Remus is going to hogwarts. Two years after his attack and his parents aren't sure he should go. Dumbledore talks him into it and tells him their plan for his safety. He meets Sirius, James and Peter and they soon become friends, while Severus becomes an enemy. What will his first year be like???


14. EASTER!!

It was the 31st march and Easter was nearly here. They were leaving Hogwarts to go to their homes for Easter. 

"I'm so glad your coming to my house for Easter Sirius! It's going to be great!" Remus exclaimed. Yes, Sirius was going to his house for Easter. They shut their trunks as waited in the common room with them. 

"Well my family don't do easter." Said Sirius. "It's too muggle for them. My mother hates muggles." 

"It's ok. Easter is really fun! You'll love it! All the chocolate and stuff." Remus clapped a hand on Sirius' back. Peter was staying at Hogwarts for Easter and James was going to his house.

They left their trunks in the common room and made their way to the train station. No one really spoke on the way and it was, in a way, awkward. Remus didn't know what to say to the other boys and they obviously didn't know either. They just silently got onto the train and took a compartment for their journey. Finally came a conversation.

"So James, what are you doing or eater?" Sirius piped up.

"Nothing much mate. I'm having a party at mine which you know about. Are you and both your parents still coming?" James asked them both.

"I'm at Remus' so ill be with his parents. Like my parents would bother to come." Sirius forced a little laugh.

"Yeh me and Sirius are going together. My mother is quite excited, she hasn't really been interested in the wizard world but she is really glad for meeting your parents James." Remus explained.

"That's good. It'll be nice to meet your mother and father Remus." For most of the journey they tied themselves to games of exploding snap and wizards chess. When the little plump woman came with the snack trolley, they bought a hoard of sweets. They had chocolate frogs, fizzing whizzbees, Betty Botts every flavour beans, liquorice wands and many more. 

Finally they came to a halt and they had had a great time on the train, it was the second time they had been on the train. They hopped off with their luggage and Remus saw his parents. They were beaming at him in happiness. 

"Goodbye James! See you at the party!" Remus called to him. Sirius also bade him goodbye and they walked to Remus' parents together. 

His mother pulled him into a tight hug and kissed his forehead and both cheeks.

"Mom! My friends here." Remus was slightly red in embarrassment.

"Oh sorry love." She smiled at him. Lyall also hugged his son. He shook Sirius' hand.

"Nice to meet you Sirius. Im Lyall and this is Hope." Lyall introduced himself and his wife. 

"Hello Sirius." Hope shook his hand as well. "Have you both got your stuff?" They nodded. "Let's go then." They walked to the car and put their stuff in the boot. Hope got into the drivers side as Lyall didn't know how to drive and didn't want to drive.

"Cool! Is this a car? I've never been in one." Sirius seemed thoroughly excited. 

"Yeh. It's nothing special though." They both got into the back and put on their seat belts. They all talked about what had happened in the year so far. Remus and Sirius agreed to tell his parents about the attack when they were at home. They talked about the quidditch, the lessons, Christmas, Halloween. They also got to the point of talking about the upcoming party. 

When they arrived at the house Remus ran inside with Sirius. He showed Sirius everywhere in the house and finally ended up in his bedroom. It was a small ish house but had three bedrooms. Sirius would be sleeping in the spare bedroom. He was amazed at some of the stuff. Like the tv, the games console, the telephone.

"Wow. This stuff is amazing. I've never seen any of it. This box shows moving pictures it's well cool. The 'Atari Pong' as you call it is really cool." Sirius said.

"Yeh. My dad doesn't really agree with it all, being a wizard. But my mom wanted me to have a good upbringing like she had. With the TVs and the bikes, swings... You know." Remus explained.

"No I don't know. What's a bikes and a swings?" Sirius looked puzzled. Remus sighed and started to tell him.

"It's a bike, not a bikes. And it's either swings or a swing. Ill show you them." Remus grabbed Sirius' arm and went into the back garden. Sirius loved the swings and the slide that Remus had and he played on them for a while. Then Remus got out his bike and Sirius was amazed. Remus got out his moms bike and taught Sirius to use his. 

"This is really cool. It's like your a muggle but your not." Sirius laughed. "I wish my mom would allow me to have this sort of stuff." Sirius had fallen off the bike several times but he just laughed it off. Remus was really happy that he could finally play with someone in his own garden. He never made friends on his road because he was different. 


"Dinner boys!" Hope shouted. They went inside and enjoyed spaghetti bolognese. They laughed about their day and Lyall told everyone news about the ministry and so on. Just like a normal family dinner. After dinner they went into they got changed into their pyjamas and Sirius joined Remus downstairs to play on the console. Once again they were laughing and having fun. They played little contests with Hope and Lyall as well. 

"Come on now you two, its nearly 10 o'clock. It's Easter tommorow remember. Go on up to bed." Hope ushered the boys up to bed and sorted them out. 

"I'm glad your back home baby." She kissed Remus on the forehead. "I love you." 

"Love you too mom." Then Hope left. She walked into where Sirius was staying.

"Are you all sorted Sirius?" 

"Yes thank you, Mrs.Lupin."

"Non of that. Call me Hope." She smiled at him. "Goodnight." She left the room. 

Sirius nestled himself into the bed and got comfy. He thought about the time he had already spent at Remus'. It had only been a day but he loved it. Remus' parents were so loving and gentle. Nothing like his own. They didn't care much about Sirius, they devoted themselves to Regulus mainly. He envied Remus a little. He was slightly jealous at his lovely home life. 

"Sirius wake up. It's 9 o'clock." Remus lightly shook Sirius. 

"Wha? Choo doona here Remus? It's my house." Sirius mumbled. Then he woke up a bit and looked around him. "Oh I'm at your house." They laughed. 

"Come on. Mom has done us pancakes." Remus went out of the room and Sirius got up as got dressed. 

"Good morning Remus."

"Good morning mom." Remus sat down at the table and waited for Sirius to arrive. He walked into the room and politely grabbed a chair. 

"Good morning Sirius." 

"Morning Mrs.Lupin." Sirius sat down and they ate their pancakes.

"They were lovely mom. I'm full now." Remus said, patting his tummy. 

"Thank you Mrs.Lupin they were really nice." Remus got up and pulled Sirius with him. 

"Lets go into the living room. It's Sunday so dad is off work." They walked in and saw about twenty Easter eggs on the floor. Sirius became jealous they must all been for Remus. They both sat down near the eggs and stared at them. Some were big, some small. Some were wizard style Easter eggs and some were from the muggle supermarket. 

"Hello boys. It's a lovely day outside you know. It would be nice to go to the muggle theme park thing or something." Lyall mentioned. Lyall did love them parks. They were exciting and got your adrenaline going. Lyall had never been to such a place until Hope first took him and Remus. 

"That would be great dad! Sirius has never been." Remus was then really excited. They could choose from Blackpool pleasure beach and Drayton Manor and Flamingo land. Remus showed Sirius a leaflet to each and they both decided on Drayton Manor. 

"Boys! What are you both waiting for? You've both got plenty of eggs each! There are twenty four there so share them between you!" Both their faces lighted up and they dug into the pile.

They had the most amazing day. There were three new rides there and Sirius couldn't believe the sights and the thrill of all the rides there. Both Sirius and Remus won a massive Scooby Doo teddy each on a funfair game. They laughed and talked about it for hours. They sat in the living room and all played family games together until it became rather late. 

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