it hurt too much

Leah is an optimistic girl who just got her heart broken and has to find a way to patch things up with her ex boyfriend and a new way to live on in life <3


1. not a surprise

            Leah was a open minded girl who also had a big heart and a loving boyfriend or she thought she did. His name was Dane he was a football/hockey player and most of all a ladies man.  If he wanted he could have anyone a cheerleader, nerd or even a popular girl but he chose Leah. She sacrificed a lot for him her friends, spare time and her virginity. she thought she truly loved him but he didn't exactly feel the same way about her. Everyone was telling her that first it was her best friends Kate and Cass but no sooner it was something everyone was telling her, she would walk down the halls in school and random people she didn't know would stop her and tell her this. she didn't believe it at first but she was starting too. it was a surprise when Dane's friends kale and josh told her he was cheating on her. she was worried and didn't take any chances with him.
"hey Dane.... can we please talk about stuff?" she asked 
"umm sure whats up?" He said questionably

"everyone is saying your cheating on me..."  she muttered 

"I knew this would come up. Leah i have been starting to see another girl. I'm sorry its just not working out between us but i should go." he said relieved as he turned and walked away at a surprisingly fast pace. 

          there she was left standing all alone on the side walk, she frowned and started walking home. she blinked as a single tear rolled down the side of her face. when she got home she flopped on her couch and turned on the TV. she was insanely sad and did what any girl would do ate junk food. first it was chocolate then ice cream then cake, she was on a roll. she decided to go to bed early that night. she couldn't think about anything but Dane. She lied there for what felt like forever to her and finally she drifted off into a deep sleep.



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