Remus is going to hogwarts. Two years after his attack and his parents aren't sure he should go. Dumbledore talks him into it and tells him their plan for his safety. He meets Sirius, James and Peter and they soon become friends, while Severus becomes an enemy. What will his first year be like???



Remus awoke in the hospital and his scars still hurt. Madam Pomfrey was able to clean and heal them easily but unfortunately he would be scarred for life. He had been in the hospital for 3 days now.

"Good morning Remus. How are you feeling?" Madam Pomfrey asked.

"Good I think. My hand is a little stiff though. I can't feel it very well or flex my fingers properly. How does my face look?"

"I'll have a look at your hand in a minute. I'll get a mirror for you." This is the first time Remus was able to look at his face properly without the red and bruising around his face. He held the mirror and looked into it. 

Remus studied his face and felt upset. He didn't look good anymore. What would his new friends say? What would he tell them? 

"I look like some sort of Frankenstein." Remus muttered.

"Don't think like that boy. You'll get us all down. Feel happy, positive. Dumbledore shall be here soon to speak to you." As soon as she said that he walked in.

"Good morning Mr.Lupin. You gave us quite a scare the other day. How are you feeling?" Dumbledore's eyes twinkled like diamonds.

"I feel better. My face looks horrible though sir. With these huge scars." 

"Nonsense dear boy. Don't be so self conscious. However I have come to ask you some questions. I believe that you can recall what you do whilst in the werewolf form, correct?" Remus nodded his head.
"Right. So what happened?" Dumbledore sat down on the end of Remus' bed and looked at him. 

"Well sir. Hagrid locked me in the stone room. It was quite cold. I waited a couple of hours. Then I began to change. It is the worst pain ever." Remus took a deep breath and sighed. "I tried anyway possible of getting out, the walls, the door, the floor. Didn't work. I needed to eat. I began to bite, scratch and hurt myself badly. I screamed and whimpered. After the sun came up I turned back, then you collected me."

"I see. Have you ever hurt yourself before?" 

"No sir. I was always in the woods near my home. I had freedom." Remus looked at his hands.

"Thank you for telling me. What are we going to tell your friends Remus?" Dumbledore asked. He looked like he was thinking and then answered his own question. "I believe that we can tell them you were attacked. By a dog maybe." He looked at Remus again.

"Erm. Yes sir. That sounds fine." He gave a weak smile.

"Well. Would you like me to go and-"

"No thank you sir. I'll tell them when I'm out of the hospital." 

"Very well. Goodbye for now Remus." Dumbledore said. He turned and walked out of the hospital. 

"Madam Pomfrey? Is there any chance that I can leave now. Today." Remus asked.

"Well, ok. But let me check out that hand of yours." She walked over to him and held his hand. "Flex your fingers. Ok. Move your hand in a circle motion. Ok. Well keep moving it and it shall be back to normal." Remus changed and left the hospital hastily. He ran to the common room and up the stairs to the dorm. 

There everyone was, sat in a circle on the floor. 

"Hey guys! I'm back. My mother wasn't that ill after all!" He sat down in between Sirius and James. 

"Erm Remus mate?!" Sirius asked him.

"Yes?" Remus looked at him.

"Have you noticed the whack-off scar on your face? What happened?" Remus had forgotten about it for all of ten minutes. 

"Yeh mate. What happened?" James asked.

"Erm." Remus fidgeted. "I was in the woods near my house a couple of days ago and a large wolf-like dog attacked me. I have a couple of scars on my leg too." His face had been wiped clean of his smile. 

"Oh. Sorry about that. Right! So we were just talking to each other about our families. Ill go first." Sirius said. Remus felt a wave of relief, he had thought they would pressure him and ask him more about it. He was glad they didn't really care. 

"Well I'm a wizard. I live in London in Grimmauld Place. It's not too bad. My mother had hoped I be in Slytherin but I'm not. She's pretty mad. I don't really care. I didn't want to be in Slytherin. I'm a pure-blood. My brother is nice, he has just left here. He is into the dark arts like all of my family. My dad is a full blown idiot, my mum hates muggle-borns and half-breeds. I hate her, so that's ok. That's it really." Sirius sat back against his hands. "Next." 

"I'll go next." Said James. "Well, my dad works at the ministry, my mother works at st.mungos. They were ecstatic that I got into Griffindor. I live in Godrics hollow and I am an only child. I'm a pure-blood. My parents are pretty cool. That's about it. Remus?" James finished.

"Well. I live in ilford near London. My dad works in the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures. My mother is an insurance seller near our home. My dad is a pure-blood but my mother is a muggle. Totally non magic. I'm a half-blood. I have no siblings. What about you Peter?" Remus looked at Peter. Peter coughed and started to speak.

"Well. I live in Chudley in the West Country. My mother is a pure-blood and works at the ministry in the law enforcement. She is really nice. I have never known my father. I have no brothers or sisters. I'm a half-blood." Peter explained. He put his head down. 

"That's all pretty cool. Now we know each other even better!" Sirius said. "We better get to first lesson. What's first lesson on a Friday James?" Sirius asked.

"Aw! It's history of magic. We better get going." They all picked up their bags and went off to history. 

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