Remus is going to hogwarts. Two years after his attack and his parents aren't sure he should go. Dumbledore talks him into it and tells him their plan for his safety. He meets Sirius, James and Peter and they soon become friends, while Severus becomes an enemy. What will his first year be like???



"I'm really sorry about the other day Remus. But I'm glad your allowed out of hospital today. I didn't tell you this before but I smacked Snivellus right in the face after he pushed you in. I blasted the ice so you could get up and I saved you. Unfortunately Mcgonogal saved Snivelly but it's not the end of the world. He's been given detention for weeks. I've got detention for the next three Saturdays." Sirius smiled at his bedridden friend. "I am really sorry. Oh and I also smacked him in dumbledores office. Dumbledore wasn't happy about it though." Explained Sirius.

"That's cool. You don't need to apologise. I should be thanking you one hundred times over and I do! You saved my life and I can't repay that." Remus thanked.

"Shut up Remus! Your my best friend. God when James gets back Snivellus won't know what hit him. He was wrong to mess with our friend. He'll be sorry." Sirius did look slightly angry but he was ok.

"I had four broken ribs you know. My lip was cut and my lungs felt like daggers it was horrible." Remus decided to get up and get dressed. Christmas was the next day and he would enjoy it. He still looked his normal self, if you call scars all over your face normal, but he had a dark bruise on his temple and a black eye. 


"Is it just me or is dinner nicer than usual?" Asked Remus.

"Your right! It's the excitement of Christmas is what it is Remus mate!" Sirius answered. Remus looked around the hall and saw only five other students sitting in the hall. He looked at the Slytherin table and gladly Severus wasn't there. 

"Yeh your right." He mumbled. Remus was very excited for Christmas and it was only a few hours away. By now it was 7:30 and Remus felt like an early night in his own bed. 

For a while though, Remus sat with Sirius in the common room. 

"Ha! Snape wasn't at dinner! Probably been sent home. I heard his parents are really rough you know. He lives on a horrible estate near Lily Evans." Sirius was saying. 

"Yeh. Wouldn't be surprised." Remus muttered. Then he sat up. "I hope that James gets him good. He's hurt me twice without reason and I'm not taking it anymore." Remus put on a brave front but he didn't want anything to do with Severus. He didn't even want to look at him. He made Remus sick. 

"Let's go to bed then Remus. Early morning for me!" Sirius jumped out of the chair and skipped up the stairs in excitement. Remus followed and they both went to sleep rather quickly. 


"IT'S CHRISTMAS! IT'S CHRISTMAS!" Sirius viciously shook Remus awake and shouted once more. "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" 

"I get it Sirius!" Remus said with a laugh. He chucked on his dressing gown and ran down the stairs with Sirius. A mound of presents stood before them. They madly unwrapped them and gasped happily at each. By the end Sirius had gained many things.

He had a sneak-o-scope, a remembral, new pyjamas, socks, some new quills, many new joke toys, 5 dung bombs off James and many other things. 

Remus had also gained pyjamas, underwear and socks. He had a few joke shop toys also, many sweets from honeydukes, a new book that he wanted and some new clothes. Also wizards chess from sirius and James, plus other things. 

"Thanks Sirius!"

"Thanks Remus!" 

They were both utterly ecstatic and went down for breakfast in their pyjamas. When they returned they both put on something smart and went down for their Christmas lunch. 

A total of 15 students and 6 teachers were sat in the hall. Professors Dumbeldore, Mcgonogal, Flitwick, Sprout and Slughorn sat at the staff table along with Madam Pomfrey. Remus saw a couple of students he recognised and then he saw Severus. His anger built up but he just looked away and faced his plate. 

"Good afternoon students! There are not many with us but it still makes a great Christmas! Having friends to share it with, opening your presents and enjoying the experience. Now lets enjoy our dinner." His hands lifted and in front of each few students stood a banquet. Potatoes, vegetables, mouth watering meats and puddings. Everyone tucked in.

"I'm well and truly stuffed Remus, what about you? Remus?" Sirius looked and Remus was staring at Severus, who was staring back. "Remus! It's Christmas! Ignore that lame idiot." Remus swivelled back around and ate some more. 

"Yeh I'm full as well. Lets go outside." Remus got up and Sirius had no choice but to go after him. 

"Remus?" Sirius said sweetly. He planted a snowball in Remus' face just as he turned around. Remus soon gathered some snow and began to throw back. Soon it became a fight till the death with snowballs. 

Remus flicked his wand and 20 snow balls flew at Sirius, who fell to the floor. Remus laughed and fell over it was that funny. Sirius soon got up and pelted Remus while he was on the floor. 

Later on that evening Remus and Sirius were still laughing. They sat in front of the fire laughing about the days events. 

"I so got you!" Said Sirius. His eyes were watering with laughter. 

"I got you worse Sirius Black!" Said Remus. He too was on the brink of crying with laughter. They both held their tummies as they hurt so much. They laughed the night away and soon the fire became a heap of smouldering ash. 

"Hey it's getting late Remus." Sirius looked up from the wizards chess game they were playing. "I didn't notice. It's fun staying up late isn't it." He gave Remus a large smile. 

"Yeh it is. This has been the best Christmas Day ever." Remus exclaimed. He had had the best day and didn't want it to change. 

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