it hurt too much

Leah is an optimistic girl who just got her heart broken and has to find a way to patch things up with her ex boyfriend and a new way to live on in life <3



     Leah was hurt bad she didn't want to move out of her room, her mom told her she had visitors and she let them in but they kind of just sat there, comforted her but just sat there. She thought he loved her but it was only a phase.

 Not long after it must of been a week and she was feeling great and was back to normal. lots more friends and guys were asking for her number everything was better, she was happier. Dane seen that and got mad because it she wasn't sad any more and he seen she was better without him. He was furious because his best friend kale was hitting on her and she sat there and smiled and flirted back. he couldn't stand seeing her happy without him. He felt this weird feeling that he pushed off to the side.

      Leah was having the time of her life and she finally felt like she meant something to someone. kale would take her out to dinner or just cuddle with her but she by far loved it when they went for long drives where she could just sit beside him and look into his baby blue eyes or when he would play with her hair and call her beautiful. she didn't really notice Dane anymore nor did she think of him, her love for him had quickly faded away. She knew that she wasn't dating Kale yet but she knew it was going to happen soon she was sure of it!!!! 

2 weeks had gone by and Kale didn't ask her out... she was getting impatient and she was starting to think he wasn't going to do it, but she kept her trust that he was going to do it soon. She knew how she felt about him. She told kale that words couldn't describe the way she felt about him.        

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