed onto the bank. Safe feeling soil and snow. He couldn't stop shivering. The other boy sat next to him.

"Remus I am so sorry. It's all my fault. We provoked him too much." Remus was coughing and spluttering while he heard shouting. 

"HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME!" He believed it to be the voice of Severus Snape. "I CAN'T SWIM! IM GOING TO DIE!" The voice became nearer and finally he heard another thud. He was near him. Severus disgusted him but he could not speak. 

"Minerva please could you take Misters Black and Snape to my office to wait for me." Remus heard Dumbledores voice. He heard Mcgonogal leave with the others. 

With the wave of a wand Remus felt warm and dry but every part of his body hurt. It hurt to breath, move or talk but he tried. 

"Professor?" Remus staggered on. "It's n-not Sirius' fau-u-ult." his lungs felt like knives a he breathed in." 

"Relax Mr.Lupin. You need rest. You have been viciously attacked and we need to heal these wounds." Remus watched as Dumbledore conjured a bed and swiftly moved Remus onto it. The bed floated at Dumbledores side as he entered the building and walked up to the hospital wing. 

"Oh dear boy!" Madam Pomfrey ran up to him. "You know how to find the wars don't you." She said. He felt himself lift onto a proper bed and he relaxed. 

"This boy has been severely punched and kicked. He will need to be treated quickly. He has taken in a lot of water from the black lake and may be in shock from the waters temperature. I shall leave as I need to go and speak to two fellow students. Good day." Dumbledore explained and then left. Remus gripped his ribs as they hurt the most. 

"I'll help you dear. Just relax. It won't hurt anymore." She moved Remus' hand to feel his ribs which Remus moved at in pain. "4 broken ribs you've got there dear. Ill soon fix them up. For now drink this, it will help with the shock. Then drink this it will help with pain and bruising." She handed him a blue bottle and a green bottle. He drank the blue first, it was a calming draught. Then the green, which was a Star Grass Salve for soothing injuries.

Madam Pomfrey bustled back over to Remus and performed a spell to heal his ribs. He felt much better but still in slight pain. 

"Miss please can I go?" Remus wheezed in a whisper. 

"Oh no no no boy. You shall stay here until tomorrow atleast." 

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