Remus is going to hogwarts. Two years after his attack and his parents aren't sure he should go. Dumbledore talks him into it and tells him their plan for his safety. He meets Sirius, James and Peter and they soon become friends, while Severus becomes an enemy. What will his first year be like???



"What's happened to you Remus?" James looked at him curiously but also angrily. His hands were fists and he virtually spat what he said. 

"Well Snape-" he was abruptly cut off.

"SNAPE! WHAT DID HE DO?" James was very angry now. 

"He dared me and Sirius to go on the ice and I made him do it as well." Remus started. "Then he dragged me to the middle." James' face was steadily becoming redder with anger. 

"He punched me and shouted at me about what you do to him." James was angrily laughing. 

"What we do to him!" James spat. 

"Yes. Well he told Sirius not to move and created a hole in the water. He punched me again and again and chucked me on the floor. He broke four of my ribs." Remus became sad and slightly upset at the memory. "Then Sirius ran at him and stopped as Snape picked me up by my collar. I couldn't stand." He took a deep breath. 

"I told Snape to let go of him. He was a state." Sirius explained. "Then I stepped forward once more. It was like slow motion. Snape let go of Remus, walloped him around the face and he fell into the hole. The water was freezing. I smashed the ice, Snivelly fell in and i swam down to Remus and pulled him to safety." 

"WHERE IS HE? IM GONNA KILL HIM!" James listened patiently but finally snapped and left the port hole. Remus, Sirius and Peter ran after him.

"Please don't be stupid James! He deserves it but I don't want you to get in trouble." Remus said whilst running. James didn't answer. He ran down the large stone steps and outside. He stopped quickly and looked around the grounds. Sirius, Remus and Peter joined him. 

Remus spotted Severus sitting under a tree with Lily. He didn't want to let James know though. He was scared what he might do to Severus and how much trouble he may get into. 

"He's other there!" Peter pointed towards the tree. Remus sighed and awaited the turn of events. James then started to run again. 

"SNAPE! GET UP!" James stood at the tree. "GET UP!" He shouted down to Severus. He got up and James pulled him closer. 

"Let go of him James!" Lily hit James' arm. 

"This has nothing to do with you Lily! He is a rat! He can't face the people who hurt him so he hurts others." He pulled Severus closer.

"Am I right Snivelly?" Severus nodded in fear. 

"He deserved it! You all do!" Severus slyly commented. 

"How does beating my best friend to a pulp helping anyone? Does it make you feel better?" James looked at the lake which was frozen over once more.

"I enjoyed it. His pain was a relief for me." James threw him against the tree. Lily seemed in shock. She didn't say anything. 

"Please James. He's not worth it. You might get expelled." Remus panicked. 

"He didn't get expelled. He could have killed you if Sirius didn't jump in." James looked at Severus in disgust. He then looked at the lake again. He picked Severus up. "How would you like it?" 

"Do to him what he did to Remus James!" Sirius taunted. 

"No please. I'm sorry ok. Your a mad man." Severus pleaded. 

"I know I'm a mad man. If my friends are involved they need justice." James pulled him towards the lake. James was fairly strong and Severus was thin and frail. James dragged Severus onto the ice and held his wand at Severus' throat. 

"James! I don't want you to get hurt!" Remus shouted. James hasn't gone too far in but the water would be deep underneath. 

"So Snivelly, how do you feel now?" James taunted. 

"Ok I get it. I'm sorry. I won't do it again. Just leave me alone." Severus was scared and full of regret. 

"Did you stop when Remus asked you to?" James asked.

"No. I wasn't in my right mind."

"You don't have a right mind Snivelly." James flicked his wand and a large hole appeared in the water. James turned Severus around and grabbed his arms. He slowly lent Severus forward so that he was nearly horizontal, leant over the water. 

"JAMES POTTER!" Lily screamed. "STOP! LET HIM GO!" She was frantic. A large crowd had gathered. Some were laughing, others were screaming and others were gasping. 

"So Snape? Any last words?" James asked him menacingly. His anger was above exploding point. 

"Ok ok. Stop stop please." Severus was breathing fast and he feared for his life. "I CAN'T SWIM!" He shouted. Many people screamed with laughter. James didn't move him. James had his hands tight around Severus' wrists. 

"Let me go! Please let me go!" Severus pleaded. People were shouting but James wasn't listening. 

"Oh you want me to let you go? Ok." James let go of Severus' arms, people screamed and shouted. Just as quickly though, James grabbed the back of Severus' coat to stop him. "Did that scare ya?" 

"Oh please James. Stop this now." Severus had just had the scare of his life. He was on the verge of a panic attack. 


"Now old Menirva is here." Said James. "I wonder if I should just drop you in?"

"No James please. No please." James pulled Severus back up and allowed him to stand. 

"That's all I wanted. Stupid idiot. You could have killed me!"

"I won't let you back over there until you apologise for seriously hurting my friend." James said point blankly.

"No. I already have and- ahh" James pushed Severus to the floor and pushed his face near the water.

"I said apologise!" James said calmly.

"JAMES POTTER!" She called again.

"Quickly or ill push you in." James knew full well that he wasn't going to push Severus in. He didn't want to hurt anyone but if he had to he would. "Hurry up!" He shouted. 

"I'm sorry. Please I'm sorry. Just dot hurt me. I'm really sorry." Severus got pulled up and he breathed a sigh of relief. 

"That's all I wanted to hear." SMACK! Severus punched him right in the face. James pulled out of wand. He heard gasps, shouts and moans but he didn't care. 

"I was going to happily let you leave but now I won't!" James shouted. "INCARCEROUS!" Ropes bound Severus tightly and James grabbed the end of the rope. He pulled Severus all the way back to the edge. He then pulled him up whilst still on the ice and pushed him down to where Mcgonogals feet were. 

"James Potter! Come with me now!" People were cheering, others were crying and some were outright scared. Remus ran up to James. 

"James, you could have fell in! Your an idiot you know but thank you very very much. I appreciate it."

"The little worm needed to be told Remus. He's worthless and stupid." Mcgonogal grabbed James' collar and pulled him away. After releasing Severus. 

"If Mcgonogal hadn't of came he would have killed me!" Severus said the group. "He told me so!" 

"Shut up Snivelly! What a liar. I would punch you to oblivion right now if I wanted to!" Sirius stared at his face. "But I don't! I don't want to get my hands greasy. Come on boys." Sirius walked back to the castle closely followed by Remus an Peter. 

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